May 12th, 2011

[Question] RevolutionaryWar!England Cosplay

Hello, I'm quite new to LJ and I hope, I'm doing this right. ^^;

I am planning on doing RevolutionaryWar!England for a con. I was wondering what kind of materials for the fabric can be used? How about those lines thingy [I don't know what they're called .. ] on the sleeves and linings? Also, I saw that they were white, but I also saw a costume with gold lines.  I'm also want to hear some details [i.e. buttons, etc, etc. ] on the costume since I want the costume to be really nice. To those who have cosplayed RevolutionaryWar!England, how did you make your costumes?

Also, I have finished my England cosplay , yet the only thing that is inaccurate is his chest-belt thingy. Where can I find those?

Help me, I'm kinda confused. X_X And pardon my English. *is not from the US*

Thank you very much for your help!!

[ img ] pugs not drugs

Hetalia Stuff for Sale

I have Japan, Italy, and France from the original kotobukiya one coin grande figure set for sale, as well as two official america-mochi plush keychains.

If you're interested check them out here. Willing to haggle a bit especially if you want to buy multiple things.

[Scanlation] Hetalia de RPG

Title: Hetalia de RPG (from the Hakka Pink anthology book #17)
Circle: Hakka Pink
Characters: America, England, Japan
Raw scan provider:
Cleaning and translation: Me
language: English
Rating: PG (for language)
Summary: The prologue of an RPG adventure. America and England have difficulty meeting up, but it isn't that simple...

Info and download link at my journal

[Pimping] Eurovision Song Contest - Second Semi-Finals is today!

Hello again, is anyone up for the second semi-finals for the Eurovision Song Contest today? In that case, grab your popcorn (and your phone if you're in one of the countries who're going to vote tonight) and join the party over here in eurotalia! ♥ (There's a livestream link as well for those who can't watch it on TV).

The performances for tonight are Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Macedonia, Ireland, Israel, Latvia, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, The Netherlands and Ukraine.

Have fun! \o/

Anime News Network Podcast With Hetalia Brand Manager Charlene Ingram

I thought this may be interesting for some of us. As the title says, the Anime News Network podcast (ANNCast) has devoted an entire episode to interviewing Hetalia brand manager, Charlene Ingram. She speaks about Hetalia, Summer Wars, and various other topics.

Oh, and she mentions the giant box o' cards we sent in. The box weighed sixty pounds, guys. And also how well-behaved we are...I must agree~

[Fanfic] Fotos sollen nicht veröffentlicht warden

Title: Fotos sollen nicht veröffentlicht warden
Genre(s): Humor
Character(s)|Pairing(s): Germany, Prussia, Austria, America, slight hint of Prussia/Austria
Rating/Warning(s): G
Word Count: 706
Summary: The Germans watching news about bin Laden in an afternoon and Prussia being an idiot again.

Inspired by a recent, highly amusing news report. Feel free to read the article before or after the fic!

Link to Journal <3