May 13th, 2011

The Amazing Hetalia Race

[FANART] Art Dump 3 - I draw, I travel, I eat, and I'm hungry for more

Anyone knows this title reference high fiiiiiiveeee!

I didn't realize it was so long since I accumulated enough fanarts for an art dump! This very late art dump has some fanarts encompassing some of my favourite things - wine, animals, travel, photography, and The Amazing Race! Most of them are not very new but hope some of you are seeing these for the first time!

Title: ctcsherry 's Art Dump 3
Author/Artist: ctcsherry  aka me
Character(s) or Pairings(s): Spain, Portugal (OC), Netherlands, Belgium, New Zealand, Canada, America + cameo appearances by other characters
Rating: G
Warning: Image heavy
Summary: Fanart pieces that I haven't posted before on the comm. Also includes entries to the Bromance Project and 1920's AnthologyCollapse )

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Sales Post- Doujinshi and a poster

Hello! I'm selling some doujinshi and a poster at pretty low prices! I am very, very much in need of money, so if you find something here you're interested in, your purchase would be MASSIVELY appreciated. ♥

I am selling USxUK books (circles include Shiki, An., Mukougawa, and 316) as well as a poster of Austria, Hungary, Holy Roman Empire, and Chibitalia.

Shipping/Handling will be calculated once we know where we're shipping it to. We are shipping from the USA. Please reply if you are interested in any of these, and we'll negotiate from there. Do not hesitate to make an offer, ask for a brief summary of the book, or inside scans.

( Seven doujinshi and a poster over here! )

Thank you for looking. :)

[Fanfic] How Did It Come To This (Chapt 2)

Title: How Did It Come To This (Chapter 2) (
Characters/Pairing(s): America, England, Spain, Rome, Japan (and others) (USUK)
Rating/Warnings: T
Summary: Arthur Kirkland is an assassin, and a bloody good one at that. But what happens when his next target is the reporter Alfred F. Jones and he ends up getting caught up in this ridiculous young reporter's world? AU

[A/N: I'm back guys! Sorry for the long wait! (full notes at the end.)
This is from Alfred's POV]


He was an absolute legend as far as I was concerned! )
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[Fanfic] King Arthur and the Holy (tea-cup) Grail Ch.4

King Arthur and the Quest for the Holy (tea-cup) Grail

Author: Me, myself and I
Beta: none (pardon any fails, I try my best)
Characters:More or less all charachter - but it centres around England
Pairings: None
Rating: T
Genre: Humour/Parody
Warnings: Mixing Monty Python and Hetalia + my lame humour
Summary: King Arthur Kirkland has been given a quest by the all powerful...Fea. He sets out on a great adventure with his trusty companion, Antonio - it doesn't go as planned.

Chapter one:

Chapter Two:

Chapter Three:

Chapter Four:
In this chapter: The Blue Knight always triumphs. Antonio befriends a yellow chick and our lovable King Arthur is convinced the world has gone mad.
"A scratch? Your arm's off!"

Another one-armed shrug from the Blue Knight "Nein, it isn't."
Hong Kong - Smirk

[ROLEPLAY] C H O I C E S - a hetalia angel/demon au

In the begining, a line was drawn - a line between Good and Evil. The faithful and the fallen, caught in the ongoing battle for the souls of man. Which will they choose? Light? Darkness? Or the shades of grey in between?

In the town of Eden, Demonic forces have been settled for a long time. Every day, they have gone about tempting, scaring, harming, and killing the citizens of the town. The Angelic forces have heard about this activity, and they have assembled themselves in order to save the town. Battles over souls break out every day now, as one by one, the Angelic forces attempt to save the citizens.  How will you join the fight?  Will you be an Angel, defending the forces of Good?  A Demon, causing havoc and chaos wherever you go?  Or a human, simply trying to get by day to day?

This is a BRAND NEW RP.  We still have MOST characters available, so why not come down and join? The mods are laid-back and friendly, and can help you with any questions that you have.  Just go to the c-box, which is the icon of Pochi and Hanatamago on the menu
(), and look for a mod!  Either ShinattyonAisu or Pandabaozi

Home | RulesPlot Information | Character List | Application Form

+ Previous Character Holds that will expire tonight are NORTH ITALY, CANADA, SPAIN, PRUSSIA, and HUNGARY
+ We would love to have GERMANY, JAPAN, FINLAND, SWEDEN, and NORTH KOREA
+ OFFICIAL GENDERBENDS are now being accepted



Title: Tailored
Genre: Slice of Life
Character: England + London
Pairings: none
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: mild swearing, unbeta-ed
Summary: England+London father/son bonding over suits.

"Where is my usual tailor from Savile Row?" he bit out violently, unbuttoning his vest and moving to shuck both vest and jacket onto the floor.

London hurriedly averted the crisis by blurting out, "If you damage the suit you will have nothing to wear to the wedding. Father, he is from Gieves and Hawkes."

"But he's French!" England snapped.

'Twas the week before the Royal Wedding... And England needs to be fitted his suit.