May 19th, 2011


PruHun FST~You're everything to me

Title: You're everything but a certainty
Compiled by: me, myself and I
Pairing: Prussia/Hungary (Gilbert Beilschmidt/Erzsébet Héderváry)
Warnings: I hate to tell it but those songs are only about sex. That means if you aren't 18 you definitely shouldn't download it. And some songs are in Czech (already translated).

54:14mins~71MB~12 songs + a bonus~rar

Download here@esonador

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aph; spamano kiss.

I'll Walk You Home, chapter 2

The cut leads to my journal, again. :) Thank you so much for all the kind comments on the first chapter!

The next chapter will be up soon, now my exams are over for a while.

Title: I'll Walk You Home (part 2 / ?)
Fandom: Hetalia
Pairings / Characters: Spain / Romano - also Italy, Rome, and Germany in this chapter
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Romano's mouth, some Italian & Spanish words here and there, & fluff
Summary: Lovino Vargas is a student working in a family-run cafe who doesn't quite know how to handle having a boyfriend who seems to genuinely love him.
To Read: ("well, he certainly is charming.")
Hetalia, artbombs, maiiau, Lithuania

[Fanfiction] [Songfic] Goodbye Blue Sky

Title: [SongFic] Goodbye, Blue Sky
Author/Artist: MJtehMickster
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England (Arthur), America (Alfred), possible US/UK
Rating: T (for violence and bad language)
Warnings: Some historical accuracy, human names used. Violence described.
Summary: Written to/for the song “Goodbye, Blue Sky” by Pink Floyd (off of The Wall album). It’s World War II, and England is tired of pointless meetings with the Allies. He longs for home, but something goes horribly wrong….

Link to fic on LJ

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WANTED: The World Parade needs some things to review!!

For this month's issue as well as future issues of the Hetalia Fanzine, The World Parade, the staff are going to need a few things from all of you. :D!

We're going to begin reviews for the following categories:


In addition, we are also looking for questions for the "Ask America," column. If any questions could be provided in the comments, along with suggestions for the categories given, that would be wonderful. The staff will be checking back here for reference to see what material they can base their reviews off of.

Also: by posting here, it isn't guaranteed that your work(s) are going to immediately be reviewed. This is material needed for not only this issue, but the next few issues. (And be sure this this is material owned by you or the source of the material can be referenced to references mostly for doujinshi. We want to be able to give appropriate credit where it's due.)

So please, if there is anything you feel you can contribute, drop a comment below!