May 21st, 2011

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[Buying] 2 UK/US Doujin

Mods, I just looked in the rules and saw nothing about not being able to do this, however, please delete (and tell me how to post) if this isn't allowed.

I've come into some money and there are two UK/US doujin that I want and I am looking to buy. I've looked in a lot of doujin post with no such luck and was wondering if people knew where I could find them to buy (that they don't cost an arm and a leg)

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If you do sell them to me, I do live in the USA. :3 Thank you to everyone in advance and I hope you all have a wonderful night! :3


Title: Te Amo Sin Saber Cómo, Ni Cuándo, Ni De Dónde
Author: oreo_ornament
Rating: T
Characters: Spain/South Italy
Warnings: Mentions of sexytimes and Lovino's idea of poetic language.
Summary: Post-apocalypse AU. Lovino and Antonio are your typical couple living in a ruined Napoli. Life is normal (by their standards); Lovino has his job as a police officer and Antonio does...whatever happens to come his way. Nothing can stay that peaceful.
  • xiiau

[fanart] Lost Somewhere

Title: Lost Somewhere
Author/Artist: Xiiau
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Hungary, Prussia, Fem!prussia, Fem!austria, Russia, Ukraine, England, Belarus, Russia/America, Hungary/Prussia, Hungary/Russia
Rating: R+15
Warnings: Fanservice, gayish stuffs, slight gore, genderbender
huge post with big, fail pics

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[Selling] SPEED SALE: Plush, Russia CD Cosplay, Gakuen Patches, Stick posters, America CD Shirt

 Hey all I'm moving out in a week and wouldn't mind lightening my bags a bit. First to pay gets it so holds aren't of much use, but if you're absolutely sure you'll buy it within 5 days, let me know so I don't pack it!
US preferred, all flavors of paypal accepted.
This is a new lj account as mine absolutely refuses to work (logging on gets me a blank screen?) but I've put my email under the cut in case I don't reply

Official Movic Plush:
England (Discontinued)
Austria (Discontinued)
Prussia (Discontinued)

Custom America CD cover "WHO IS YOUR HERO"
Official World Cup group (Discontinued)

Stick Posters (Discontinued):
America (Holo)
Russia (Holo)
England (Holo)
England (Matte)
France (Holo)
Japan (Matte)
Japan (Holo)
Italy (Holo)
Germany (Holo)

England screen protector
Germany Voice figure
Prussia One coin figure
Hungary One Coin Figure
Japan jam cookies w/sticker

Gakuen School of World Patches
Russia CD cover cosplay
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hetalia: baltics

[Fic] Past Bedtime

Title: Past Bedtime
fem!Denmark | fem!Norway
boob talk – like, a lot of it. Also heavy UST
this takes place somewhere in the 17th century, so their ideas of sexuality are clearly outdated from the modern POV
growing up means changes and, sometimes, complications.

Posted here

Hufflepuff Squirrel

A Quarter Of (2/3) [Kink Meme Deanon]

Title: A Quarter Of

Author: redblonde7

Genre: Romance/Fluff/Smidge of Drama

Pairings/Characters: England/America, France, Canada

Rating/Warnings: OFCs, headcanon

Summary: Whenever England is in London, he lives out a private life hidden from the other nations. He works at an old-fashioned sweet shop. One day America stumbles onto his secret.

Link: Follow me


[Fanfiction]Just Give That Rhythm Everything You've Got

Title: Just Give That Rhythm Everything You've Got
Author/Artist: Myself!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Italy, Germany, and America (Germany/America if you squint)
Rating: G
Warnings: Human names? IDK, seems pretty tame.
Summary: Years after the Nazis and World War II, Ludwig finally tells someone about his guilty pleasure of the time, swing dancing. Of course, Feliciano could never keep his mouth shut about any secret, and the one person Ludwig wished would never know now wants to dance with him.

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[Fanart] Dusting my bunch of fanarts...

My inspiration is kind of dead at the moment so I'll post what I drew on Tegaki, which has been posted on my Deviantart page. Lots of producting coming from my crazy brain ahead...

Title : No specific title : it's mixed
Author/Artist : Feather Black a.k.a. PlumaNegra a.k.a. me
Character(s) or Pairing(s) : MochiRussia, MochiAmerica, MochiItaly, England, CatEngland, France, Iran OC, Tunisia OC and Russia
Rating : PG
Warnings : Sparkling background, crazy stuff ahead, OCs, mochi-cannibalism...
Summary : In one drawing, Estonia forgot to feed one of his mochis, Mochitaly has special transformations, I wanted to try the heritage baton on Tegaki E, when Himaruya meet Jim Davis and when I wanted to draw chibi!Russia in a sad pose.

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Title: As Strangely Deliver'd by Pyrates 
Author/Artist: hollyrose_hime 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Prussia/England
Rating: T
Warnings: A little violence and swearing
Summary: He glances from the corner of his eye; that hand is sure and steady, and if he isn’t very very careful he’ll find a bullet buried into his skull before he can even blink. This is the kind of danger he thrives on. AU

Title: The One Sentence Meme 
Author/Artist: hollyrose_hime 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Prussia/England
Rating: T
Warnings: Punctuation abuse? ^^'
Summary: He watches the wall go up and can’t help but think he’s on the wrong side.

Title: Checkmate 
Author/Artist: hollyrose_hime 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Prussia/England
Rating: T
Warnings: A little bit of blood
Summary: Eyes sparkling dangerously, Prussia let a slight leer light his features as he fought to hide the way his chest heaved with exertion. "Yield," he breathed dangerously, satisfaction creeping up his spine. Drabble.

Title: Untitled drabble
Author/Artist: hollyrose_hime 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England, Norway, Denmark
Rating: K
Warnings: None
Summary: Norway had learnt early on not to ingest anything that the scruffy blond boy they had found in the southern part of the island they had invaded presented to him.

This is a drabble for the crossover meme  (for the prompt 'crack'), and the only one for Hetalia not crossed over with anything; if you scroll up/down there are also TWO crossed over with Tamora Pierce's Tortall and ONE crossed over with Kingdom Hearts =)

Title: Another One Sentence Meme 
Author/Artist: hollyrose_hime 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England/India/Portugal
Rating: T
Warnings: Punctuation abuse? ^^'
Summary: He’s been watching the two of them bet closer and closer with every morning they visit the café and every cup of tea that they drink; he almost doesn’t believe it when one day they turn and draw him into their circle as well.
China (sunset)

[Roleplay] Neo World Academy W


    Home  I  Rules  I  Character List  I  Application       

     Welcome to Neo World Academy W! We are a literate Gakuen Hetalia roleplaying community, using a forum as well as an MSN chat group. Here, nation-tans are all normal human beings and the Academy is placed in a real world setting.

     The Academy's campus is composed of classrooms, outdoor fields and a dorm. The students can also hang out off-campus, and events are held on special occasions. Alcohol and inappropriate material are strictly prohibited within the campus (like we follow the rules). Student behavior is observed and rules are enforced (as if the teachers were good examples). Our students' safety comes above everything (however some students are more dangerous than what you would think!). We make sure all our students are outstanding.

    We are welcoming new teachers and students! We are a friendly community formed by the old forum World Academy W, and its members are working as a team to build our new home (our banner, as an example, was drawn by our South Korea/
[info]fourteen_kites ). We put all our efforts into this to make it the most enjoyable rp ever, so don't hesitate to approach us and join the fun! (And don't be shy, we don't bite.) Roleplayers from all over the world are welcomed, we already have people from most continents. A lot of canon characters are still available. OCs are welcomed too.

Tuition fees and dorm fees are fully covered! What are you waiting for? Comment in the next 4 mins you will get not just one but two (yes two you heard it!), two Shinatty plushies absolutely free!

We await your arrival
Sincerely yours