May 22nd, 2011


[Fanart] Oh, it's the end of the world

Title: Overreacting
Author/Artist: @ deviantart
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England, America, Canada, Asians, Iceland, Evil, Harold Camping
Rating: PG-13 for... language
Warnings: Major satirical content...none of which should be taken seriously. :'(
Summary: The world's take on the Rapture. That erupting Volcano on May 21st can't be a coincidence... 

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[Fanfic] The End of the World: Scandinavia

I randomly came up with this idea when my sister told me about a certain event in the news, compounded with the whole "Rapture/World-Ends-Today" stuff. Figured I'll share it here.

Title: The End of the World: Scandinavia, May 21, 2011
Author: Me (ZaCloud)
Genre: Suspense/Humor
Characters/Pairings: Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden. Possibly implied Su/Fin if you want.
Rating/Warnings: PG; a kick, scary (AKA default) Sweden

Summary: The Nordics anxiously await the possible end-of-the-world, then a rumble breaks the tense silence...

(Link to entry here)

How Rumours End

 Title: How Rumours End
Genre: Crack, Romance
Pairing(s): USxUK, smidgens of Spamano, GerIta, Franada, SuFin and the Frying Pangle (if you squint and turn your head)
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 Crack, OOC
28- Something based on this. How the filler will view this, is up to them just as long as the basic idea is based on that picture. (From the usxuk 2011 Spring Fever Fanworkathon)

Summary: Prussia spat out the (illegal) beer he had been drinking in shock. Of course he had been part of the bet running around school on when the two English-speaking nations would finally get together, he just didn’t really expect them to be so… so blatant about it.

2 Translated Pixiv Comics (AmexCan)

Title: 思わず手に力が入るのはよくある話 (A common story of unintentionally exerting too much force)
Artist: どっせい
Translator: me
Pairing: AmexCan, (cameos by France, England, Japan)
Rating: PG-13
Pages: 7
Original: Here
Download: Mediafire
Note: Instead of studying, I decided to try translating a short doujin. Too lazy to make a preview pic. Enjoy!

Title: たまには口喧嘩で言い負かされるのもよくある話 (A common story of occasionally being beaten in an argument)
Artist: どっせい
Translator: me
Pairing: AmexCan (cameos by France and England)
Rating: PG
Pages: 9
Original: Here
Download: Mediafire
Note: Still not studying..the title's not perfectly translated since I'm braindead. Enjoy!

[Fanfiction] A Garden of Decaying Flowers [2.10/7]

Title: A Garden of Decaying Flowers

Part 2.10: (you make me sick) Because I Adore You So

Pairings: in this chapter: AmericaxEngland (finally, yeah), AustriaxHungary, AustriaxSwitzerland, CanadaxCuba
Genre: Angst/Drama/Romance
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: AU, deviations from canon characterisation, mentions of non-con
Summary of this chapter: There is a pleasant reunion, Prince Alfred feels jealous at the drop of a hat, Arthur can't escape from lewd commands and fanservices abound.

Link to the chapter: “Don’t do this to yourself,” Matthew spoke softly, “and don’t do this to Alfred, too.”

The rest of the verse can be found here

Italy, Spinning

[Fanfic] The Kid - Ch. 16

Title: The Kid 
Author/Artist: MoyaKite
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Mainly Prussia, Germany, and Freddy (little kid!OC), but almost everyone could end up in here eventually. (In this chapter: Freddy, Prussia, Canada, Romano, America.)
Rating: G (May approach PG-13 in future chapters)
Warnings: Fluff, discussions of mortality, potential for future character death, increasing angst (although there is still fluff, it may be a little bittersweet) Basically, this story is getting more serious. Please be warned. (Not in this chapter, but in the next few.)
Summary: Simply put, Prussia goes backpacking across Europe and finds a kid. What sort of a dad would Prussia be, anyway?
Author's Notes: The original (which started on the kink meme) is here. I'm sorry for the delay between the last chapter and this one. I asked a question on my journal about whether to update as I wrote or to wait until it was done before posting more, and, as there were no replies, I made the decision myself. I took the last month to sit down and right out almost all of the rest of this fanfiction. I should finish the rest of it within the next week. Therefore, my question to all of you is this: what update schedule do you want? I can post everything—really, the entirety of the fic as it currently stands—or I can space out the updates. If you'd rather I space them out, please tell me at what rate you'd like them. Daily? Every other day? Weekly? I'll go with whatever response has the most votes at the end of this chapter.

Lastly: The chapter guide at the bottom will only be updated for the most recent chapters until I finish posting all of the updates, since it gets really time consuming to go back and edit every single one. They will be edited in when I finish, however. Just as a heads up.

Fic Twisted chapter 3

Title: Twisted
Author/Artist: Me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America, Canada, Mexico, England
Rating: M for safety. And suicide.
Warnings: Suicide.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: After the financial gang bang happened and burdened by the memories America chooses to commit suicide in order to escape the pain. Tormented by guilt England prepares a spell to bring him back. Only he had no desire to come back and now that he is, he wants only revenge. 

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3: