May 25th, 2011

Beyond Palace Doors - A Habsburg Photoshoot

So the following is just a small photo shoot my Spain and I did at ACen 2011 after acquiring the Habsburg outfits.  I hadn't seen anyone post pictures of these costumes on the community yet, so I thought some people may like to take a peak~!

WARNING: This is sorta image heavy, due to the size of the couple of images.  Thank you!
Spain: Dajra
Austria: DisgruntledOesi

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Here at my journal:
Italy - Nifty glasses

[cosplay and fanart] Lots and lots of pictures!

I  have not posted anything useful to this community in months! So I bring you a spam of my cosplays and doodles! Please take a look, it would mean so much~! The only warning I guess I have to give is in two of the cosplay photos there is implied nakedness from the shoulders up if that scares you! Those two are from a little series of flag painting I did!

There are some Spain and north Italy cosplays under the cut! Also doodles with lots of other characters.

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Thank you for looking at all my things!  Any comments would really be loved with all my heart!

[Fanfiction] Eagle Feathers

Title: Eagle Feathers (part one)
Author/Artist: Me
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
Poland, Lithuania, various OCs
For this part, K+, but T later on.
History heavy, head canon heavy, OC's, possible inaccuracies, mentions of religion.
Poland's therapist tells him to write about his life. Lithuania posts it on the internet.

I am Poland. That's what I am, but not who. My name is Feliks, and it has been for a little over a thousand years.

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aph; spamano kiss.

I'll Walk You Home, chapter four~

Sorry for the wait with this chapter! It's a little shorter than the others, but I hope you enjoy it nevertheless. ♥ The link, as usual, leads to my journal.

Title: I'll Walk You Home (chapter 4 / ?)
Pairings & Characters: Spain / Romano, France, Prussia, England / America
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Romano's mouth, more alcohol... shortness?
Notes: The part of this chapter in italics is a flashback (don't worry, it's not going to turn into Lost.. I sincerely hope).
Summary: Lovino Vargas is a student working in a family-run cafe who doesn't quite know how to handle having a boyfriend who seems to genuinely love him.
To Read: ("stupid, marvellous, ignorant, beautiful Antonio.")