May 27th, 2011

hi everyone!!!

Title: Die Mine Enemy
Author/Artist: pt_sock_acct
Character(s) or Pairing(s): FRUK, America
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Mention of deth and murder! also sexxorz
Summary: Ather meets Frence's ghost

i'm new and i LOOOOOOOVE fruk!! my friend just sent me their youtube videos what a waster a few days ago!! i dont like much else countries hmm lets think i love china, russia and i love romeano. i also TOTALLY LOVE HERR GERMANY cuz my dad is a huge fan. neway i knowu guyz may not apparecate china/russia slash lol so ive written something for u all!

it is called 'die mine enemy' and it is about fruk. enjoy!11
oh and im sorry about my spelling cuz i kind of alwys get excited near the end of my stories and i dont haev a beta! and if any of u guysz like lotr fic u should check out my other work!neway im gonna write lotsmore about this i may even write a sequel so hey its nice to meet you all!

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[[OFFICAL BLOG UPDATE]] with Hima-san answering questions!

Italy's holding a copy of the volume 4, coming out soon guys!~ (thanks to fmavatard  for pointing that out)

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If anyone could translate the Japanese text, feel free to share with everyone~

Translation Credits
Thanks to both:
[info]mame_meme for translating the comic~
[info]nick_rolynd  for the text~

[Fanfic] Dirge in Marriage

Title: Dirge in Marriage
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England, America, little kid crush!America/England.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Some slightly suggestive material. Also fluff, fluff, fluffers.
Summary: Colonial America decides that he's going to woo England. Unfortunately for everyone involved, he doesn't really understand what that means.
For the USxUK Spring Fever Fanworkathon prompt: 66- Little America and Grown England - "I'm gonna marry you when I grow up!"

(I'm wooing you, so we gotta do it right! We can't get married if I don't woo you properly.)

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( fanfic ) denmark/norway!

Title: His Eyes (follow your eyes), chapter two.
Series: Axis Powers: Hetalia
Characters/Pairings: Denmark, Norway. Den/Nor.
Rating: PG-16
Warnings: Non-explicit sexual content, language.
Summary: There is nothing strange about sleeping in the same bed, unless of course you want more. And when your bedmate is your ex, that may just be a given. Part two of three. This chapter: Denmark tries to understand, and Norway is set on not letting him.

Chapter 1 ( Here )
Chapter 2 ( Here ) @ ightning!

[fanart: Russia] A Sunflower's Smile

It's me again, and I recently added a new drawing to my Hetalia artwork collection back in dA, and I am as pleased with this one as I had been with the Spain artwork I posted in the hetalia community a few days ago. This artwork was inspired by the animated version of Anastasia, which I chanced upon while browsing through my dusty collection of childhood cartoons. And when I re-watched it, one particular scene where Anya was smiling up at the snow-speckled sky (she was singing "Journey to the Past") warmed my heart up so much, I just had to make a drawing of Russia in almost the exact same pose. XD

Hehe. ;D Hope you like it!


find the actual image here @ my journal
It fell out again...

[Looking For] Clear Card

I know it's unlikely when there still haven't been any downloads posted, but...
Has anyone bought Volume 6 of World Series? Or is anyone planning on getting it soon?
The one with Finland and Sweden's Hatafutte Parade.

I absolutely need the card that comes with it.

If anyone has or can get that card, please let me know!

I'm willing to pay quite a lot more than it's worth.
Hetalia - Sweden - Berwald

Yaoi convention in Sweden! 17 - 19 of June

Hello one and all! o/

I've gotten permission from the mods to make this cosplay-spruced announcement:

B.L.Y.G. '11 aka Boys Love Yaoi Gakkai is taking place in Skogås (Stockholm) this year! Sweden's best (and only ;P) yaoi-themed anime convention is approaching. Between 17-19 of June, yaoi fans aged 13 and up will gather at Östra Gymnasiet in Skogås (Stockholm).

Note: Last day to buy tickets online is on the 31st of May!

The B.L.Y.G. '11 website
The B.L.Y.G. '11 FaceBook event page

My good friend jildingroi agreed to don her Sweden-cosplay (despite yesterday's stifling heat), and took some fantabulous photos for the sake of yaoi convention-awareness ;D Thank you, hun! *glomps her* ^3^ ♥

Here be a preview:
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From Sweden, with love (=_=)" ♥