May 30th, 2011

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[Selling] Official Merchandise, Lots of Prussia pairing doujinshi & Chibitalia Plush?

 Hey guys! I'm selling some stuff over at hetalia_sell . 
Official merchandise incl. OCFs, metal charm, fan, poster.
Doujinshi are all Prussia pairings <3
And Chibitalia plush!

Please click on the image of this link to direct you to the sales post!

Thank you for taking a look :D
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[Chapterfic] Royalty in Spades 1/2 (USxUK)

Title: Royalty in Spades [ FF.NET LINK ]
Author: haro
Character(s) or Pairing(s): AmericaxEngland. Blink and you'll miss it AustriaxHungary and GermanyxNorth Italy.
Rating: PG
Warnings: None!
Summary: Alfred and Arthur were marked by fate to rule the Kingdom of Spades together, but while Alfred accepted his role, Arthur rebelled against it and went into hiding. Now Alfred is searching the kingdom for his queen, and when he finds him, he also finds himself falling in love.

It's as if you are entwined, as if your souls are one and your hearts beat simultaneously... )

[fanart] Prussia: To each his own

Title: To Each His Own
Author/Artist: valkyrievamp289 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Prussia-centric
Rating: G
Warnings: Overwhelming awesomeness. XD
Summary:I am once again having my usual bout of hetalia madness, and this time I have caught the Prussian frenzy. >w< I will never, ever get over Gilbert's "death' and I will forever curse the world for dissolving such an awesome empire as Prussia. D<

Anyway, here's my little tribute to my most favorite Hetalia character in the whole universe. 8D If Gilbert can see this, I hope he likes it.


(the awesomeness is behind this nefariously fake cut! XD
Alfred x Kiku - Music

☆ [Fanfic]: Time of Your Life - Ch 10

Title: Time of Your Life []
Author: Jubilee
Characters/Pairings: In this chapter: America, Japan, Canada, England, France, Spain, fanon!Mexico, fem!America,
Rating: T
Genre: Romance + Friendship + Family + Drama
Warnings/Notes: AU - High school.
Summary: A bond broken all because of a stupid fight, and then renewed with a simple "sorry". Now bffs, Alfred enjoys Kiku's company, and the latter realizes that his friendship is much more than he could ever ask for. To Kiku, he was a hero.

Chapter List

("Well I like donating blood, because then they give you free food after and a big sticker!")

[fanfic] A Nation's Modern Tale of Faerie

Title: A Nation's Modern Tale of Faerie
Characters/Pairing: England, America, and Canada
Rating: PG
Warnings: A complete debauchery of your childhood view of the world of Faerie, as well as some foul language from our favorite English mouth.
Summary: Arthur Kirkland, a handsome and retired military officer (albeit with unusually thick eyebrows), finds himself wandering upon an unknown path ten days before All Hallow's Eve, and unwittingly ends up in the Realm of Faerie. In there, he meets the Faerie Queen, Titania, who is as beautiful as she is cruel, and forces him to play the part of the Fey's tithe to Hell -- a bloody requirement that goes on every seven years. However, a compassionate wood nymph takes pity on him, and does the only thing that could save him from his awful fate: call on to a human champion. But when Alfred and Matthew received the bad news on a golden maple leaf, they were at loss on what they should do, and how they should do it. Nevertheless, they get off their American hides and scamper towards the hidden world of magic and treachery, to find the man they loved as a father -- and maybe, for one of them, even more.
A Note from the Author: Only the prologue will be narrated in a storybook-like fashion, so fear not if you find it quite difficult to read. The following chapters will be written in a much more accommodating manner. 8D

("There really is a tree walking down our driveway, Al!")

Earlier entries:

richey and nicky

Germany/Italy FST

Hi, first time posting to this community. I put together a Germany/Italy FST; it's up at my journal. :) 

Title: Taken For A Fool
Compiled by: jesuisscientist
Characters/Pairings: Germany/Italy, though definitely has HRE/Chibitalia in there too.
Rating: Not higher than a PG.
Warnings: None, really, except for Songs That Don't Really Go Together Very Well.
Summary: Random songs that said Germany/Italy to me. No rhyme or reason. 9 songs total. 



Download, lyrics, and artwork


[Fanart] Amusement Park

Title: Ooh, What's That?
Characters: fem!America, fem!England
Warnings: Nyotalia. I hope it doesn't appear as rushed as it actually was x3 Good thing the deadline was extended to June 6 but I might be too busy packing up for college then, so this is the most decent I could do ( •w• ;)
Note: Drawn for the usxuk Spring Fanworkathon. The prompt was: Child!USUK in an amusement park. Since I suddenly lost the ability to draw males and all my writing muses left me, I ended up doing Nyotalia art instead. I'm so sorry if this isn't what the requester wanted >.< Also, I obviously win at naming art.


( Ooh, what's that? )

[Fanfic] In the Name of the Stars (4/22)

Title:  In the Name of the Stars
Author:  Me, laur10s

Character(s)/Pairing(s):  A lot.  (For this chapter): America, Japan, England, Turkey, Ukraine ~~ Eventual America/England, Greece/Japan, Spain/Romano and a little Austria/Hungary and Poland/Lithuania

Rating/Warnings:  PG-13 for language.  A few OCs that’ll make sense in the future,   maybe OOCness, human names

Summary:   Alfred always wanted to become a superhero ever since he was a kid.  His dream is realized in the form of a talking wolf and a pendant that transforms him into the hero of freedom and justice, Star America!  Now he and his allies must fight evil and find the personification of the lost city Atlantis before their enemy does.

Based on the manga/anime "Sailor Moon". AU


I am the hero of freedom and justice Star America!  And in the name of the stars, I will punish you!

[Selling] 18 Hetalia Doujinshi and 2 bracelets


I have 18 Hetalia doujins and 2 bracelets for sale. 
Pairings: USxUK, UKxUS, FrancexGermany, etc.
Circles: Shiki, Unico, 316, Otituke!, Dragon Rider, Rainy, HAKKA PINK, 刺傷, Sound:0, 紅零, 草肅, Ryoko, etc.

and 2 handmade bracelets with patterns of nationI flags
 (Italy and Germany)

Prices are reduced! Newly-added ones included!
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