June 1st, 2011


two fics;

Title: Little Insecure 
Author/Artist: darkfireburning
Character(s)/Pairing(s): fem!America/fem!England
Rating: PG
Warnings: genderbending
Prompt: Fem!US/Fem!UK - bikini shopping together suddenly feels a whole lot different now that they're dating. over at usxuk  
Summary: "I guess we're both just a little insecure, huh?"

Title: Change the World
Author/Artist: darkfireburning
Character(s)/Pairing(s): America/England
Rating: PG
Warnings: angst
Summary: “Go on and become the hero you always wanted to be.”

[Fanfic] Upon a Time [1/4]

Title: Upon a Time
Author: inner_wings
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia, Fem!America, Prussia, General Winter, Poland (and more to come in future chapters,) Russia/America
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Ivan's life has always been full of bad luck and hardship ever since a fairy godmother cursed him when he was a baby. His life takes a turn for the stranger when he crosses paths with a runaway princess who is under a curse of her own.
Written for the Russiamerica Fantasia Event.

(You can't go to the ball looking unfabulous!)

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[fanfic] Her other half

Title: Her other half
Author/Artist: silverkagaya  
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
no pairings, Vietnam-centric
Rating: K+...maybe? (I'm kinda clueless at rating things)
Warnings: mention of the Vietnam War and crappy attempt to talk about history, nameless OC's appearance, death  
There is only one way to sooth her pain, he decided. He would go and take her other half back.
I guess it's about time I post my fics to somewhere else than just my journal. I've been writting fics for a few years and had them posted on FF.net, but not on any LJ communities. I'd like to try out with this fic first, to see everyoone's reactions, before putting up the rest of my fanfic collections. Uh, I hope to get constructive reviews as I believe I still have loads to improve, and I do plan to write more in the future so I need lots of advices. I hope everyone'll enjoy my fictions, it's all I've had to offer the comm (crappy at drawing and no cosplayer and clueless as Japanese ><).
I offer you this fanfic about Vietnam. Since she's my favorite character and all (I have a motherland-complex, so to speak XD), I'm very inspired to write about her. I like history a lot and an angst fan so I can't help it that my story turn out to be this way. Anw, enough talking, here's the fic~
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Fic: Chokehold (Denmark/Norway) PG-13 (1/2)

Title: Chokehold
Author: hyperemmalawlz 
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Chapter: 1/2
Characters/Pairing: Denmark/Norway
Word Count: 5615
Rating: PG-13

“Sorry.” Denmark's starting to notice Norway says that a lot. “I'm guessing you want me to make it up to you...?” Norway smirks, and Denmark feels kind of put on the spot.

“Uh... well, I wouldn't complain.”

And as they kiss, Denmark winces a little at the pressure on his neck.
Warnings: Domestic abuse, swearing, sexual references.
Author's Notes: Written for hetalia_kink, the prompt: "Norway/Denmark - it's an abusive relationship. Please note the pairing order. Also that abuse =/= consensual BDSM. It's pretty much canon that Norway smacks Denmark around. Anon will have my heart to take it a bit further and explore the dark underbelly of what goes on at home with these two."
“Boo-hoo, poor you,” Norway sneers. “Big nasty Norway treats you badly! He won't sacrifice all his independence to make you feel better! Denmark, sometimes, things have to be done. I don't need you, or anyone, and I won't be seen that way.”

But I believe I'm worth coming home to. {fanart+fanfic}

Hi again~!

So, I have both a piece of fanart and a fanfic to share today. They're related to each other, so I figured I should just post them at the same time. I hope it's allowed. ^_^

Title: So Go On And Fly Then (title of the fic, though it could work for the drawing as well)
Author/Artist: naturethezafara  | me
Pairing(s): Mei (Taiwan) ---> Kiku, established AsaKiku
Rating: Safe
Warnings: Fail attempt at angsty drawing and angsty fanfic
Summary: Oh, how Mei wishes for him to love her. Too bad it'll never happen.

Both heavily inspired by Tori Amos' 'Sleeps With Butterflies'.

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Please do tell me what you think~! ^_^
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[Official Site] Iceland Chibi Preview


オゥラフスフィヨルズル ←アイスランドの町の名前
(Names of Icelandic towns are confusing... !)

色々励ましや感想ありがとございます。 (Thank you for all of your thoughts and encouragement.)
励みにがんばります!(I'll try to do my best for you!)

*translation by xxpianosex