June 2nd, 2011


[FANFIC] Come Back to Me

This is my first post on this community I believe, so a gigantic hello to everyone here! Just recently I've written a fic and I thought I might share it on here. It's nothing fancy, but I was partially inspired by Master KaiKen's fic, UNSINKABLE on FF.net and most of all, the film Atonement. I highly recommend it to those who haven't seen this fantastic movie, by the way.
The fic is incomplete at the moment, but I'll be actively updating it until it is.

Come Back to Me
Author: blacksugarbomb
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Canada, America, England, France, Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales, Sealand; US/UK
Rating: M
Warnings: Plot appropriated from film, Atonement. In future chapters will contain sexual and war themes and slight gore (?).
Summary: During the hot summer of 1935, ambitious young writer Peter brings to light one of his brother and best friend's darkest secrets. And someone has to pay the price. AU.
Esp - HeartFlag

[fanart] The Hapsburgs, Which One, and stuff

I don't remember posting these here, so....

Title: The Hapsburgs
By: *raises hand*
Characters: Spain and Austria
Rating: E
Warning: none
Summary: As the title sez.

Collapse )

Title: Which One?
By: *raises hand again*
Characters: Spain
Rating: E
Warning: none
Summary: Spain can be sexy. Spain can also be cute.

Collapse )

Title: Extremadura, out of the shower
By: *are you bored yet?*
Characters: Extremadura OC
Rating: PG13 for nekkidness
Warning: none
Summary: I just wanted to see some asses, okay?

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[Cosplay] 17th Century Seychelles

It's been a while since I posted anything here, but I felt I needed to share this newest cosplay with the community. 17th Century France (Children's Day France) Has inspired a new version to go with it. Many months, hours and painstakingly long sew sessions have created a Seychelles 17th Century French design to go with it~


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revo_UK_US, a love undiminished

[Fanfiction] Floriography: The Language of Flowers (4.7b/4.7; America × England)


Title: Floriography: The Language of Flowers (4.7b/4.7)
Disclaimer: Hetalia is not my creation.
Pairing: America × England
Rating: PG-13
Summary: England has decided to let go, and that terrifies the crap out of America. He just doesn’t know what to do, or what the hell this exactly means for both of them. A chance encounter in the kitchen may be the only chance America would ever have to actually do something about it.

1: Dogwood; 2: Honeysuckle; 3. Roses and Irises; 4. The Truest Language (1); (2); Interlude: Anniversary; (3); (4); (5); (6); (7a)

We both know that the special relationship is bollocks, built on pragmatism and politics, and all but non-existent. I am no more special than any other nation you deal with, America. Haven’t your officials said so more than once? And it was time I acknowledge it.

[Fanfic] Summer Showers

Title: Summer Showers
Characters/Pairing(s): America, England (USUK)
Rating/Warnings: T
It was raining. Quite typical for London. Though very untypically England finds himself out in it waiting for a particular American nation to finally appear.

I really felt like writing a drabble in response to my latest bit of fanart
I really like the concept of these two meeting up in the rain. America really would be the type to run out without an umbrella.]

He wasn’t entirely sure what he was doing sitting on a soaking wet bench, sheltering from the pouring rain under his umbrella. )

[Headcanon] Embarrassing Secrets?

Remember the April Fools Day event? We never did get to see the embarrassing pictures of the nations other than China and England. But that's what headcanon is for, right? It's a little after the fact, but I'm bored and we haven't had any discussions for a while. SO. What are the really juicy, embarrassing secrets the nations are hiding? And don't feel like you have to spare China and England any further humiliation. Be merciless.

And of course respect the headcanon of others, even if you disagree. Discussions are great, but bashing is not.

[ RP ad] Hetalia Meebo RP

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Hetalia Meebo RP

A chat based Axis Powers Hetalia Role-play

We're a sort of canon-based, chatroom RP, we have no real ongoing plotline and often come up with spur of the moment mini-plots, but there are a few established things. For one, every character is living in the same house ( the "hetahouse" ) in a non-specified town in the Northern Hemisphere. This makes it easier for all of them to somehow be in the same place all at once. Collapse )


[fanart:France] Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

Title: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity
Author/Artist: valkyrievamp289 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France-centric
Rating: G
Warnings: One of them artworks where France doesn't look like a pervert. 8D
Summary:Yesterday, a friend of mine bombarded me with links to different BFT fanart, and was sincerely, very very dazzled by all of it. *U* I've long loved this unlikely troupe of friends, and I think I've practiced enough to draw a tribute for each other them.

I've been drawing Prussia again and again, and Spain only once, so this time, to be fair to our beloved country of amor, I've decided to draw France as well~

JJ's happiness

Fanart: Festa della Repubblica - Festa degli Italiani

Title: "Festa della Repubblica - Festa degli Italiani"
Author: J.J.
Characters: Veneziano, Romano, Seborga, Rome
Warnings: Normal version, chibi version, nyotalia version, neko version and mochi version of the Italies.
Notes: None
Rating: G
Summary: 02/06/2011. The Italies, Rome and Seborga celebrating the Republic Day.

( Festa della Repubblica - Festa degli Italiani )

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