June 3rd, 2011

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( FANFIC ) And The Days Blur Into One

Title: And The Days Blur Into One
Series: Axis Powers Hetalia
Character/Pairing: Spain
Rating: PG
Summary: Spain remembers a lot of things. Spain is also a mess of a lot of things.
Note: A lot of very random, very un-betaed, and very silly thought tl;dr that I did to avoid being productive. Also, my knowledge of Spanish history and culture is mostly horrible, so my apologies to anyone who actually bothers reading this mess.

( The sun always made everything seem bright, and that always calmed his nerves. )
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[Linking] HETALOID

So I've made a compilation list of all the Hetaloid songs I could find on Youtube and NicoSound! I know there are more out there, though, so if you can help me complete this list, that would really be appreciated!

Head over HERE for the list!
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[Fic] Across the Duckpond

Title: Across the Duckpond
Author: zalia
Rating: PG-13
Characters: England, France (suggested England/France)
Warnings: French nudity in the spirit of the series

Summary: In which England finds all this war business awfully tiring, finds out what exactly is going on in his back garden and comes up with a cunning plan.

(The first thing that England noticed was that someone had been at the chocolate biscuits)

The Act of Acquisition

As I'm sure many of you know, TokyoPop had their graverobbing garage sale about a month ago. And I, having the bad habit of buying something shiny and not wanting it later, picked up this:

It's big! It's shiny! It's going to end up in the back of my closet if I don't figure out what to do with it! And that's where you guys come in. I'm thinking about selling it but I wanted to gauge the interest. What would you guys pay for something like this? Should I put it up on ebay or sell it to the community? Or should I just save it and give it to my friend as a Christmas present?

Any and all input is appreciated, especially if it comes with pretty icons!
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[Fanfiction] Shipwrecked! ~ USUK

He he~ I know I wrote this quite a long time ago, but it's my first Hetalia fanfiction anyway :") It is a one-shot, and the plot is mainly based on the official strip by sensei (credit goes to the right owner ;))~)

Anyway I hope I can get your comment to improve my writing. I'm kinda free now so I want to do something about Hetalia and stuff :") (that's why I made so many icons :">)

Title: Shipwrecked!

Author: Jyuuchun

Pairing: USUK from HETALIA: Axis Power

Genre: Fluff

Category:  Romance

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Hidekaz Himaruya sensei owns the characters and the strip which this fanfic is based on – “We’re shipwrecked too!”. I only own the plot and the inspiration after reading the strip~ ^^

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[FANART] Gracious, it's been a long time!

Title:  Lots of doodles and one drunk comic~
Author/Artist: Me~ (
alexiel-viii.deviantart.com/ )
Character(s) or Pairing(s): 
England, America, EnglandXOC!India, Italy, Germany, Spain, Norway, Netherlands, Greece
  PG - PG13
Summary:  Naked America, England and India Love, and Drunk England.  A lot. 

Click Iggy to see the Art!
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Moving Sales Post -- LAST CHANCE!

I'm leaving Japan in less than two months! This is my house cleaning sale. Prices are negotiable (and many have been marked down!), but I can only accept payment via paypal. Shipping is from Japan. Omake will be given as able.

This may very well be the last chance to purchase any of these as I'm leaving Japan very soon to return to the US. Whatever doesn't sell I will have to decide whether to keep or throw away, and I don't relish that decision. If you're interested in something but think the price or whatever is too high, please contact me and offer me a deal. I cannot accept trades and I need you to cover the shipping, but otherwise I'm amiable to negotiation.


(Review post here)

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Solus: a plotted AU roleplay

A hundred and fifty years into a horrific and cruel future, there is only one. As global warming took hold, freak weather occurrences became constant and disease started to take hold. War savaged those who survived, and Nations dwindled, dying off one by one as their people died and their cultures merged.

The seas rose in a slow and steady tide, until there was only Solus. A single island in a turbulent ocean, battered by sea storms, high winds and frequent rain.

On this island gathered those who could, but society soon split dramatically: those who had it all, who maintained the fortunate lifestyle of the rich from the old world, and those who had to support those lucky few. The Highlanders and the Lowlanders. Living in a sheltered city, away from the furious ocean, those from the High Lands lived a luxurious lifestyle, while those who lived in the Low Land city were constantly battling the ocean winds and storms.

And above them all, in a sacred hall, lived the mysterious and powerful Solus, leading the people through a puppet government.

It was into this divided and battered environment that, one by one, the old Nations were reborn. Now mortal and aging, and with no memories of their past lives, they seemed no different to the people around them until, slowly but surely, they begin to remember…

Solus is a literate, plotted, alternate universe Hetalia roleplay, which is always open to new members. We encourage creativity and participation, and would love to see you soon!

At the moment we're particularly looking for North Italy and Canada to complete the G8, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine and Belarus for our Latvia, Iceland and Denmark to complete the Nordics, Sealand and his fellow micronations, and Hungary, Greece, Turkey, Rome and Germania.  Of course, we'd be happy to see any new faces, and there are still other canon countries open, and we do accept country OCs.

Plot | Rules | Character List | Applications