June 9th, 2011

[Linking] Community


Welcome to the Axis Powers Hetalia meme.

We have fun discussions! It's easy to make friends! There's even an confessional! There's also a super fun, relaxed RP environment with an awesome cast and lots of fun threads! Like Truth and Dare threads! We have a twitter and tumblr community! We have picspammers, share threads, WIP threads! IT'S JUST GREAT OVER AT APHANON_MEME! Great place to make friends! We have Anons rpers! It's a great place to make friends as long as you're mature and respectful! SO COME ALONG AND HAVE SOME FUN..
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[Looking For] Doujinshi Scans

Does anyone know if there have ever been scans of either of these two books?

They're "ロシアさんがアメリカくんを泣かせる本" by Gomadango, and "I Need You" by Capricieux. The first is Russia/America, the second America/Russia.

I couldn't care less if they're raw or translated. Either's perfectly fine. Since I don't usually watch for this pairing, I'm clueless as to what's around.
Any help would be appreciated~

(Though, if anyone has either book I'd be willing to pay up to $12 each or trade some of my own doujin.)

Managed to buy the first one~ Not so interested in the second anymore.
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Just a little FrUK

oops! I forgot the title things, sorry!! D:

Title - Just a little FrUK
Genre - Er, Romance I guess? But not really XD
Characters England/France's arm <3
Ratings - PANTS EXPOSURE...a teeny teeeeeeeeeeeny bit
Warnings - None that I can think of? Probably not worksafe but I thought it was quite tame :O
Summery: A teeny tiny FrUK drawing I did to calm myself down after a stressful evening DX

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[RP Ad] Wiztalia


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Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, has decided to start an exchange student program. At least one letter has been sent to a large number of countries, and many witches and wizards have accepted the letter's invitation and have made their way to Scotland, where Hogwarts resides.

Many different nationalities from many different cultures have arrived at Hogwarts and have been sorted into a house. Some of them seem to get along with their new roommates instantly, while others need to take time to get used to all of the new people. Despite whether they can adapt quickly or not, they all have to get used to living with each other over the course of a year.

In this exchange program, Hogwarts is changing and becoming much more active with the new students, all starting at different years. Lots of things happen between all of them—rivalries, romances, drama, friendships, and hilarity. There is much to do at Hogwarts, and much to get used to.

You just got your letter. Do you accept the invitation or decline?

We have a bunch of canon characters open at the moment, and you're also allowed to have OCs and genderbends. Just be aware that applications for the last two are more strictly looked over than those of canon characters. You are also allowed to be a Teacher or a Ghost (the application template for ghosts should be up relatively soon).
[Kawaii] Nyanko Cake

Fanfic: Mirror

Title: Mirror
Author/Artist: [info]tamabonotchi 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Fem!Germany-centric, Nazi!Germany, Prussia, Italy, brief America, England, France, Russia
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Fem!Germany, a Nazi!Germany, AU, set at the end of WWII, some blood
Summary: Everyone was silent until they heard a noise from the figure on the ground. Germany's eyes fell upon him. The one that caused it all. The one who was but a reflection.

Fake cut to my journal!)
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FIC: A Joyful Song

Title: A Joyful Song
Author/Artist: Artemis
Character(s) or Pairing(s): European Community ensemble: Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, North Italy, South Italy, Denmark, England, Greece. Ireland and Luxembourg OCs.
Rating: PG
Warnings: None beyond Romano’s potty mouth
Summary: The choosing of the European anthem, Hetalia-style. Or: European nations being European (and eating Belgium’s chocolate truffles.)
Notes: Kink meme de-anon for the national anthems prompt
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