June 12th, 2011

[Fanfiction] A Garden of Decaying Flowers [2.11/7]

Title: A Garden of Decaying Flowers

Part 2.11: Take Me to the Edge of the World, Where There’s No One but Us

Pairings: in this chapter: implied AmericaxEngland, not-quite AmericaxJapan
Genre: Angst/Drama/Romance
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: AU, deviations from canon characterisation
Summary of this chapter: Prince Alfred is away from home for a mission only to lose himself in the process and gain something (or rather, someone) as he makes his way back on track.

Link to the chapter: Was his love for Arthur so small, so weak Alfred wasn’t willing to sacrifice his moral?

The rest of the verse can be found here

yao dragon

[Fanfic] Chinese Treasures [Pirate!England X Emperor!China]

Title: Chinese Treasures
Author/Artist: Me :3
Beta: No one
Character(s): Emperor!China, Pirate!England and Hong Kong
Pairing(s): Pirate!England X Emperor!China
Rating: 16+(This will change to 18+ later on.. but until then.. 16+ XD)
Warnings: Yaoi, Seme England, Pirates
Music: None
Summary: Arthur, a fearless pirate captain, managed to find a map to the Chinese imperial treasures. There is just one thing that he need to get it. Blood from the Chinese imperial bloodline.

Arthur Kirkland - England
Wang Yao - China
Wang Jin - Hong Kong

Chapter 1: mirlin1.livejournal.com/3585.html
Chapter 2: mirlin1.livejournal.com/4018.html
Chapter 3: Coming Soon

Collapse )
SuFin Coffee

Two SuFin and one America fanfic

Title: Nine Hundred Years
Rating: PG
Pairings: Sweden/Finland
Summary: Sweden asks Finland why he loves him. 
Notes: My first Hetalia fanfic ever. 'Twas for the kink meme.
Finland wakes up as he does every morning, in Sweden’s strong, reassuring arms, his body pressed against the other nation’s familiar warmth.
Title: 1809
Rating: G
Pairings: Sweden/Finland
Summary: On the night before Finland leaves for Russia, Sweden and Finland share one last dance.
Notes: Kink meme de-anon.
Life is a fleeting thing, Sweden reflects, even for nations that no mortal weapon can kill. A single stroke of a pen, a single battle lost, and the work of hundreds of years comes tumbling down. Perhaps it's this thought, the knowledge that they may never meet again, that causes him to reach for Finland's hand. Or perhaps it's simply the desire to forget for a moment; to lose himself in shared movement one last time with the one he loves.
Title: I'm the Hero
Rating: PG
Characters: America
Summary: America reflects on his past.
Notes: Another kink meme de-anon.
Some days America feels, well, old.
Sorry if this seems kind of spammy-I'm new to LJ and still getting used to it, and only just got around to trying to deanon stuff.

Zircustalia - A Victorian Circus AU RP

You see the crowd gathered in the market square. As you get closer, a voice raises above the curious murmurs. Pushing your way through, what greets you is a strange man standing with a prideful smirk upon a soap box, hair and skin pale as a ghost, red eyes accentuated by lace-like tattoos. His arms sweep wide as he shouts in a German accent, "Gather around and listen, come see the greatest travelling circus to walk the Earth! Der Zerschmetterten Spiegel Zirkus, the Shattered Mirror Circus, has come to grace your boring lives with acts that will dazzle and amaze you!" With a cackle he produces a handful of flyers and throws them in the air before disappearing into the muttering crowd. Curious, intrigued, you grab one from the air. It wouldn't hurt to take a peek would it?

You find the fairground full of energy and excitement. Everywhere there's jugglers, acrobats, strange and ferocious animals, caravans parked all around and a large striped tent situated near the back. As the sky begins to darken, people flock to the tent, and you find yourself watching with amazement as performers dance out into the ring, lead by the strange albino. You're mesmerized by the sights and sounds, unable to tear your eyes from the wonderful fantasy.

Wouldn't it be fun to run away? To escape life's hardships, the mundanity, those obligations you hold, and join the circus? The troupe is always looking for new acts, no experience necessary (but always an asset).

Zircustalia is a literate RP set in Victorian times, where misfits from around the world gather to put on shows for willing audiences. There are plenty of characters and roles available (Nyotalia characters are fine), and OCs are welcome.

We've got an event going on currently, and we're looking for lots of different characters to join us! The event is perfect for a Poland to join, but we're also looking for Netherlands, Spain (to complete the BTT), Belgium, Switzerland, Japan, China and more Nordics to join our Finland. We're also hoping for people to take jobs like doctor, clown, showgirl, acrobat, and sideshow or "freak" acts. Go here for details on the event.

Setting | Tonight's Performers | The Main Tent | Rules | Run Away to the Circus | Job Postings 


Welcome one, welcome all!

As popotalia is a police based PR with all of our favorite characters and more!

As we are not that big yet, and only at the moment might consist of two people, we can be an awesome roleplay experience!

Right now, the plot is simple, be the police and chase down all the wrong doers or be the criminals and say "F*** THE POLICE!" the choice is yours. 

We are in need of many characters so please come by and check us out! :  http://popotalia.forumotion.com/

Meet up - Geldrop, The Netherlands

Hey there.

Me and xNataku are organizing a meet up on sunday 7th august in Geldrop.
This will be in a garden with a castle. The garden is a beautiful English scenery, a great place to take photos as well as inside the castle itself. You can view photos of it online at: www.kasteelgeldrop.nl/pagina.php/35/index.html and www.kasteelgeldrop.nl/pagina.php/32/index.html

The entree is entirely free and everyone is allowed to come. You don't have to come in cosplay but it'd be nice of course.
We are still looking for photographers.

When? Sunday, 7th August
Where? Tuin van de Baron, Geldrop
Time? 11:30 am we gather at trainstation Geldrop. Around 5 pm we will head back home or eat somewhere.
What? Just a nice meet up to meet fello hetalia fans, take nice photos, picnic and play games.

If you'd like to join us, you can pm me or leave a comment. We hope to see you at the meet : )

Hufflepuff Squirrel

Watching the English - Testing, Testing (2/?)

Title: Watching the English - Testing, Testing

Author: redblonde7

Characters/Pairing(s): America/England, random English citizens

Genre: Drama/Humour/Fluff

Warnings: None

Summary: America discovers a book that could be the key to understanding England. With Canada as an audience, America reads and then tests the hidden rules of English behaviour. For the spring fanworkathon on usxuk.

Prompt: 38. America gets a copy of "Watching the English: The Hidden Rules of English Behaviour." by Kate Fox and uses it to try to understand why England is.... England. XD Testing how accurate the book in the general public, and, of course, England's input on the whole matter after he finds out. Please try to incorporate a variety of different points, from mannerisms, to intimacy, to road etiquette... whatever you can come up with; just keep it light-hearted and funny.

Link: In which America learns something
Hungary- KEEP CALM

A Swiss Story Of Evil: The Servant

A Swiss Story Of Evil: The Servant
Me ^^
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Prussia, and Russia Cameo
T, maybe M depending how well you handle blood and death
Warnings: Character death in future chapters
Summary: After many years apart, siblings Vash and Lili are finally reunited as Princess and Servant. Their peace is interrupted as Vash falls for a secretive cake baker, a relationship Lili refuses to allow as the Kingdom of Yellow is led to it's demise. Based off the Vocaloid song, The Servant of Evil ~In progress~

It's Time for Tea

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