June 14th, 2011

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Paper Planes


Humans have always been fickle, but such was taken to a near ultimatum when they decided to prevent future wars by effectually killing their nations. Nature; though, has always been a far more temperamental force to deal with. As she has always been wont to do her will has contrasted with the humans, effectually reincarnating the priorly murdered nations.

Now they lead simple human lives, some attending high school whilst others work. They look the same as their predecessors, even having starkly similarly personalities... yet their memories are that spanning perhaps over only a few years. The immortal beings now assume themselves to be humans, yet there is something so very contrasting about them

Their history is burnt into their very being, and it haunts them in nightmares and the sort. Still, when one has high grades to maintain silly dreams ain't important, right?


happy spain

[FIC] Truth Be Told, Chapter Nine

Title: Title: Truth Be Told
Pairing: Spain/Romano
Genre: Comedy/Romance with a dash of Angst...yum
Rated: T
Summary: The Well of Uncomfortable Truths is discovered and deals Spain a hard fact: “Whenever you said you loved him, you didn’t really mean it. You were thinking of his brother. They were empty words.” But who was it talking about? And will Romano be convinced?

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[FIC] Romano and Spain and others - The Poison Dance.

Written for hetalia_kink. The prompt: In which, to Lovino's dismay, Antonio discovers the Delicious Tomato song and listens to it. Take it as you will, anons. ♥

I spent several months writing this; of course I only spent about a week total in the actual typing of it and the rest of the time was doing other things, but a disturbing amount of time in between typing was brainstorming and trying out different ideas. If you haven't seen it before, I hope you like it.

Title: The Poison Dance.
Author: Well I'm not plagiarizing.
Characters: Romano S. Italy, Spain; Japan, France, Veneziano N. Italy, Austria, Germany, Prussia
Rating: PG (For the below reasons)
Warnings: Arson, implied murder, implied jaywalking.
Summary: In which, to Romano's dismay, Spain discovers the Delicious Tomato song and listens to it.

( Romano felt considerably better with his face covered in half-melted gelato. )

The tarantella rhythm.
Special thanks to aph_jj_fa and jjblue1 for the Italian lyrics.
Certain character designs also inspired by jjblue1's work. She is wonderful and you should definitely check her stuff out.

One anon told me they didn't understand the ending, and since I'm not sure how okay it is to respond to kinkmeme comments, I'll (kind of) explain here by saying: It's tied with the second scene, and related to this link here.

To all who commented on the original kinkmeme post, thank you so much! You guys made my week, especially the fourth anon! Thank you thank you and I am so glad you liked it! orz

Three Fanfics

Title: I Can't Stop Loving You 
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Pairing(s)/Characters: Alfred(America)/Arthur(Britain), ensemble cast 
Rating: PG at the start, a hard R in later chapters
Warning: AU, a few curse words, angst, (a later chapter will contain (mutual) dubcon)
Summary:  When Arthur was 19 he bought a laptop, shaped as a toddler which he named Alfred. Six years later, Alfred breaks down. Rather than lose his little boy, he has Alfred's data and AI transferred into an adult unit. Alfred's new body complicates their relationship with tension Arthur isn’t prepared for.
Notes: Kink meme de-anon, fill is still on going you can read the first (unedited) half here and the second here; beta read by the awesome [info]hotbabysitter.

Chapter Six: Changes

Title: Care and Upkeep of Cats 
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Pairing(s)/Characters: Alfred(America)/Arthur(Britain), Oz (Australia) 
Rating: PG
Warning: AU
Summary: 'Before six months ago, Alfred was feeling downright lonely. But then, one day, he heard the sound of a cry over the rain...'
Notes: Alfred's side of the story of Anniversary. NOT the promised sequel--I'm still working on that. Expect another story set in this universe...whenever I find time to write it...

“Hey there, little guy, you okay? You still alive?”

Title: Proposals
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Pairing(s)/Characters: America/Canada, US/OCs, and a small USUK joke
Rating: G
Warning: Incest (they're referred to as brothers)
Summary:  It is not a well hidden secret that America married his own citizens before. What was not well known was the why he did it.
Notes: Kink meme de-anon, loosely inspired by this prompt. Original post here.

America asked Canada to be his Best Man and Canada managed to sit aside most of his grievances and resentment to be happy for them.

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Teleported Into the Looking Glass(3)

Title: Teleported Into the Looking Glass
Author: mistressssnakey
Character(s): America, Japan, Italy and Russia(for now).  
Pairings will be announced as the show up.
Rating: PG13(this chapter is pretty PG, but rating will go up). 
Warnings: AU and slight OOC(specaillay for the characters of said Universe.
Summary: America, Italy and Japan find themselves in an alternate reality after a failed experiment. There things are quickly put at stake.

This story can be found at FF.net