June 15th, 2011


[Fanfic] Ain't No Magic Spell for Romance

Title: Ain't No Magic Spell for Romance
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Russia, America, Russia/America
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Mild language and silliness, Harry Potter crossover.
Summary: In which Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor Alfred F. Jones attempts to ask Herbology Professor Ivan Braginski to the Yule Ball.
Written for the 2011 Fantasia event at the Russiamerica comm.

(He didn't want to risk messing up his chances with the only faculty member at Hogwarts worth hitting on.)
Kaori Sheep: Got wool?

[Fanfic] Three fruk fics

Two sidestories for the Sixty-Four fanfic

Title: Saturday evening
Characters: France/England, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark
Rating: PG13
Summary:  Watching those two argue is better than television.
Note: Written for a request “pre-relationship UST”. Takes place a few months after Francis and Arthur first met.

Title: Peonies
Characters: France/England
Rating: R for very vague and non-descriptive smut.
Summary:  Welcome greeting on their front porch.
Note: Written for a kink meme prompt: Seeing each other after a long time.Takes place around the time Arthur and Francis started living together in their house but before they got married.

And one unrelated AU fic

The Longing of Mr. Darcy
Characters: France/England
Rating: PG 13
Summary: Arthur is determined to grant his cat a bit of fun.
Note: Written for a kink meme prompt: Any/any brought together by their cats.

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Hetalia Roleplay

Do you like roleplaying but are you tired of having your favourite character taken right in front of you?

We have a roleplay forum where there's no character limits. Anyone can roleplay whoever they want. Oc's, genderbends, even nekotalia and mochi's are allowed!

We are a friendly group of roleplayers and would love to see more joining the forum. Had I already mentioned the board is a multiverse forum?
So how does this work: you join, post an introduction and start roleplaying. Put in your signature who you roleplay.

Anyway if you're interested: please take a look.
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Sales Post Updated

(16), Gravitation (2), Okane Ga Nai (No Money!) (4), Gakuen Heaven (3), Gundam Wing (5), Death Note (7), Naruto (6), Dragon Ball Z (1), and X (Clamp) (2).

Hetalia pairings:
America/England, America/Fem!England, America/Japan, England/America, France/England, England/Japan, England/Prussia, England/Spain, England ->America <- Japan

Feel free to have a look over here: ( Hetalia )

In Need Of Fine Tuning ~ Prologue

Title: In Need Of Fine Tuning ~ Prologue
Author/Artist: hollyrose_hime 
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Prussia/England
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearing
Summary: When Arthur woke in a room that was definitely not his own he was struck by two thoughts - one, that he’d never heard the flute solo from Ravel’s Daphnis et Chloe played quite like that before; and two, how on Earth could anyone live in such a pigsty?

If there's enough interest, I'm hoping to hold either a Themed Contest or a Fanworks Exchange on KnightAndPirate over on deviantArt; there's a journal post to gauge interest and ask for suggestions here, so if you're interested please take a look! =D

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spain- female and male

[Fic] Tomates y Amor-- Chapter 1: I'm Wishing

Title: Tomates y Amor-- Chapter 1: I'm Wishing
Author: cutthroatpixie
Character(s) or Pairing(s): (this chapter) Spain/Fem!Spain, Prussia, France, England. Overall fic will eventually be some form of Spain/Romano.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Human names. Ridiculousness.
Summary: Far, far away, beyond the borders of dreams and wishes, just past where fantasies live, there sat a quiet, peaceful little kingdom. In a not so far, far away land, closer to where dreams go to die, sat a very disgruntled Italian man. This is the story of how these two realities came to meet.
Note: No wells were harmed in the making of this chapter.

The Amazing Hetalia Race

[FANART] Art Dump 4 - Sketches of silliness and historical people

Hi everyone! Here be a sketch dump! I don't usually draw sketches until I got a tumblr, and now I'm tempted to just use up all my silly, random ideas that otherwise would take too long to colour there. They have now made their way back to LJ, hope you guys will enjoy these!

Title: Art Dump 4
Artist: ctcsherry 
Character(s) or Pairings(s):
 New Zealand, Canada, Australia, America, Italy, Germany, Thailand, Taiwan, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, China, Egypt, England, Russia, Rome, Denmark, Norway, Japan, Prussia, Greece, Mongolia, Turkey
Rating: G
Warnings: None other than image heavy, 27 images altogether
Description: Fanarts that are sketchs <--lol 

Collapse )
♛Fic: Monster Mash

[Fanfic] Monster Mash: Dance of the Damned.

Title: Monster Mash: Dance of the Damned 1

Characters: Francis, Arthur, Matthew + extras

Rating: 18

Warnings: Blood, violence, heavily implied child abuse.

Summary: Sequel to Monster Mash. Memories restored, Francis goes looking for his lost love, in the hope she too is looking for him. Elsewhere, Arthur learns more in a few months than he has in 500 years. And behind all this, Alfred F. Jones, serial killer extraordinare, remains at large.

(Follow the fake cut...)