June 22nd, 2011

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[Fic] Dance of the Warriors

Title: Dance of the Warriors
Author: charlzway 
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Japan and Greece
Rating: PG-13
Summary:  de-anon from the kinkmeme. Prompt was Greece and Japan engaging in (aggressive) swordplay.
Warning: A fight sequence and some puns, but that’s it? ^^;
Disclaimer:  No Hetalian (or cat) was seriously injured in the writing of this fill. Well, not really.

"They could feel the blood rushing in their ears, coalescing with the pit-a-patter of their racing hearts ..." 

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WTT/WTS: 2 US/UK Doujinshi

WTT/WTS: 2 US/UK Doujinshi
- I ship from FL 32746 and don't mind doing international shipping.
- Shipping is done on Saturdays unless you pay for priority.
- I ship in bubble envelopes and with cardboard backing.
- If you want more pictures please ask.
- Trades are priority. Trades list is located at bottom of the post.
- Feedback is here.

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[One Coin Figure Group Buy] Looking for buyers - 4 left

Looks like there was a change in tagging. Hope I got it right.

Set one was ordered and everything was shipped out. Now looking for buyers for the second group order. We still have Germany, Japan, Hungary and Austria for sale. Please direct all comments and interest to my journal. I'm copying and pasting the info below the cut. Only comments in response to this entry should be from mods in case something is not right with my post.
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