June 26th, 2011


Arte Stella Still Available

Yo, folks! If this isn't allowed, this can be deleted or locked.

Basically, an anime/manga sale site, AnimeBooks.com, has been happily selling "ArteStella" for a while now, at a much lower price than many indie sellers are asking. So I figured I'll go ahead and share this gem with everyone.


It's currently $72.99 (in U.S. Dollars), plus of course shipping and possible tax. If you order $100 worth of sale items (conditional: books only), you can get free shipping. I had great success with my order from them myself. The box was unopened and sealed, with all items included. I ordered some other items too, to bring my total up for the free shipping. It arrived in a timely manner, and was all well packaged.

The only thing is, the way Arte Stella itself is boxed, you have to be very careful cutting the tape open on the official white box, or instead start at the outer edges and peel the center piece up. Otherwise you risk cutting the poster (thankfully, I was careful on instinct and didn't damage anything).

Since ArteStella is averaging $150 on eBay (current lowest price is $117), I'd say that if you haven't gotten this great book by now but want it, this might be a good chance. I just couldn't keep it to myself cuz it's a darn nice deal this late in the game. It doesn't say how many copies they still have available; I'm not even sure if they realize that it's limited edition. o.o

They have a lot of other cool stuff too; you can check out their clearance section for stuff they're getting rid of cheaply. Enjoy~!

Selling Reminder: Doujinshi!

Hi everyone! I still have some doujinshi left from my clear out. Thank you for the support from everyone who have ordered! I still have a bunch left (mostly Ger/Ita, HRE/Chibitalia, SuFin, (circle) Travel Theater, (circle) Cocca, and Chinese ones), and would like to see all them go to good homes. Last day for orders is 1st July, Friday and last day for payment is 3rd July, Sunday. I am leaving the country 5th July, and will not be back until 2013! :)

Previous sales: Everything has been shipped! If you have requested a tracking number you will receive a notification through EMAIL and PAYPAL. I am slowly replying emails because I had a lot of orders. :O

Important reiteration of terms: found here
1. I DO NOT do holds under any circumstances. I understand if you need a FEW DAYS to transfer payment into your bank account. This does not mean I hold your doujin UNTIL you scrimp up money to pay.

2. If I have agreed to a transaction, I will not cancel the transaction. My sales work like a shop. You can look and browse and be interested, but if you leave the item too long someone else will pick it up and decide to buy it. I WILL NOT BACK OUT OF ANY AGREED UPON TRANSACTION.

3. Shipping is NOT cheap from Singapore, especially once out of the Asian region. If you are buying about 3-5 doujinshi please be prepared to pay about S$13-S$20. Everything is SOLELY by weight so I do not have the liberty to offer flat rate shipping. I will give you the best price that I can get from the post office though.

HOWEVER, if you buy >1kg (2.2lbs) of doujinshi, shipping becomes a flat rate for every 500g added on. :) Rates are posted here.


Merchandise sales can be found at hetalia_sell at these two posts:
1. http://hetalia-sell.livejournal.com/171788.html - Plushies, OCFs, Mascots!
2. http://hetalia-sell.livejournal.com/177857.html - Trading cards, notebooks, doujinshi merchandise!


Thanks for looking!

[Fanfiction] Fading Away

I'm a newbie to livejournal. You should all throw rotten tomatoes with helpful tips written on them at me. I would appreciate it.

Title: Fading Away
Author: GlitterTech
Pairings: Prussia/Canada, if you squint. Or want it to be.
Characters: Prussia and Canada, Italy, Germany and a few other character alluded to.
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Angst
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Excessive swearing, lack of historical backing, OOC
Summary: Prussia finds himself needing a friend, so who other than Canada to comfort him?

  • tokei

[Fanfic] Summer Wars

This was written for the love_and_tea community's summer spree. I never knew that writing England and Japan being barbaric towards each other would be so difficult. OTL

Title: Summer Wars
Author: tokei
Pairings/Characters: Imperial!England & Black!Japan with cameos by France and America.
Rating: PG and above for language and possibly racist insults.
Warnings: Crack all the way through. I throw myself at the mercy of military weapons and history experts and beg that they not slaughter me for the very random names I have thrown into this fic. If you're looking for fluff and love this isn't it.
Summary: The beach definitely isn't big enough for two imperial nations.

Battle! Sun, sand and sea! Conquering the beach with brutality and authority!

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