June 30th, 2011

Seiji [Chibisan Date]
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[Fanfic] World Academy W Occult Association

Title: World Academy W Occult Association
Characters/Pairings: Lots of Misc. Pairings. Mostly Het, but there will be hints of basically everything and a little bit of Yaoi, as this is Hetalia. (Romance isn't really the focus of the story though.) Core Five Characters Include England, Japan, Russia, Belarus, and Norway with appearances from basically every other character.
Genre: Humor, Supernatural, Adventure, Mystery, Fantasy, Angst... Pretty much everything. I try not to get too dark though.
Ratings/Warnings: T (May Change Later) for swearing, drug use, sexual innuendo and general immaturity.
Summary: The Prestigious World Academy W in New York City becomes a hotbed of intrigue after the entrance is vandalized, informing the students of the existence of a Magic Club. What most don't know is that the club is in its infancy, and the members couldn't be any more at odds with one another. At the same time, mysterious incidents begin to occur and the magic club is blamed for it. The club members must band together to clear its name and find the real culprit - without exposing themselves as members.

Read at Fanfiction.net (Anonymous Reviews Enabled. All Feedback is Appreciated)

Character tags will be added to this post as they are introduced in the Story.

Teleported Into the Looking Glass(7)

Title: Teleported Into the Looking Glass
Author: mistressssnakey
Character(s): America, Japan, Italy and Others.  
Pairings will be announced as the show up.
Rating: PG13(this chapter is pretty PG, but latre ones will be slightly darker).
Warnings: Slight OOC and darker themes(later on).
Summary: America, Italy and Japan find themselves in an alternate reality after a failed experiment. There things are quickly put at stake.

This story can also be found at FF.net

Previous Chapters: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

"He asked about Germany, but there is no nation by that name."
America ▌america-kun!

[fanfic]Once Upon A Thursday (1/?)

Title: Once Upon A Thursday (1/?)
Author: midori_lover
Pairings: America/England (more might be added in future chapters!)
Characters In This Chapter: America, ~*mystery bartender*~, mentions of England and Prussia
Rating: PG (rating might go up to R15)
Summary: AU (human names used); It all started with Punk Thursdays. Alfred stumbles upon a mini concert held in a small-time bar and falls in love...with Arthur Kirkland's voice. What started as admiration turns into friendship between this unlikely pair. But when Alfred finds himself falling in love with Arthur himself, he realizes that starting a relationship is not as easy as he thinks. Especially with someone like Arthur Kirkland.
Warning: none in this chapter
AN: Beta'd by strawberryburst ♥; all remaining mistakes are solely mine.

(You’re lucky, mon cher. You stumbled upon my bar on Punk Thursdays.)

Two oneshots.

Title: Mother
Author/Artist: Me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): FemTurkey, Greece
Rating: T for cursing.
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Greece finally learns and confronts Turkey on something she has kept hidden from him for centuries. That she is actually his mother.

Link to my profile: http://firealchemist18.livejournal.com/49125.html

Title: Rebirth
Author/Artist: Me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany, N. Italy, Japan, Germania, Prussia, Hungary
Rating: T for cursing.
Warnings: T
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: AU A look on the night that Ludwig had almost been sacrificed. On the night that he died and was reborn as a demon.

Link to my profile: http://firealchemist18.livejournal.com/49235.html
Netherlands [Hetalia]
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[News] Voice Actress Cassandra Hodges Passes Away

via animenewsnetwork:

Christopher Ayres posted on his Facebook account today that fellow Funimation voice cast member Cassandra Hodges passed away. Ayres stated a coroner's report has been made but further information regarding the death has yet to be made public. Hodges was only 28 at the time of her death, and she was set to appear at Anime Festival Wichita next week.

Hodges voiced Gotanda and Yuku in Hell Girl and Camembert in Glass Fleet. She also acted in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Hetalia - Axis Powers, and Mushishi, among other Funimation titles.

For those curious, Cassandra voiced additional roles in the English Dub of Hetalia including the little girl / Zashiki-Warashi seen in Episode 30.

Animate Lottery Prizes (+new merch) reviews and pics!

I just fought through a crowd of fujoushi and spent way too much money. I REGRET NOTHING.
So today was the start (and probably the end) of the Hetalia "anikuji" (Ani-Lottery) at Japanese Animate stores. The prize sheet is up now but there were a few surprising things so I'll post a quick review for you!
So to participate in an Anikuji, you stand in a huge line while battling crazy old women (um...), get to the cash register and tell them how many you want (ie: TWENTY O_O) and it's 500 yen per try.

They shake up a box of slips and you pull out the number of slips that you paid for. You peel the slips open and it tells you what prizes you got. My hands shook the entire time *___*
Here are some pictures, descriptions, etc...

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