July 1st, 2011

[Fanfic] What Your Eyes Can't See (Chapt. 5 FINAL)

Title: What Your Eyes Can't See (Chapter 5 FINAL) (Previous Chapters)
Characters/Pairing(s): America, England, France (among others) (USUK)
Rating/Warnings: T
Summary: Alfred F. Jones lives an ordinary life with his twin, looking for work while looking after the house for their parents. But all that gets chucked out the window when he has to go and be all heroic and rescue the guy who passed out in the rain.

There was a heavy weight on his chest. )
♛Fic: Monster Mash

[Fanfic] Monster Mash: Dance of the Damned.

Title: Monster Mash: Dance of the Damned 2

Characters: Francis, Arthur, Matthew + extras

Rating: 18

Warnings: Blood, violence, Alfred is a creeper.

Summary: Sequel to Monster Mash. Memories restored, Francis goes looking for his lost love, in the hope she too is looking for him. Elsewhere, Arthur learns more in a few months than he has in 500 years. And behind all this, Alfred F. Jones, serial killer extraordinare, remains at large.

(Follow the fake cut...)
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[Fanfic] A Birthday Gift [France X England]

Title: A Birthday Gift
Author/Artist: Me :3
Beta: No one
Character(s): France and England
Pairing(s): France X England
Rating: 16+
Warnings: Kissing
Music: None
Summary: The idea is that I wrote and send a letter to France with the request if he could make a picture of him and England together.. and this fiction is about France who is actually trying to get this requested picture..

A few people seemed to think that I wrote a letter to Himaruya.. I did not.. I didn't even knew it was possible.. to be honest.. So it's just a little joke for the birthday present of a friend, who likes FRUK a lot..

Link to the fiction: mirlin1.livejournal.com/4337.html
Hufflepuff Squirrel

Damsel in Distress: The First Moment

Title: The First Moment (Damsel in Distress 1)

Author: redblonde7

Genre: Drama, Fluff, Romance (though not really at the moment)

Pairing(s): USUK, mild Poland/Lithuania (or Poland + Lithuania if you want)

Word Count: 2,583

Rating/Warnings: Imprisonment and abuse (nothing explicit, just implied)

Summary: Alfred has dreamt of being a true hero and saving a damesl in distress from death or worse. When he gets a chance to leave his village on a rescue mission, he jumps eagerly at the chance. The damsel in distress may give him a few unexpected surprises though. This is the first part in a series of stories. There will be others in this universe. For the prompt 'hero' in the usxuk summer camp.


Star-Crossed (4/10)

Title: Star-Crossed
Author: osco_blue_fairy 
Genre: humor, romance, angst
Pairings: USUK, side France/Seychelles, Belarus/Russia, Austria/Hungary, brief one-sided America/Taiwan
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: adaptation, poor attempts at humor, rampant character deaths (no one to fret over)
Summary:  This is a story about many things.  But mostly, it's about a boy and a star.  Stardust AU.
Note: This is something I've been working on.  It's an adaptation of the movie and novel entitled Stardust by Neil Gaiman.  It is one of my favorite stories and it is scary how well it fits into Hetalia-verse.  I hope you all enjoy this and please remember, comments are love <3

Note 2:  Thank you so much for everyone who commented on the last chapter, and thanks to all who read and enjoyed!  I hope I can continue to do this justice!


No Star is safe in Stormhold...
bloody smear

strip request...

 Hello, everyone! Sorry for the abruptness, but was there at one point a strip in which Russia's heart spontaneously falls from his body? I swear to god I read it at one point, and now I can find neither hide nor hair of the thing.

Can anyone tell me where it it, or, even better, provide a link? I have no real rewards, but I can write fic on command!
Thanks in advance!

[Fic] Abendessen mit Freunden (Germany/Switzerland, PG-13)

Title: Abendessen mit Freunden
Author: [info]silverfoxflower 
Fandom: Hetalia
Word Count: ~2500
Pairing: Germany/Switzerland, side Prussia/Italy
Rating: Barely PG-13
Genre: Slash, Fluff
Warnings: Absolutely none. Unless you count cavities from the overload of schmoop, in which case Germany recommends brushing your teeth thoroughly after reading this story as well as practicing responsible daily hygiene.
Author Notes: Written for this prompt on [info]hetalia_kink . Also posted there if you want to read/comment anonymously
Summary: Established couple Germany and Switzerland invite established couple Prussia and Italy to dinner. Someone becomes jealous. Someone apologizes. Guess who?
Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia or its characters. Please be no with the suing.

(Sometimes, he wishes he was Italy ...)
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[RP ad] Sun Stormtalia- A new promising RP group is seeking new players !

The year is 2013. All ideas of the end of the world have ceased since the coming of the new year. Technology has improved greatly as well as the field of medicine. Studies in science are thriving as the global economy plummets. Besides the economic issues, life is very good on Earth. However, no one was expecting such a drastic change in a short amount of time.

Sun storms have been since the dawn of time. The sun has its regular cycle of storms and occasionally has fairly bad ones near the sun spot. During these storms, the magnetic field is greatly affected so nothing electronic works. Since the people of 2013 are more dependent on technology than before, an extremely terrible sun storm could be disastrous. Unfortunately, scientists began to predict the largest sun storm was going to occur in 2016.

Once the news broke out of the prediction, there was world wide panic. People jumped out of buildings, sold everything they owned, and took to the streets to protest anything they saw fit. To settle the people of the world, global leaders came up with a plan: Take the people, put them on a large ship, and head into space to look for a new Earth.

At first, scientists found the plan to be a tad humorous, so they did not take the global leaders seriously. Before time began to drift away, the scientists of the world were pressured into designing and having the fleet of ships built. Day after day, they worked to have these ships built to survive the conditions of outer space.

The year passed and in February 2015, The Fleet was completed. The Fleet was immediately opened to the public to board for its trip into space. Many were skeptical about the ship and the whole idea of there being a disastrous sun storm, so, having survived 2012 and other previous end of the world predictions, they stayed.

The Fleet left Earth in December 2015, with only a few thousand who believed the world would be destroyed from the sun storm. Those who boarded the ship dared not the discover the fate of the world after they left. They all left for their reasons and those reasons alone.


The year is now 2067. The Fleet is more successful than ever thought to be. Life was just the same as it was in 2013 except the people of The Fleet are traveling through space searching for a new Earth. However, the people live their lives without they are being watched.

An alien species similar to humans had been watching and following The Fleet for several years and recently decided to devise a plan to take control of the ship and its humans. So the human-like aliens managed to board The Fleet saying they were from the home planet and left right after. After much thought, the leaders of The Fleet let the aliens on the ship believing every word that had been said.

The aliens began to assimilate into the population and imitated their ways. Most of the humans also believed that they were from Earth, so they accepted these beings with open arms. However, others have their own suspicions as to who these newcomers are and hope to expose them before it's too late.

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