July 3rd, 2011

[APH] I Can... (UK - US AMV)

Title: "I Can..."
Character(s) or Pairing(s): UK - US brother/father-son (or USxUK/UKxUS if you want to see it that way)
Rating: T
Warnings: There's a bit of blood, but that's why there's a T rating there. Hope that covers it.
Summary: A UK - US AMV regarding their fallout from England's point of view and how he pulls himself together to shoulder on while hoping to patch his relationship with America.  

Edit: Fixed the link. This is my first time posting to the community, so I'm still learning the ropes. 
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PocahontUSA [4/?] and Germania Mania! [3/?] [FICS]

A two-for-one deal!

Title: PocahontUSA
Character(s): America, England, Russia, N. Italy, Grandpa Rome, Canada, the Nordics, Latvia, Cuba, Prussia, Spain, France, and pretty much everyone else.
Pairing(s): A bit of America/England, but 'tis all in jest.
Rating: Somewhere between M and T. T+. Or M-.
Warnings: Excessive use of the word "bro" by America. Also, if you are easily offended, you probably don't want to read this.
Summary: In a land where natives run free, England and his eyebrows are off to tame them. That is, until a young native boy tames his heart. A parody of the Disney movie, "Pocahontas," with an added bonus of song parodies!

("No, say it with me... Hel-met." "HAMBURGER.")

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Title: Germania Mania!
Character(s): Literally everyone. But mostly Germania.
Pairing(s): Germania x Everyone.
Rating: T
Warnings: Germania has many lovers. Also swear words.
Summary: Germania has obviously not been appreciated enough by the pairing system present within the fandom. Therefore, this fanfic is composed of oneshots, each featuring Germania and his love affair with some beauty of a country. Every country is accounted for!

("And you are a cad!" said England, throwing his tea into Germania's eyes.)

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Damsel In Distress: Running Away

Title: Running Away (Damsel in Distress 2)

Author: redblonde7

Genre: Drama/Angst

Pairing(s): USUK

Word Count: 1, 870

Rating/Warnings: Imprisonment and abuse (nothing explicit, just implied), hypothermia

Summary: Alfred has dreamed of being a true hero and saving a damesl in distress from death or worse. When he gets a chance to leave his village on a rescue mission, he jumps eagerly at the chance. The damsel in distress may give him a few unexpected surprises. For the prompt 'first aid' in the usxuk summer camp.

First Part

This part
Native babies [APH]

[Fanfic] Suture and Spirits

Title: Suture and Spirits
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairing: America, England; pre-established emotional relationship, but it is USUK
Warnings: Rated for language, allusions to sex, and someone receiving stitches.
Summary: After the Pearl Harbor attacks, England helps America heal.
Notes: For Day 2 of the usxuk  Summer Camp Month: First-Aid. More author notes at the end.

( Next time, feel free to hit me on the head after I come ‘round and then stitch me up. )
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[fanfic]Once Upon A Thursday (2/?)

Title: Once Upon A Thursday (2/?)
Author: midori_lover
Pairings: America/England (Side pairing in this chapter: Spain/Romano)
Characters In This Chapter: America, England, Prussia, France, Spain, Romano, mentions of Hungary
Summary: AU (human names used); It all started with Punk Thursdays. Alfred stumbles upon a mini concert held in a small-time bar and falls in love...with Arthur Kirkland's voice. What started as admiration turns into friendship between this unlikely pair. But when Alfred finds himself falling in love with Arthur himself, he realizes that starting a relationship is not as easy as he thinks. Especially with someone like Arthur Kirkland.
Warning: cursing
AN: Beta'd by strawberryburst ♥; all remaining mistakes are solely mine.
Previous Chapters: 01

(I think ‘small-time musician’ is the more accurate term.)

[Art] Fan Art Dump

SO. I've got more art!

Author/Artist: Alexandravan5 / insaneisjustanotherword / alexvan5
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Canada, America, England, Italy
Rating: PG. The Italy one is shirtless.
Warnings: none.
Summary: Just 3 lovely pieces that I did :) One of them is for Canada Day/Independence Day, then I drew some England, and there's a Feliciano too lookin' damn fine.


[USA/Can FST] Two Birds

Title: Two Birds
Author/Artist: hillslion  
Character(s) or Pairing(s): USA/Canada, Canada/USA
Rating: PG
Warnings: Uuh hinted boy-love, extended metaphors and borderline AU? idk idk. Possibly some historic inaccuracies.
Summary: This is my second FST! Actually, the first FST I had thought of making a very long time ago. When I first heard the song "King of Anything" by Sara Bareilles on the radio I immediately thought of Canada's rant to America... ( and in the end, the song doesn't even fit with the other songs I chose /o\ ... maybe it's comic relief?? :> )

I based this FST roughly on the relationship between the two countries during and after the American Revolution. Lots of hero-complex, Manifest Destiny and all that. So much for originality, lol... but here it is!

(image is link!)

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