July 9th, 2011

"My Idiotic Confession for You"

This is safe to say my first (and I believe pretty good) attempt at writing a Hetalia fan fiction =)

Title: "My Idiotic Confession for You"
Author: Me =)
Character(s) or Pairing (s): America and England
Rating: T because of some cursing and stuff
Warnings: Um, just some random mature elements that you may see happen
Summary: Having these feelings bottled up for so long, being unable to take it any longer, America lets them burst in a series of crazy yet touching events as a means to tell England.

"Remember how we always fight, yell, and just duke it out with each other? With or without words? The thing is, when I look back at the times where we promised that no matter what we'd be with each other, wanna know what else came to mind every time I did think about it? I love you, just like before, always."

As soon as he woke up, America immediately ran straight to the bathroom, cleaning up his bed-ridden self. "This is it!" he said to him self with a mouth full of paste," The day I tell him how I've been feeling for so long!!" He ran around the room, bursting with energy, changing his clothes, grabbing everything he needed in a rush. He ran straight for the door and placed his hand right on the door knob, ready to turn it and thrust it open. However, something over came him as he left his hand still. He whispered to himself, so quiet that no person could possibly be able to hear. "I'm telling the most cynical person I know, no, the most cynical person IN THE WORLD, that I love him." America kept whispering it over and over again until it became firmly rooted into his mind. "Wow..... I'm being a complete idiot right now." Surprisingly he finally realized after his various episodes of "I'm a hero!!" outbursts and near death experiences due to his efforts of messing with England. His eyes fell to the floor as his hand drifted from the knob. This time he spoke out loud. "But that's not really the issue... I've known him for so long, so long that he's been like a blood brother to me..." "As if his cynic self isn't enough to deal with already." America planted himself on is sofa, looking up into the ceiling as if searching for an answer to his ordeal. He smoothed out his blond hair and closed his eyes. He started thinking to himself , "God, this time isn't like the others now is it? I have to really make sure there's no mistakes, no screw ups what so ever." However, as he thought back to past and current stupidity, it was going to be much harder than he thought. Getting on to his feet, America paced back and forth, twisting nearly every angle of his mind for that "perfect confession." Nearly an hour of continuous pacing and there were thoughts of boxed chocolates, romantic rendezvous', hell, even a man in a teddy bear outfit popped up! The stress was overwhelming as he screamed at the top of his lungs " Shit, why is this so freaking hard!?!?" He immediately fell to a crouch on the ground, hands on his head and heart beating crazily. "Ok....." he said as he took one deep breath " Think calmly.... you're good looking, you're funny, you're smart!... who am I kidding?" his head dipped quickly and hopelessly to the ground as he continued speaking to himself. "Ok, get yourself together," slapping himself in the face," You're a country.... meaning you have a lot of power and junk in your hands right?.... Wait!! that means I can do whatever with so much!!!" With that being said, hope ignited him as he jumped nimbly onto his toes, running towards the door. As he sloppily slipped on his shoes, he reached for his phone, checking to make sure that momentarily significant number was there. He snapped his phone shut, turning the knob and ran right through the door, out searching to complete this "desire."

Italy, Spinning

[Fanfic] The Kid - Chapter 23/24

Title: The Kid 
Author/Artist: MoyaKite
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Mainly Prussia, Canada, Romano, and Freddy (little kid!OC), buta lot of characters turn up. (In this chapter: Freddy, Prussia, Canada.) Also, Canada and Prussia are now sort of an item.
Rating: PG-13 (just to be safe)
Warnings: Allusions to serious illness; some cuteness, but with an underlying angst. Potential future character death.
Summary: Simply put, Prussia goes backpacking across Europe and finds a kid. What sort of a dad would Prussia be, anyway?
Author's Notes: The original (which started on the kink meme) is here. I greatly appreciate all of your comments! Even though I'm 41 messages behind right now (yikes), I do intend to respond to all of your comments! Next week, when I post the last chapter, I'll be starting the week long practicum that wraps up my summer classes. I'll still be busy after that--I only get two weeks or so of summer vacation--but I'll at least reply to all of you. I really hope that you enjoy this chapter!

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UPDATE:  (Ch. 23)
Iggy and Nihon

You shall protect the future. {crossover fanart}

Hello again~

Does anyone here know the 2009 animated film 9? I love it, actually, and some days ago I decided to draw some Hetalia characters as sackdoll-robot things like the ones in the film!

Artist: naturethezafara  | Me
Characters: In order of appearance - Italy, Lithuania, England, Japan, Liechtenstein, Germany, who? Canada, Belarus, and Poland
Pairings: Post contains LietBela and AsaKiku
Rating: Safe, generally.
Warnings: Crossover with a generally underrated movie
Summary: Some Hetalia characters as stitchpunks from the movie '9' directed by Shane Acker.

Life must go on . . .

Please do tell me what you think~!

[FANFIC] Wicked Twisted Road {1/??}

Title: Wicked Twisted Road
Author: Ellarose C on fanfiction.net (me)
Characters/Pairing: America, Greece in this chapter
Rating: M for language, future sexual deviancy (K for now)
Warnings: this is only the beginning
Summary: -Meet me in the airport, I'll be humming hallelujah- This is the semidaily blog of two teenaged boys' adventures through Europe, accompanied by an agent and a makeup artist. USUK. Sequel to 'The Baffled King And The Idiot Hero'.

Hey guys. Guess who's back with a sequel already? (Note: the blog will be updated far, far more than I will spam this community. So check that out if you just can't wait.)


were_awesome <- THE BLOG


Title: Ashes to Ashes & All Living In-Between
Rating: PG-13 for now
Characters/Pairings: All nations, no pairings decided on yet, Italy as the main character for now~
Summary: When Nations become obsolete and unnecessary, what becomes of them? Too tainted for Heaven and undeserving of Hell, they walk the streets of a World once theirs in an unhappy and lost haze until the Globalized Government which replaced them requires them for a new purpose—putting down violent insurgencies across a miserable world. Why, who could be better for the job than the Nations, with their copious battlefield experience and endless knowledge of the workings of the world? It’s really too bad they don’t remember any of it at all~
Author's note: Just a test. This is kinda like an… unrevised brain dump, and this is only the beginning. But do tell your opinions/criticisms please! I really need them ~

Collapse )

[Fanfiction] 'Till Death Do Us Part

Title: 'Till Death Do Us Part
Author/Artist: Gentleman Crow
Character(s) or Pairing(s):
FrUk, RussAme main, with bits of GerIta, Spamano, PruCan among other minor pairings
Rating: T
Warnings: Character Death, Supernatural Hijinks, general balance of crushing angst and stupid silleh
Summary: Upon his untimely death, Francis Bonnefoy is left at a crossroads. Too kind and loving for hell, too promiscuous for heaven; neither hereafter will claim responsibility for his immortal soul.  There is but one way to decide his ultimate fate: a cosmic wager that he can return to life and win his one true love all over again to prove it true.  There's just one teensy little snafu, his devastatingly handsome mortal body is six feet under.  He will be needing a new Earthly vessel to complete this daunting task and, tragically for him, the only living form available just so happens to be that of Arthur's much reviled ex.  Now Francis must not only overcome Arthur's sorrow, but his scathing hatred and all the emotions in between to win his ticket to the pearly gates, and just maybe play a little match maker along the way.

( "Whatever will be, will be… The future's not ours to see. Que sera, sera…" )