July 12th, 2011

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[fic] “Let’s Light This Fire One More Time”

Title:  “Let’s Light This Fire One More Time”
Authors: silentscream & streamingwords
Characters/Pairings:  US/UK
Ratings: none
Warnings: Angsty-ness over news articles?
Summary:  On July 8th, 2011 the shuttle Atlantis launched for the American space program’s final space shuttle mission. (Read the article here: http://news.yahoo.com/shuttle-lifts-off-last-time-light-fire-164311611.html) The commander of the Atlantis Christopher Ferguson told the launch director just before liftoff, "Let's light this fire one more time, Mike, and witness this great nation at its best."
After the launch, Alfred comes and cries to Arthur over the end of a thirty-year era.

"Hello, Earth. With just one hand held up high, I can blot you out of sight..."
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[fanfic] Fifty Moments and a kink meme deanon

Title: Fifty Moments (ff.net link)
Author: agoodlatte (onlyacoffee@tumblr!)
Characters/Pairings: Lithuania/Poland
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: Fifty sentences, set to fifty different themes. Non-official, anyway. Lots of headcanon, written motly for fun, etc.

(alpha set)

Title: silent&cold
Author: agoodlatte (onlyacoffee@tumblr!)
Characters/Pairings: Estonia, Finland, Swedent
Rating: PG
Warnings: None, real likfe tragedy?
Summary: for the kink meme; original post. What happened to Estonia (and Finland, and Sweden) on September 27, 1994, after the ferry cruiseferry MS Estonia set sail from Tallinn, heading for Stockholm, with 989 passengers and crew on board. 

(On a late night -or very early morning- of September, in 1994, Estonia woke up cold.)
Hetalia - Prussia
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[fic] Anarchy of Silence

Title: Anarchy of Silence
Author: zalia
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: AustriaXPrussia
Warnings: Heavy bondage, D/s
Notes: Written for Kink Bingo over on Dreamwidth for the 'Caging' square on my bingo card.

Many thanks to daegaer, puddingcat, aliquoten and jade_pen for betaing ^^

Summary: Austria's quiet day is interrupted by a visit from Prussia, who needs more than just a friendly visit.

("Ah yes, how is the Prussian military these days? They've been a bit quiet as of late."

Chaostalia! [A Hetalia Plurk Role-play!]

Welcome to Chaostalia! We are a plurk group searching for new members! There are plenty of characters open to choose from! Such as, Lithuania, Seychelles, Ukraine, Greece, and Poland.There are still many gender bends also open, but we most want a Fem!Finland,  Male!Hungary, Fem!Spain, Male!Belarus, and Fem!Netherlands.

Plot: On what seemed to be an ordinary day, something extraordinary occurs! What the nations thought to be just another day in their lives turned into an adventure they never would have expected! Something magical seemed to have occurred. No one knows exactly how it happened, but on that day chaos soon ensued. Like something in a fairytale, a clash in time and space distorted the nations’ realm. Counterparts of the opposite gender soon invaded their world! How will everyone take to this new change? How will they share the earth? Will there be war or peace?

Chaostalia!RulesCharacter ListApplication
Native babies [APH]

[Fanfic] Independence Day

Title: Independence Day
Rating: G
Characters/Pairing: France, America, Canada, England; FrUK
Warnings: Holy crap cute.
Summary: Arthur Kirkland and Francis Bonnefoy take their adopted sons to see some fireworks for the first time. Slice-of-life family AU.
Notes: This was written for my lovely breagadoir . (It's basically to rot her teeth out.) She was having a tough time recently so this just popped into my head. I originally wanted to write it on July 4th but I was too lazy, so here it is 6 days later. It's still the same AU-verse as Not Necessarily Cause For Alarm and Fathers, Be Good. Please enjoy!

( “Alfred Kirkland-Bonnefoy, if you do not behave this moment, we’re going home, and Papa and Mattie will stay without us,” Arthur said in his Warning Tone. )
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FIC: Scars

Title: Scars
Author: Saitaina
Character(s): Sealand, England, America (with mentions of Rome and Italy).
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Injury to nations
Summary: Sealand thinks about scars, and what they mean for a nation.
Notes: I appolagize for any mistakes, I am very new to the fandom and this is my first fiction for it. I am sure this incident has been done to death.

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Walk a Mile in Someone Else's Shoes

Title: Walk a Mile in Someone Else's Shoes

Author: redblonde7

Genre: Angst/Drama/Romance

Pairing(s): USUK (at the moment), America/others, Korea/others, Taiwan/others (last two are implied)

Word Count: 1, 410

Rating/Warnings: Prostitution (lots of mentions of it), sex (nothing explicit), 15

Summary: When he is researching his next book, Arthur Kirkland has to find out about the people living and working on the streets of London. Some things are better left unturned. AU For the 'literature' prompt of the usxuk summer camp.

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[Raw Scans] Hetalia Volume 4 Special Edition booklet

This is a re-scan of the Volume 4 Special Edition booklet.

This booklet is only available to people who purchase the Special Edition Volume 4 and contains special drawings of the following characters: Italy, Germany, Japan, England, America, Canada, Russia, China,Liechtenstein, Austria, Uktraine, Poland, Sweden, Thailand, Vietnam, Spartacus, Friedrich II, and Maria Theresa. There are also paper dolls to dress up of England, France, & Prussia as well as an omake strip.

I'm uploading two versions. a larger 900px version so people who read Japanese will have an easier time doing so with these scans. And the smaller 700px width scans which are more for people who just want to see the pretty pictures and don't really care if they can see the kanji.

APH Volume 4 Special Edition Booklet

LARGE version
Megaupload: download .zip (42.43MB)
Mediafire: download .zip

SMALLER version
Megaupload: download .zip (11.14MB)
Mediafire: download .zip

England, France, & Prussia official paperdolls

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I am also uploading the paperdolls in their own .zip. This is a special scan where I scanned at 300 dpi, cleaned them up, and have them as .png files. Basically, you can print them out "as is" on any printer and they will print out exactly the right res as in the booklet.

Megaupload: download .zip (11.42MB)
Mediafire: download .zip

Please let me know if you have trouble with any of the files or require an alternate download place.