July 19th, 2011

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[fanfic] I'll Walk You Home, Chapter 9 (final chapter).

Final chapter! Thank you so much to everybody who's stuck with this fic. It means the world to me.

Title: I'll Walk You Home (chapter 9 / 9; final chapter)
Pairings & Characters: Spain / Romano, Italy, Rome briefly
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Lovino's mouth, fluff, interspersed flashbacks & a little bit of angst.
Word Count: about 3,300
Summary: Lovino Vargas is a student working in a family-run cafe who doesn't quite know how to handle having a boyfriend who seems to genuinely love him.
To Read: ('there is something about this that feels incredibly right.')

[Selling] AUCTION- Animate Lottery Prizes: Large character pillows

 As stated, I will now be putting up my two Hetalia cushions for sale!

These two were the grand prizes in the Animate Hetalia Lottery that ran at Japanese Animate stores at the end of last month. I didn't get the prize I wanted so I'd at least like to recoup the ridiculous amount of money I spent playing... OTL;

The items for auction are double-sided large cushions (45x65cm). The first is Japan/China, the second is France/Russia. 

The official pictures can be seen here: www.animate.co.jp/special/kuji/09/pc/

My picture here: img.photobucket.com/albums/v419/Ari-chan/anikuji-2.jpg

Size reference: img.photobucket.com/albums/v419/Ari-chan/anikuji6.jpg

The auction format is simple: PM me with your intended bid and I will update the main post on my journal. Minimum bid increase amount is $2 and I won't set a buy it now price unless you really want to throw piles of money at me (pfft). The auction will end promptly at 1pm EST (US) on July 23rd (5 day auction). Please be aware that updates will not be in real time as I'm in Japan at present, but I will try to update at least twice daily as necessary.

Shipping will be via usps/EMS only and is not included in the auction price. Shipping within the US will be $7 priority, international will be calculated individually. Please note that shipping is from an overseas US address so priority mail will take 6-8 days rather than 2-4.
In the off chance that bidding passes $100 I'll throw in some extra Hetalia merch for free and I will also consider layaway O:

AUCTIONS: (click me to go to main post!)

All direct sales of the other lottery merchandise will be up tomorrow or the day after! Post here or in the main topic for any questions! o:
Hufflepuff Squirrel

The Crystal Palace

 Title: The Crystal Palace

Genre: Angst/Drama/Family

Pairing(s): USUK, France/Canada, France/Monaco, past FrUK

Word Count: 3,710

Rating/Warnings: Victorian London. 15

Summary: The Kirkland family had fallen from grace and now they scraped out a living with the rest of the lowest of the low. Alfred Jones, heir to the great Jones fortune, was staying with his brother in England and his biggest worry was dealing with an unrequited crush. Their two worlds brutally collide one sunny day in May. Victorian Era AU. Done for the 'sightseeing' prompt of the usxuk summer camp.

First part 
Second part

This part

[fic] A Crimson Sky - Chapters 1-5

Ahh, this is my first time ever posting something on lj.  I'm kind of nervous... Anyway!  This is also my first fanfic...

Title: A Crimson Sky
Author/Artist: lycheemangotart
Character(s) or Pairing(s): PrussiaxCanada
Rating: PG - 13
Warnings: AU, real names, violence, based off of a manga
Matthew Williams is an important scientist and has been kidnapped. Gilbert Beilschmidt, an elite soldier, must infiltrate the enemy fortress and rescue him.  But Matthew has already lost hope for any chance of rescue, so when Gilbert comes in to save the day claiming he'll definitely protect the boy, Matt begins to grow feelings for the red-eyed man.

This fanfic is based off of the beautiful manga, My Life With You

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

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Two Fanfics

Title: I Can't Stop Loving You 
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Pairing(s)/Characters: Alfred(America)/Arthur(Britain), Kiku(Japan), Mei-Mei(Taiwan)
Rating: hard R
Warning: AU, a few curse words, angst, mutual dubcon
Summary:  When Arthur was 19 he bought a laptop, shaped as a toddler which he named Alfred. Six years later, Alfred breaks down. Rather than lose his little boy, he has Alfred's data and AI transferred into an adult unit. Alfred's new body complicates their relationship with tension Arthur isn’t prepared for.
Notes: Kink meme de-anon, fill is still on going you can read the first (unedited) half here and the second here; beta read by the awesome [info]hotbabysitter.

Chapter Eleven: Betrayals

Title: Oscillate
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Pairing(s)/Characters: Canada, America, France, Germania, the Roman Empire, Gaul (OC), Franada and US-->UK
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Nonchronological story telling
Summary:  Canada and America are trapped in the fourth century, but their trouble doesn't stop there.
Notes: Kink meme de-anon, which can be found here.

“They’ve shifted,” America sighs. “I didn’t exactly commit the night sky of nearly two thousand years ago to memory.”
Drinking Is Win

[Fics] Various Spain/Romano Fics


Hello, all. Wanted to share a few Spain/Romano fics. Sorry for the list, but didn’t want to spam with multiple entries. Hope you enjoy. Cheers!

Title: Seduction at Il Carnevale 
Pairing(s)/Characters: Spain/Romano (side appearances from Veneziano, Germany, and Prussia)
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Cursing and light sexual content
Summary:  Romano takes advantage of the romance and mystery of Carnival to achieve two very important objectives: proving the superiority of Italians over Germans, and seducing Spain.

Seduction at Il Carnevale

Title: Surrender; Capitulation (Sequel) 
Pairing(s)/Characters: Spain/Romano
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Cursing and light sexual content  (dubious interpretations of history)
Summary:  Spain and Romano in the midst of the Spanish Civil War, promises, and the fulfillment of promises in the aftermath of struggle and separation.

Surrender & Capitulation

Title: My Heart is Drenched in Wine  (WIP)
Pairing(s)/Characters: Spain/Romano (with appearances by Veneziano, Belgium, Germany, France and Grandpa Rome)
Rating:  PG-13 for current chapters, eventual R18
Warning: AU, lots of cursing, angst, excessive descriptions of wine . Long.
Summary:  Wine and romance. Lovino as wine maker extraordinaire. More importantly, this is a story about Lovino and Antonio and how they find their way back together (in spite of the past and occasionally the present) as they attempt to make wine and sometimes love.

My Heart is Drenched in Wine

HP: What courage is

Selling 61 Doujinshi {51 USUK, 4 Spain/Romano, 1 UK/Japan, 1 Canada/America, lots of others!

Prices start at 6 USD. 51 USUK(includes some UK/US), 4 Spain/Romano, 1 Canada/America, 1 France/America, America/Japan/England variations etc. Also selling prints and various goods! Please take a look if interested!

The circles include: OMEGA2-D, ごごごっ!, Hagi, C., Shiki, Kaiten, etc.

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Sorry if you see this more than once!