July 20th, 2011

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MAD Translation - [Japan - To Ryan-Se] - Please Proofread!

Well, this is my first time finishing a translation for an APH MAD. I've attempted to translate this epic MAD (YouTube link w/ Spanish translation here, not by me), which is with the Tohou song "To Ryan-Se". This is my first-ever time, and my Japanese is a little... Well, very shaky. Anyways, here's what I got. Since I couldn't find the lyrics online, I just used the lyrics found in this video, with a couple of modifications. (Hence, they may be wrong.)
(Also, I'm sorry if I've posted this in the wrong Comm/if this post isn't appropriate for this Comm. This is my first time posting.)

闇の宴 叫ぶこだまも凍てつく

Yami no utage sakebu kodama mo itetsuku
Kodoku no aji mo wasureta no…

At the Feast of Darkness, you cry out; the echos also freeze
You forgot the taste of solitude…


Inishihe no akazu no tobira
Ayashiku izanau warabeuta

An antique (ancient) door is open
Bewitching (suspicious) childrens’ songs lure (invite) you in

おいでやおいで 荒び野に
見透かして 嘲笑ひて 弄びませう

Oide ya oide susabi no ni
Subete warega te ho uchi
Misugashite asawaraite moteasobi mashou

Coming and going, coming and going, growing wilder and wilder
All is in our hands
Seeing through it all and sneering, Shall we play?

闇の宴 叫ぶこだまも凍てつく
行きはよいよい されば通りゃんせ
慕ひし人は朽ち果て なしの礫
あたしは此処で独り 待ち続ける

Yami no utage sakebu kodama mo iketsuku
Iki wa yoi yoi sareba toryanse
Shitai hishi hito wa kuchihate nashi no tsubute
Kodoku no aji mo wasureta no…
Atashi wa koko de hitori machitsuzukeru

At the Feast of Darkness, you cry out; the echos also freeze
If it’s going to be good, then let me pass
The diamond-cherishing people are rusting away into nothing but stones
You forgot the taste of solitude…
I am here, continuing to wait

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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I got sick of seeing that big empty space at the top of the page, so I stuck something on there. Unfortunately, I'm not very good with graphics. Our web page designer banner person up and disappeared, and the banner site is down... So I guess if anyone wants to submit banners for our community (no fanart please, just official pics), PM them to me and I'll randomly rotate them every now and then. Or I might use a randomizer thing. But that'll have to wait until the next time I procrastinate on homework. I thought about redoing the layout and stuff too, but I'm really pushing getting my research paper done this time as is.

Oh, and those who want to make banners apparently the size is 780 x 200.
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Vermont Pride Parade

This is probably a long shot, but a friend and I are going to the a Pride Parade and festival in Burlington, VT this coming Saturday and we were curious if anyone in the Northern Vermont area (or anyone, really) will be there.

If by some chance there are people in the community going, would you like to meet up? It could be a casual/cosplay/casual!cosplay meet up.

If there are people interested in meeting up, I will then schedule a time and meeting place.

[Fanfic] In the Name of the Stars (5/22)

 Title: In the Name of the Stars
Author: Me, laur10s
Character(s)/Pairing(s): A lot. (For this chapter): America, Japan, England, Romano, Turkey, Greece, Canada, Lithuania, Poland ~~ Eventual America/England, Greece/Japan, Spain/Romano and a little Austria/Hungary and Poland/Lithuania
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for language. A few OCs that’ll make sense in the future, maybe OOCness, human names
Summary: Alfred always wanted to become a superhero ever since he was a kid. His dream is realized in the form of a talking wolf and a pendant that transforms him into the hero of freedom and justice, Star America! Now he and his allies must fight evil and find the personification of the lost city Atlantis before their enemy does.
Based on the manga/anime "Sailor Moon". AU

Chapters: 1/2/3/4

I am the hero of freedom and justice Star America! And in the name of the stars, I will punish you!

[Fanfic] Have You No Shame! (1/?)

Title: On A Beach
Author: cloudgrazer
Characters/Pairing(s): EnglandxOC, France
Rating/Warnings: M...Sexual content. It is for a smut challenge called Here, There, Everywhere
Summary: England didn't know how to swim. How an ex-pirate could sail the oceans and not lean that one skill was baffling, so you took the liberty of teaching him into your own hands.


Collapse )

marion cotillard--midnight in paris

[Fanfic] The Coward Heart

Title: The Coward Heart
Characters/Pairing(s): France, Jeanne D’Arc
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, I guess? For a certain amount of interpretation of a historical figure, predetermined character death, and, um, angst?
Summary: Every May the 30th, France remembers how Jeanne died and he did nothing.
Notes: Originally posted at hetalia_kink  for this prompt under the title of “Jeanne.”

France regrets many things