July 22nd, 2011

happy spain

Summer Comiket 80, Tokyo, Japan

I know the chances are small, but is anyone going to Comiket this year on Aug 12-14? I'd really love to meet up with some more Hetalia fans living in or visiting Japan. I'll most likely be there all three days and am bringing my Cafe!Spain and Revolutionary America cosplays. Here's hoping we don't melt in the heat!
Hufflepuff Squirrel

By The Sea

 Title: By The Sea

Genre: Drama/Romance

Pairing(s): USUK

Word Count: 2,401

Rating/Warnings: Mentions of death, homosexuality in Victorian times, 12/15

Summary: The Kirkland family had fallen from grace and now they scraped out a living with the rest of the lowest of the low. Alfred Jones, heir to the great Jones fortune, was staying with his brother in England and his biggest worry was dealing with an unrequited crush. Their two worlds brutally collide one sunny day in May. Victorian Era AU. Done for the 'road trip' prompt from the usxuk summer camp.

Again links working here and not my LJ.

Previous parts in order:
Rags to Riches
What Fools These Mortals Be
The Crystal Palace

Garfield mail

[Fanfic] Three Random One-Shots

Title: A special night
Characters: Canada, France and Belgium
Pairings: None
Rating: T
Genre: Family/Friendship
Warnings: None.
Summary: What's more beautiful than watching the Eifel Tower in Paris at night? Belgium knows the answer. Just a little family/friends reunion.

Title: Lady in Red
Characters: Norway, the Netherlands, cameo of England.
Pairings: None
Rating: T
Genre: Humor/Friendship
Warnings: None.
Summary: One came for the music, the other for the company. Or did they seek for one and the same thing?

Title: The Story behind the Scar: A Vikings Tale
Characters: Belgium, the Netherlands. Mention of Norway.
Pairings: None
Rating: T
Genre: Family/Humor
Warnings: None.
Summary: 9th Century. The Vikings attacked the Low Countries, also called the Netherlands, in their moment of glory and the little Netherlands runs to Belgium for comfort. No angst.
Hong Kong-san
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(fanfic) Just in Time for Valentine's Day

Title: Just in Time for Valentine's Day, part 24 - Belgum, Romano & Switzerland
Author: Me (kink-meme de-anon)
Characters: Ensemble. In this part: Belgium, Spain, Germany, America, Finland, Liechtenstein, Japan, Greece, Turkey, Romano, Seychelles, Korea, Russia, Switzerland and Japan + mentions of Australia
Pairings: Crack. If you don't know them yet: you haven't read this and I'm not going to spoil you.
Rating: T
Warnings: Crack-fic with a plot, minor violence, major bad language, sexual content: mostly including kissing and more or less questioninng situations, much weird humour.
Summary: Originally posted on kink-meme under the name "Guys, Greece is never holding this conference again. Ever." It was changed, because it was too long for fanficnet. Now this has also been propely beta'd. Whole Story:  The place is Athens, Greece. The nations are peacefully having their Pre-Valentine-Conference. Or they should be: because this time, only one certain Greek god can know what will happen next. If even he.
This part: Belgium wakes up, Romano is embarrased and Switzerland forgets they are not alone.

Sorry for posting this late (posted on fanficnet on Wednesday 20th), I wanted to find out how many of the readers actually find this through the LJ. Here the links:

To the Newest part which nears the end

To the First part where everything began