July 23rd, 2011

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SELLING: Hetalia One Coin Figures

I really hate to depart from these little guys but I need to pay my tuition. They have been sitting on my bookshelf untouched, except for an extra Greece that's still in his original packaging and box. I no longer have the boxes they come in, but they will be shipped in a bubble envelope.

Fake cut to my journal

Austria, Canada, Chibitalia & HRE, China, Finland, Germany, Greece (x2), Hungary, Prussia, Spain, Sweden

$15 per figure via Paypal (make sure to send as gift)
I will hold items for three days unless you discuss with me privately.
Sorry no money orders or cash in the mail.

Free Shipping
From Portland, OR, USA to anywhere in America USA via USPS first class.

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[Selling] Animate LOTTERY PRIZES- plush cell cleaners, metal tags, glasses

Sale time!

For direct sale:

Plush screen cleaners
Prussia x3
Hungary x3
Austria x1

Metal keychains
Japan/China x3
Germany/Italy x3
Russia/France x1

Tall Glasses
Axis x2
Allies x1
For auction:

1st Prize cushions
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princess terumi

[fic] Whispers

Title: Whispers
Author/Artist: disownmereturns / thejmprod
Characters/Pairings: fem!China, Japan
Rating: G
Warnings: none, lameness, non-sequitur

Summary/Excerpt: He wonders what it's like to be a country.

A/N: …wherein Japan is various flora and fauna and China has many red dresses. Happy (belated?) Birthday kecen! Sorry for the super lateness and lameness of this fic. Hope you enjoy!

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BTVS: Scooby Gang <3 LJ

Selling America pillow, goods and doujins!

Selling an America pillow that I bought last year, there is some dust on it, but nothing a lint brush or light clean won't fix. Feel free to ask any questions! I'm also selling Paint it White stuff, an England button, Spain, Romano, Japan, China, Russia special cards from the cards set that came with the artbook and tons of doujinshi still left. So please take a look if interested! :)

Everything HERE @ alex_sales

Sorry if you see this more than once!

[Fanart] For His Kingdom - Chapter 1, Installation 1

Title: For His Kingdom - Preview Work
Artist: mishkedehbizikh
Character(s): France, England, Scotland (OC)
Rating: G
Warnings: None now. Language, violence, and historical religious content later.
Summary: For His Kingdom is a webcomic style doujinshi that will be released throughout the year in 3-6 page batches. It will be 10 chapters long and follow the campaign of Jeanne d’Arc with special attention paid to historical accuracy. Set in the Hetalia universe, the characters of France and England, as well as an OC of Scotland, will play major roles throughout with important human figures of the day interacting with them. Though written for entertainment, the main purpose of the doujin is to educate both about this key event in the First Hundreds Years War as well as the culture and fashions of the day.

Previous Installments:

vvvv - Goes to My Journal - vvvv

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Hetalia AU Forum

Hello Hetalia fans~ we really need some new people to join us at this site.

What you need to know about us. We're a forum based, multi-verse AU (Current universes consisting of Gakuen, Fantasy and Mafia). We're a reasonably literate, enthusiastic little group and absolutely adore new faces (we don't bite that hard, promise!) If me and my rambling haven't run you off then keep reading~
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Thanks for reading~

[Fanfic] Fly to Stay Alive

Title: Fly to Stay Alive [may be changed]
Author: Retteliebe
Rating: PG13; expect the rating to go higher in coming chapters.
Genre: War, romance, gore, hurt/comfort, angst, drama
Warnings: Human names are used often, see 'characters' to see who is who. Later on, there will be violence, gore, swearing, and maybe sexual themes.
Characters: Mama Greece(Helena), Mama Egypt(Cleopatra), Turkey, Germania(Fervir), Rome(Alexander), Egypt, Greece.
Pairings: TurkeyxMama Greece, RomexMama Greece, RomexMama Egypt.
Summary: This spans over many years, from the peak of the Roman Empire to far passed the fall of it. It revolves around the ancients and their children, and what happened during their lifetime.
Notes: Multi-chaptered fic. Since this is during Ancient times, Mama Greece and Mama Egypt will be referred to as 'Greece' and 'Egypt', or 'Greek Empire' and 'Egyptian Empire,' and Gupta and Heracles will be called by name.

( Let the story begin. )