July 26th, 2011

Seiji [Chibisan Date]
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FUNimation's Event Guide for Hetalia at Otakon, Hetalia DVDs set for Winter Release

Rojas has posted an event guide for all things Hetalia at Otakon (at least that are being done through FUNimation) on the FUNimation blog. The blog also includes promotional images for the English Dub of World Series and Paint it White! (Most of which we've seen before with English text added, but still)

Also, the information given here indicates that both World Series and the Movie will be released this Winter.


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[Fanfic - A Wizards War Chapter Three]

Title:  A Wizards War
Author: shinju90 
Summary: Arthur Kirkland's magic has always been a bit wonky. After all, he never had anyone to teach him how! But after a careless joke by another nation he sets off to learn. Arthur heads to Hogwarts ready to brush up on his magic while teaching a Muggle Studies class on the side. But unknown to Arthur, the Wizarding World is again heading towards a war and he is about to find himself dragged into it.
Rating: T (might go up in the future)
Pairing: mentions of past and future FrUK, past UK/AD, and (eventual)UK/SS
Warnings: Clearly a Harry Potter crossover, spoilers for book 1-4 after that it will be a different story.  Use of Human names for the Nations
Disclaimer:  I don't own Harry Potter or Hetalia.  I just like to mix them up and watch the chaos I create.
A/N: I started writing this when the plot bunny hopped into my head. I'm usually not a big fan of crossovers, but Hetalia and Harry Potter are my two great loves XD  Due to the fact that I have several other fics in the works, including my NaNo story that I have yet to finish. Updates with be extremely irregular.

(Chapter One)
(Chapter Two)
(Chapter Three)
master of the white flag!

☆WHITE FLAG PARADO, an Axis Powers Hetalia Roleplay☆


Never has it been more important—or easier to keep in touch in this present day and age. Firm forced encouragement from the higher ups have dictated that our favorite nation personifications not fall behind in global communication by having them keep in contact with one another through blogging, outside of official meetings and correspondence.

Welcome to whiteflagmain where the corners of the world meet outside of the meeting room! Are you ready to dive in?

We’re brand new and looking for plenty of spots to be filled. Please, come join us!

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[Fanfic] Addictions (NLxNor) ch.3-5