July 27th, 2011

Bangel and Pakis-tan [Pakis-tan]
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[Official Site] Turkey (with and without mask), America and England's Unicorn


Also, when I clicked the picture to save it to my photobucket (and not devour Himaruya's bandwidth and make the picture 404) I discovered a version where Turkey isn't wearing his mask O.o and I love how Himaruya draws derpy cats hurrr

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What are your top favorite hetalia episodes? And in the manga?

So, my older cousin wants to get into Hetalia (and possible draw pictures for it which gets me excited since she is an incredible artist). She said to choose five episodes and or manga stories to show her so she can figure out whether she'd like to watch it . I want to get the opinion of the Hetalia community on what the top episodes are! More then five welcomed :) I was thinking of the Liechtenstein episode and America's storage closet one but not sure what others would be good to show her.

[Fic] Blind Carbon Copy (9/?)

Title: Blind Carbon Copy (9/?)
Genre: Adventure, Drama
Ratings/Warnings: PG13/Angst+Humor
Summary: Japan's new teleportation machine goes awry, and an America from a world where his Revolution was disastrous comes to visit.
Pairings: US/UK Germany/France on the side.

( He'd apologized, over and over, voice thick with guilt and eyes lit with concern. )

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