August 10th, 2011

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[Fanfic] Heartstrings 8/12

Title: Heartstrings
Rating: T
Genre: Slice-of-life, AU
Characters/Pairings: Alfred, Arthur, ensemble cast | Alfred/Arthur with mentions of other side pairings
Summary: AU. Arthur Kirkland's too busy to start a relationship. Google's solution: Heartstrings, the new online dating service for the Too Busy. He just didn't think the solution would be so literal.
Chapter summary:
Onto every parade must some rain fall. Arthur overhears Alfred affirming that what they have is just a fling.
Notes: Multi-chaptered collab fic! Updates may be a little slow, but they'll definitely come. Comments and any feedback are always welcome! 


Chapter 8: Too Sudden )
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[fic] The Companion [22.2/22.3] (Rus/Ame)

Title: The Companion
Main Characters: Russia/America.
Rating: Overall R.
Warnings: None.
Notes: I have good news and bad news. Good news is I am posting this finally! Bad news is it's not the end yet. It was getting so long I had to give in and split it, not to mention I felt bad making the readers wait so long. The next chapter will be the final, definitive end. (Not including the epilogue, but I'll take ages writing that.)

( There was a ghost in America that wanted to get out of the house.‭ ‬That wanted to leave his body and mind and do nothing but dissipate,‭ ‬fade away into a nothingness that had no worries or problems.‭ ‬But he was stuck in this uncomfortable bed in this uncomfortable house with a man who had a talent for making him uncomfortable.‭ ‬America's discomfort seemed to have found itself in an unholy kind of trifecta that there was no escape from. )
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☆WHITE FLAG PARADO, an Axis Powers Hetalia Roleplay☆


Never has it been more important—or easier to keep in touch in this present day and age. Firm forced encouragement from the higher ups have dictated that our favorite nation personifications not fall behind in global communication by having them keep in contact with one another through blogging, outside of official meetings and correspondence.

Welcome to whiteflagmain where the corners of the world meet outside of the meeting room! Are you ready to dive in?

We’ve have plenty of character spots still waiting to be filled! Canada, Russia, China, France, North Italy, Spain, Germany, Hungary, to name a few, and many more! Please come join us today!

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Saboten Con 2011 - Hetalia Ask a Nation Panel, Casting Call


If you're a Hetalia cosplayer in the state of Arizona, we need you! The local upcoming convention, Saboten Con 2011, is having a 'Hetalia - Ask a Nation' panel, and there are plenty of positions to be filled. We're looking for the Axis Powers, Allied Powers, Prussia, Canada, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Finland, Sweden, Greece, and Sealand!

Watch the casting call here for more information on how to audition. 

[Fanfic] Fußball War

Title: Fußball War
Characters: Prussia, S. Italy, America
Rating: K +5
Summary: America tries to change the channel to his "football" game.
Author's Notes: Football can create the most unlikely alliances. 


: Pipe down! I´m trying to watch the game. *leans forward, watching the ball on screen closely*

Romano: *plops down on the other end of the sofa, eyes fixed on the screen*

Alfred: Hey, why don't we watch a real sport? Where's the remote? *swivels around, searching* There's gotta be a Raider's game on!

Gilbert: ! NEIN! *lunges for the remote and bodygaurds it*

Alfred: H-Hey! *reaches around him, shoving his shoulder into Gilbert's* Nobody wants to watch pansies prancin' around for 3 hours! Give it here!

Romano: *tackles Alfred from the other side*

{Gilbert played by albino_gil}
{Romano, Alfred played by Me}
White Suit

[Fanfic] American Candy Man

Title: American Candy Man
Characters: Japan, S. Italy, America, England, N. Italy, Prussia, Germany, Spain
Rating: T +13
Summary: America invites the world to his big-band Mardi Gras swing party.
Warning: Mild suggestive material and drug use.


Kiku: I do not think these clothes flatter me, especially. *tugs his red tie a little to the right*

Romano: Well, if it means'a free wine tonight, I am game. *alligator skin shoes tap atop the cement as they near a warmly-lit building, muffled music blaring behind the windows*

*the golden doors suddenly swing open, the music blasting into the summer night air*

Alfred: Welcome, welcome! *sweeps an arm out invitingly, a golden wristwatch sparkling momentarily before it's covered again by his white coat sleeve* You're just in time for the next big dance number!

Arthur: *sipping a gin and tonic over by the refreshment table* Alfred, what exactly /is/ this little get-together of yours, all about?

Alfred: It's Mardi Gras, of course! *laughs, clapping Arthur on the back, causing him to choke on his sip of gin* Tonight's the big-band bang!

*horns blare from the brass section, drawing couples onto the floor to swing*

Arthur: *coughs slightly, as he chokes, before glaring at Alfred from the corner of his eye* Yes, well ... wait, did you say Mardi-Gras? *straightens slightly* Isn´t that the festival where the girls throw the beads, dressed ... well, inappropriately?

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Sales post!

I'm clearing out my collection, and have a few Hetalia things for sale: the one-coin France figure, and an England/America+England/France doujinshi.

There are plenty of other goodies for sale, as well, so go check it out here!


Fic: Second Chance (10/?)

Gosh, what an original title I picked.

Title: Second Chance: Chapter 10
Characters/Pairings: Germany, Austria, England and France. Pairing-free.
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Some French.
Summary: After a memorable and yet largely forgotten night Prussia and England wake up to find they've mysteriously swapped bodies. England's horrified, Prussia is less so... This chapter people keep turning up at Germany's house.

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Looking to buy a large mochi plushie!

Let me preface this by saying that I have absolutely no artistic talent whatsoever. Therefore, I am looking to commission a mochi plushie (preferably a rather large one, as most of the ones I've seen are small and I like to cuddle things.) of Turkey.
I live in the Unites States, in Ohio and I don't know how much I'm looking to spend, because I'm bad at judging that kind of thing, so just name your price and I'll tell you. :)

Thanks so much!