August 11th, 2011

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FanFic: Hetalia - According to you... 1/?

Originally posted by vinczu at FanFic: Hetalia - According to you... 1/?
 Title: According to you...
Characters/Pairings: Hungary/Prussia
Author: vinczu
Rating: T
Summary: A little AU story of my OTP. Hungary and Prussias life as know from Hetalia in our almost real world.

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The typos in the diary are deliberate, cause Gilbert is like 5 years old so he is writing better then, a five years old would. Hope you like it <3

[Fanfic] In Which Romano Falls From Trees

Title: In Which Romano Falls From Trees
Characters: France, Spain, Prussia, S. Italy
Rating: K +9
Summary: S. Italy will go to any means to escape France's grabby clutches.
Warning: Mild language.


Francis: You ahr just like us, Antonio! *drapes an arm across his shoulders, chuckling* You cannot fool anyone.

Antonio: *still red in the face* I've matured since school!

Francis: Oh, oui! You 'ave, 'aven't you? *eyes travel south*

Antonio: Francis! *instinctually covers himself*

Francis: *laughs throatily* Hoh hoh hoh, you ahr blusheeng, mon petite amie!

Antonio: Well, of course I am! *glances over, trying to move out from under Francis's arm* I know where you let your thoughts wander, and I don't want to be in them!

Francis: *leans on Gilbert's shoulder, laughing at Antonio with half-lidded eyes* You need to ghrow up a leetle if you want to keep being a powahful countree!

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[Fanfic] Baby Bear & Big Bull

Title: Baby Bear & Big Bull
Characters: S. Italy, Spain
Rating: K +5
Summary: Spain tells S. Italy a bitty bedtime story.


Romano: *opens his mouth in a cavernous yawn, shlumping against the arm rest, eyelids drooping*

Antonio: Hm? *glances over* Romano, maybe you should get to bed?

Romano: No, si idiota. I'm not tired. *juts out bottom lip, eyes closing, despite his claim**

Antonio: *sighs and throws a blanket over him, anyway*

Romano: No... *rubs eyes with a fist* In primo luogo, mi racconti una storia. (First, tell me a bedtime story.)

Antonio: Hmm. *thinks for a moment, before smiling* Once, a long time ago, there was a little bear ...

Romano: *a sleepy smile creeps across his lips* Did it eat tomatoes?
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So, I'm headed off to college in a couple of weeks and I'm in desperate need of money for my textbooks. ;~; So, I'm selling my Hetalia DJs.

Mostly USUK/UKUS (With circles including Hakka Pink, Omega 2D, OZ, and Cache-Cache), 1 GerIta (18+) Anthology, 1 Asia [Japan, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, China, and South Korea] Artbook (including a few comics, all illustrated by Chinese artists), and 1 Spamano. Most of these DJs are 18+!

PLEASE TAKE A LOOK, I AM SELLING FOR CHEAP. because i'm a starving colllege kid T___T


Native babies [APH]

[Fic] Wine-Kissed Lips

Title: Wine-Kissed Lips
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairing: Lithuania and Poland; LietPol
Warnings: Kissing! ♥ and pure, pure fluff
Summary: Lithuania and Poland enjoy each other's company and a good bottle of wine in the summer.
Notes: Kink meme de-anon from forever ago. Just cute fluffy fluff.
Prompt: Lithuania and Poland making out, simple as that.

( The original plan was for Feliks to come over for them to spend some time together, but whever alcohol and Feliks were put together, the night could take any turn. )
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[Fanfic] Take Me Somewhere Dark

Title: Take Me Somewhere Dark
Characters: Austria, Prussia, Hungary, N. Italy, (Carli & Marta are Austria's maids)
Pairing: Prussia x Hungary
Rating: M +16
Summary: Austria leaves the manor for an evening, and Hungary finds herself unexpectedly familiar with Prussia.
Warning: Suggestive adult themes.


: *tsk* You haven't the decency to remove your boots before lounging on my furniture?
Gilbert: I'm tired. *shrugs*

Roderich: *clicks his tongue, but gently, turning back to his violin*

Elizaveta: *enters the room, pinning the side of her long hair back* Roderich, dinner is ready for you in the dining hall. *blinks, surprised to see Gilbert still in the manor, after the brothers' earlier arguement* Is Gil -- er, Gilbert -- staying for dinner, as well?

Roderich: *sets the violin in its crushed blue velvet case* I would rather he feed with the dogs, near the stables. *clicks the gold fastens shut* However, I suppose he should stay. Napping must have worked up his appetite. *turns, flashing a smirk at his younger half-brother, before taking Elizaveta's hand in his* Thank you for announcing dinner. *brushes his lips quickly on the surface before giving her a sincere smile* Excuse me, I must change into something appropriate. *leaves, his coattails billowing in his wake*

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{Gilbert, Feliciano, Elizaveta played by albino_gil}
{Roderich, Carli, Elizaveta played by Me}

[RP Ad] Poketalia Rainbow

Remember those old (or not so old for some of us) days of watching and playing Pokemon? Now you have the chance to combine it with the amazing world that is Hetalia! Here in Poketalia Rainbow (because you know a Pokemon Rainbow will come out some day), you can become a trainer, a gym leader, a professor, a student, a random biker dude, or anyone you want. A deep understanding of Pokemon is not needed, as a special setting has been created for you. Just as long as you know some Pokemon and the universe it's in. This forum-based literate RP has just opened its doors, and almost all characters are available. So please check out those links above and start your own Pokemon adventure! Holy crap I feel like I just unknowingly plagiarized that last phrase from the narrator guy....
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Fanart: 10/08/2011 - Notte di San Lorenzo & Diocesi Italiciana (Italia Suburbicaria & Italia Annona)

Title: "Notte di San Lorenzo & Diocesi Italiciana (Italia Suburbicaria & Italia Annona)"
Author: J.J.
Warning: None
Notes: None
Rating: G
Characters: Veneziano & Romano
"Axis Powers Hetalia" belong to Himaruya Hidekaz. I'm merely using his characters because I love them...
Summary: The night of Saint Lawrence in Italy & the Italies in Roman times...

( Fanart: 10/08/2011 - Notte di San Lorenzo )
( Fanart: Diocesi Italiciana - Italia Suburbicaria & Italia Annonaria )

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[Fanfic] Drag This Blade 'Cross My Bloody Heart

Title: Drag This Blade 'Cross My Bloody Heart
Characters: Prussia, Austria, Germany, Hungary (Carli is Austria's maid)
Rating: T +13
Summary: In a war-torn era, Austria loses his men and opera house to Germany... and his only love to Prussia.
Warning: Mild language, with some alcoholic references, and suggestive themes.


Carli: *opens the music room door and peers inside* E-excuse me, Herr Roderich, but ... you have a guest.

Roderich: *turns his head, his glasses glinting from the evening sunlight* Oh? Show them in, then.

Carli: *gives a slight bow, before disappearing, Ludwig returning in her place*

Roderich: Ah... Ludwig. *smiles, standing* What a pleasant surprise.

Ludwig: *extends a hand forward to shake Roderich's, his posture impeccably straight*

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