August 14th, 2011

APH: Coaster
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[Auction] RARE Hetalia Paint it White! Tumbler/Travel Mug

[Rare] Hetalia Limited Ed. Paint it White
Tumbler/Travel Mug!
Hi guys, I've finally decided to get rid of a few of my event, lottery and maybe some harder to find Hetalia items, some will be done through auctions to give everyone a go at trying to get them :)

Right now I only have the Paint it White Tumbler/Travel Mug up for auction, but I might consider putting a few more items up earlier depending on busy I get with school "orz
[Otherwise, auctions will be held one after another, aka when one ends another begins]

The auction is being held on my sales com [More information about the item can also be found on the auction post]:

Thank you for taking a look :)

Wanting to meet new hetalia fans :)

Hey all! I've had a really bad week (my computers got stolen and I lost a friend) so I'm looking for something to cheer me up a bit. I decided it would be cool to get to know new hetalia fans! (if this is not allowed feel free to delete this post!)
It would be amazing (but not required) if you:
- live in Denmark (lol because I do that)
- like America/england
- like to draw
- like to roleplay now and then
- like to cosplay  
- is 17/18 +  (since I'm 20 myself)

these things are not required! I'm just wanting to get to know new people :)
(this is posted from my phone, so sorry if I messed up!)
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[RP] Harry Potter AU

APHP [A Harry Potter Hetalia crossover]

Welcome to Hogwarts University.

A fresh, literate crossover roleplay between Hetalia and Harry Potter, with a tiny twist:

Situated at Hogwarts University rather than the secondary school, the characters are generally 18 and older.

Already past the elementary/high school levels of education, the university offers the benefits of Hogwarts with fewer rules, such as no curfews. You may choose your classes depending on your plans for the future; what will your character be?

We’d also like to inform that we do keep the separate houses, and along with them, we have a house points system (with surprise events for the winners!), and we even hold Quidditch matches once in a while.

Oh, and we also take teachers!

Rules~ Setting ~ Character List ~ Application form

We’re currently in need of Canada, Lithuania, Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, New Zealand, and many others!

gleeful landa

[fic] all that glitters (does not always kill)

Title: All That Glitters (Does Not Always Kill) 
Author/Artist: Emelethaine
Characters and Pairings: (in order of appearance) England, fem!Norway, a mention of Denmark, Finland, Germany, Prussia, France, a mention of Spain, Austria, Hungary, Belarus, Russia, fem!Japan, America, Canada. Austria/Hungary.
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Some violence, gore, mentions of sex, and a lot of people breaking down and being broken.
Summary: AU, crossover with The Hunger Games. The twelve ways being a Victor is bad for you.

link to my journal: The only difference between the Victors and the other Tributes is that the Victors are still alive. 

Norway x Iceland

South Central (Birmingham) Alabama Hetalia Day Meet Up

South-Central Alabama Hetalia Day 2011 event and info link is up here. This is the official Facebook page/event for our Hetalia meet up this year, sponsored by The Epic Hetalians of Alabama.

If you live in the Birmingham area, THIS is your meet up. It's labeled South-Central because we have members attend from as close as Birmingham and as far away as Mobile. If you live north of Birmingham, last year there was a meet up in the Madison area, but I'm not sure if they're having it for 2011. So if you live in Alabama, come join us for Hetalia Day this year!

Contact: OR ask a question on the Facebook event wall

[Selling] CDs

No pictures this time, but I can get them tomorrow on request.

I need some spare cash, and these are taking up too much space. So. Offers on everything~!

Axis Powers Vol 1 Limited Edition
No scratches, both discs play perfectly. DVD-style case, holds both the first anime DVD and the first vocal CD. Only opened to remove the Poland clear card.
Content includes 7 anime episodes, Italy's (remixed) Marukaite Chikyuu, and Germany's Marukaite Chikyuu cover.
The DVD will play on any and all computers.
Full details (in Japanese) can be seen here.
Retail is 5040 yen ($68.11), minimum cost to purchase through Animate is 5860 yen ($79.19).

Character CD Vol 6 - America
Case is damaged, but can be fixed before shipping. Disc is unscratched. Haven't tried playing it, though.
Content includes regular and karaoke versions of "WDC ~World Dancing~" and "Hamburger Street", as well as a mini-drama featuring America, England and France. Comes with all inserts but the card.
Full details (in Japanese) can be seen here.
Retail is 1890 yen ($25.54), minimum cost to purchase through Animate is 2553 yen ($34.50).

Interval Vol 1 - Ore-sama CD
Case should be fine (I'll check tomorrow to be sure). Disc is unscratched, but I haven't tried playing it.
Content includes 15 drama tracks, and Prussia's song "俺様による俺様の為の俺様の歌". Comes with all inserts but the card.
Full details (in Japanese) can be seen here.
Retail is 3150 yen ($42.57), minimum cost to purchase through Animate is 3876 yen ($52.38).
Please, no offers below $40. I'm slightly less ready to sell this one, as Russia's in the cast list.

;u; Just comment with whatever you think is a fair price for anything~
I'm located in Canada, so please understand $6 to $10.50 of the cost will be eaten away by shipping fees, depending on whether you're in the states or overseas.

[RP ad] Steampunktalia

Welcome to London, England, a bustling, busy city filled with people from all walks of life. It's 1885, and this big city is the place to be to view the amazing steam-driven technologies of the day. Pirates roam the streets when not aboard their flying ships, and the every day citizens just try to stay out of their way.

Steampunktalia is a twitter-based AU roleplay. All of the actual roleplaying takes place on twitter and all the other stuff like applications and updates happen on Livejournal. If you're unfamiliar with Twitter, the other members of the community will be glad to help you out. Since twitter only requires short updates of 140 characters or less, this community is great for new roleplayers or for those who have trouble writing long replies like in forum based roleplays.

We are currently in need of almost every character.

Sound interesting? Why not check our character list?

Other links:
Rules | Application Post
Iggy and Nihon

It has done me good, because of the wheat fields. {ukjapan}

Nature the Zafara here, up again to post another work~! *salutes*

Title: The Color of the Wheat Fields
Author: naturethezafara  | Me
Characters/Pairing: UK x Japan, a mention of Scotland and China
Rating: It's safe, I guess
Warnings: Fail, fail, faiiiil. Sappiness, OOC and references to The Little Prince abound.
Summary: Kiku realizes how it feels to be 'tamed' by the one he loves. Canon-verse.

Oh, and I forgot to add in the Notes: Scott (Scott Kirkland) = Scotland (Arthur's older brother in my headcanon)

"Ah, I shall cry."

Please do tell me what you think! E-even though the fic is a fail . . . OTL