August 21st, 2011

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[Fanfic] The 11th Of July [The Netherlands X Canada]

Title: The 11th Of July

Author/Artist: Me :3

Beta: No one

Character(s): The Netherlands and Canada

Pairing(s): The Netherlands X Canada

Rating: 13+

Warnings: Kissing

Music: None

Summary: it is the 11th of July and Canada reminds himself that exactly a year
earlier he received his first kiss of his sports teacher.. Birthday fiction for a friend..

kimi: hand

[fic] there, by the window

title: there, by the window

author: bulletthestars

pairing: france/fem!france

rating: pg-13

warnings: non-explicit sex, selfcest

summary: fem!france models for artist!france. AU.

notes: de-anon for the hetalia kink meme. 'when all is done and said' is intentional. this is done to carol ann duffy's 'standing female nude', although i took a few liberties here and there and dumped it into post WWI france.

(read here.)
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[Fanfic] Various fruk fics - Sixty-four AU verse

Title: Duffle Bag
Characters: France, England
Pairing: fruk
Rating: PG 13
Genre: hurt-comfort, fluff
Summary: Francis' parents love their son - sometimes too much.
Note: Written as a part of 2011 aph_fluffathon for the prompt: England brushing France's hair after a stressful day. Relaxed fluff with talking about what happened that day please! 

Title: Patchwork Quilt
Characters: France, England, America, Canada
Pairings: fruk, amecan
Rating: PG 13
Genre: fluff 
Summary: Anniversaries start under patchwork quilts

Three short oneshots written for one word prompts, all PG13/fluff  

    -    Butterfly   -     Tranquillity
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