August 24th, 2011


[Fanfic] Caged Bird, Chapter 1

Title: Caged Bird Chapter 1
Rating: T
Character(s)/Pairing(s): UsUk. Revolutionary War.
Summary: "I need your guidance, not your dominance!" Those words stabbed his caretaker and America knew it. This was his worst fight with England, one that might separate them forever. "And even so... I choose independence." England and America's decisive fight.
Author's Note: My first attempt at angst and second attempt at USUK. Set in the end of America's colony era and portrays his decisive fight with England. I really like this pair's dynamic, either in the past or future (modern time). This story will narrate the events from before and after the Revolutionary War.
Disclaimer: I don't own this series in any way.

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Drinking Is Win

[Fic] Time and Time Again (Sweden/Finland)

Title: Time and Time Again (Chapters 1-5, WIP)
Author: champagnesly
Characters: Sweden, Finland, Sealand with Denmark, Norway & Iceland
Pairing: Sweden/Finland and side Denmark/Norway
Rating: Chapter 1-5, PG-13 (Side NC-17 DenNor chapter)
Warnings: Some language (explicit sexual situations in the side chapter, but can be skipped).
Genre: Historical, Angst, Romance.
In the here and now, wanting to feel a part of his new family, Sealand is infatuated with Sweden's history and begs for stories from the Nordics, all while trying to matchmake his Papa and Finland because that's what sons do best.

The story jumps between past and present memories of Sweden's past intertwining with his present as he and Finland try to negotiate what happened before with what they want now. Denmark, Norway, and Iceland will all make appearances, of course!

Chapter 1 (with links through to Ch. 5)
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Hetalia Replay: A HetaOni-based RP

It was a deserted mansion located on the zenith of a mountain, just three hours from the World Summit building. No one knew how long it’d been there, or who had previously occupied it – only that it was currently empty. According to rumors, it was haunted, and no one who went inside ever came back out.

They should've listened.

Regardless of how hard they fought, they couldn’t all make it through. Once they entered the mansion, they couldn’t escape. So they tried again, only to realize that immortality was truly but a memory in that wretched place. Every time they began a new attempt, they had no recollection of their previous trials – save for one small clue, left by their past selves. And though the fragmented memories worsened the feeling of despair and made escape seem increasingly impossible…

…They continued on, trying again and again and again until every single one of them took one step forward – together. They were set on getting out of the mansion, without a single person left behind.

But the question is… will they be able to?

How many times will I be allowed to make mistakes? How many more times will I have to tell the same lies? How many more times will I have to watch my friends die?

We still have many canon characters up for grabs! Ones that our members would like to see in particular are: Japan France Lithuania & Estonia Prussia Nordics