August 26th, 2011


Cell Phone Straps Set 3 in Stock~!

We currently have some phone straps from set 3 (and 2) in stock. Just $7 each!

We've also reduced prices on our older stuff to clear out everything!!

$5 doujinshi
$10 One Coins: Hungary,Italy & Japan
Phone straps, Keychains and coasters.
We're really trying to clear out our stuff.
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[Fanfic] Addictions (NLxNor) ch.8

Title: Addictions
Author: Me
Rating: K+ (or possibly T )
Characters: Norway, Netherlands, Belgium + mentions of others.
Genre: friendship/comfort/humour/little dark
Warnings: Mentions of drug abuse, swearing
It's an unlikely place to start a friendship, but life is full of surprises. Something these two are about to discover.

Ch 8:

"I believe I am fully recovered." he lied.

He was probably as healed as Erik was. What the doctor wouldn't understand was that he'd never get better staying here.

That went for both him and the Nordic.


two fics;

Title: In Good Company
Author/Artist: darkfireburning
Character(s)/Pairing(s): France/Prussia/Spain
Rating mild PG for mentions of sex
Summary: for aph_fluffathon, lounging around in bed all day

LJ | FF | AO3

Title: lie to me - v. so lie to me and tell me it's going to be alright
Author/Artist: darkfireburning
Character(s)/Pairing(s): FACE
Rating: PG
Warnings: angst
Summary: England would never die that easily.

Or you can start at the beginning with i. there's a storm in your eyes i've seen coming for a while.

Also at FF and AO3.

Hope you enjoy!
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[fanart] France/Seychelles, France/Korea, France/Japan, Austria/Hungary

Title: requested art dump
Artist: insomniel
Character(s) or Pairing(s): France/Seychelles, France/Korea, France/Japan, Austria/Hungary
Rating: PG
Warnings: boob-touching (surprisingly not by France or Korea)
Summary: 3 requested fanarts, plus a redo of one of my favorite old fanarts that was also requested! Enjoy!

Collapse )

TsukiSales Doujinshi Sale!

Sup, comm! I'm in a really, REALLY big need for cash and space and have Hetalia doujinshi for sale!

America/Japan (x4) (by tec, JKS, Nurutto, CHEAPDROP+Kyarurotto and one anthology)
America/England (x1) (by Inukare, formerly known as SaiKare
Turkey/Japan anthology (x1)

It's all here in tsukisales! Here's my feedback page!

I hope to see you there!

Sorry if you see multiples of my posts on your FL!

[RP ad] Hetalia Daily (A Plurk RP)

Hetalia Daily

Monday was just another normal day for the nations of the world. Tuesday, however, was a completely different story. As soon as the countries awoke, they found themselves sleeping next to someone who looked suspiciously like them... only, they were of the opposite gender. No one knew what happened or who was responsible for this - or if there was anyone responsible at all -, but the point was that the nations now had to co-exist with their counterparts.

(Or did they?)

Hetalia Daily is a new canon RP, set during modern times. As we've just opened, nearly every character is still open for grabs! As gender bends do exist in this RP, there will be a male and a female representing each nation. RPs are to be carried out over in Plurk. Check out the How To post in order to find out how you can create a Plurk account, and start RPing!

Currently, our members are requesting the following characters that are open: Prussia, France, Germany, China, South Korea, Australi, Nordics, Sealand, fem!England, fem!France, fem!Nordics, fem!Prussia. All other applicants are very welcome too though!

Character List || Application || Plot || Rules || How To Use Plurk

[Question] Volume 4 profiles ?

Hum... Hope I won't sound too rude by giving pressure to the translators but... Does anyone of them plan to translate the profiles in case of new information ? As I recall, Hong-Kong has one, as well as Australia or Cameroon (I think ?). It could be interesting to have bits of info of them. C=

About the main characters, all I know is that Italy's profile hasn't changed. STill a young boy who loves pasta and cute girls.
What a Wicked Gang I Lead

RP Ad Reminder - Dark of the Night (A canon Urban Fantasy RP)

Stand against the darkness...
In the Dark of the Night.

They are the immortal spirits of their people, and they will stand tall so long as their borders are firm and their hearts are strong.

They are immortal but their tortured hearts are human.

They are not alone, at least not in New York.

Vampires haunt the shadows for easy prey, packs of werewolves patrol the city by moonlight, and that troll under Brooklyn Bridge is always hungry. It’s only the tip of the ice burg. In a city where the supernatural lingers under every nook and cranny, it was only a matter of time before their existence came to the attention of less friendly creatures.

In the Dark of the Night is a canon RP with Urban Fantasy themes (read: ). It incorporates the existence of Nation characters as immortal beings suddenly thrust into the realization that there are other creatures like them in the world, and some of them are out for blood and power. This is not an AU, but it’s a new setting that the characters can be immersed in.

This is a game of alliances and treason, fear and bravery in the face of nightmares, might and magic, not to mention far too much snark when all seems lost.

icey, norge

[RP AD] Seas and Ships

Welcome to Seas and Ships! Here you'll get to experience something like the times when pirates were at their height of influence and power. Join a crew and explore the open seas, or find a job in the pirate town of Pangaea. You'll soon discover just how cut throat pirates can be. And you might even discover a love for the seas that you didn't know you had.

Or you might find yourself on the wrong end of a pirate's temper. Be careful where you tread, for insulting the wrong person could lead to injury or death. But, so long as you know the risks, Pangaea is a lively town where there's always cause to celebrate, especially when one of the ships come in with everyone who left still alive on it.

Come, join and see where you fit in, here on Seas and Ships.
We're very new, and therefore almost every character - save South Italy and England - is open. OCs and Genderbends are accepted here as well.

you're all wrong
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[fic/hungaryprussiaustria] what you need is a time machine

title "themiddlegrounds"
pairing prussia/hungary, belarussia, slight prussiaustria
rated pg-143
warnings the radio's buzzing and belarus was never a prude
summary Is there no place we can meet?

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