August 27th, 2011

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[fic] Der Tragödie erster Teil. Prussia & Hungary

title: Der Tragödie erster Teil
author: leriacossato  @ ultio_ultionis 
character(s): Prussia ; Hungary
rating: PG-13
warning(s): none
summary: Musings on life and dealing with the devil.
notes: This will probably make no sense unless you have a vague knowledge of the Mitte district of central Berlin. Also, I don’t know what this is about. I really don’t. Maybe you could tell me?

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Pins for sale and Group Order

Hi, I'm selling these two little pins, Japan and America. I guess for $.50 each or $1 for both. I live in U.S.

Also, I'm currently doing a doujinshi/merchandise group order where you can buy items straight from Japan, from websites like Toranoana, Youclub, and K-books for a small fee! The order date is September 16-17th and anyone is welcome to join!

Please take a look here if interested! And thanks for looking!
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[official news] Himaruya to start a new series (?) with Gentosha


The Japanese publisher Gentosha announced on Friday that it will launch a new manga magazine called Comic Spica on October 28. Gentosha made the announcement in the September issue of Web Spica, the online web magazine that the publisher already hosts.

Hidekaz Himaruya (Hetalia - Axis Powers) and Ryo Ikuemi(Honey Bunny!Kiyoku YawakuPops) are among the creators who are slated to contribute to Comic Spica. The October issue of Web Spica will provide more details on September 28.

Among the titles that Web Spica has been releasing is Gravitation EXMaki Murakami's continuation of her boys-love manga story Gravitation.

Source: Comic Natalie

Not exactly related to Hetalia, but I thought this may be a subject of interest for us... with Chibisan Date still on hiatus, I wonder... is he going to continue it online in Spica or start a whole new series?

Star-Crossed (9/10)

Title: Star-Crossed
Author: [info]osco_blue_fairy
Genre: humor, romance, angst
Pairings: USUK, side France/Seychelles, Belarus/Russia, Austria/Hungary, brief one-sided America/Taiwan
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: adaptation, poor attempts at humor, rampant character deaths (no one to fret over)
Summary:  This is a story about many things.  But mostly, it's about a boy and a star.  Stardust AU.
Note: This is something I've been working on.  It's an adaptation of the movie and novel entitled Stardust
by Neil Gaiman.  It is one of my favorite stories and it is scary how well it fits into Hetalia-verse.  I hope you all enjoy this and please remember, comments are love <3

Note 2: What the hell is up with new LJ story formatting???  I do NOT LIKE.


I owe you thanks, boys...

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usxuk Calendar Project!

We're working on a 2012 calendar project over at usxuk. Preorders will open in November, and the calendar will feature twelve months of great USxUK art. Right now we're taking auditions for artists. Artists will be notified of their acceptance by September tenth (after a community vote), and the pieces of art must be completed and sent by November tenth.

And you can audition for the project HERE!

To audition you must provide three samples of art. At least one sample must be Hetalia art (preferably OF America and England, although that is not necessary), and at least one sample must be a full color piece. Please choose art that you feel shows your skill! The art you complete to be featured in the calendar must be G-PG (kissing, cuddling, shirtlessness, etc are fine. But nothing risque), but you can use higher rated art for your samples. R-18 is fine for the audition. Auditions must be submitted by August 30th (midnight CST).

All accepted artists will receive a free copy of the calendar.

The rest of the form for auditioning and more information is located in the linked post. Please check it out!
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Hetalia Paint it,White movie box art and bandana(maybe)

The amazon webpage of of the Hetalia movie added the image of the package.
  Hetalia movie


Also on Charlene the brand maneger posted on her site more info on this. Also more close view on the design of the bandana for the movie (not final product, it might some minor changes in art)


Posted this just in case no one else did, if someone did post this information before. I'll delete it
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[Auction] Rare Hetalia Paint it White Tumbler/Travel Mug!

[Rare] Hetalia Limited Ed. Paint it White
Tumbler/Travel Mug!

Hi guys!

The auction for the rare Hetalia Limited Edi. Paint it White Tumbler/Travel mug will be ending tomorrow!

It's extremely hard to find, even on Yahoo Auction Japan, so bid now and don't miss out ;)

The auction ends on the 28th of August, time is not disclosed to prevent sniper bids :)

Happy bidding ~

The auction is being held on my sales com [More information about the item can also be found on the auction post]:

Thank you for taking a look :)

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[SELLING] Collection clear-out

Selling off a majority of my Hetalia collection & some goodies from other fandoms at my journal.
I have the limited edition Hetalia PSP game, rubber straps, voice mascots, pop stands, tarot cards, doujinshis, art books, coasters, clear files, posters, fanmade goods, and more!

Please click here and take a look!
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The Nine Circles (prelude/?) [fanfiction]

Title: The Nine Circles
Author: marinoa
Rated: T
Characters/Pairings: None mentioned in prelude, but later on we'll focus on several nations. Some pairings will be at least mentioned.
Summary: Seven nations, seven deadly sins, and fellows waiting to be saved - that's already catastrophic enough, but adding to the bunch the nine circles, it's... Yes, it's hell.

Prelude )

Tik Tok America - Costume for Sale!

Hello all! I think you might remember this video...

Tik Tok APH Version:

I am the America in that video, and I am selling the wig, coat and dog tags from my America costume

I'd love if you guys were interested enough to bid on it!

Here's the listing on Ebay:

wæee hæ!
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Selling Iceland wig!

Iceland cosplay wig for sale!
It will be shipped from Reykjavík so if the buyer also wants some souvenir, newspaper, or something else from here I can send that along with the wig :-P
The wig head thing can be included if you want, and a pair of trimming scissors (the kind with notches in the blade) can also be included, or sold separately for that matter if someone else is interested.

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