August 31st, 2011

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[SELLING] Older Hetalia goods (Coasters, Posters, Charms, Pins, Etc.)

Hello! Guten Morgen! Selamat Pagi~!
I am trying to clean out some older merchandise cluttering my shelves and I am passing on the rare goods at discount prices to you guys
I will ship internationally and if you require a tracking number, please tell me ahead of time as it will add an extra dollar to your total. Thank you!

If you are interested, comment here for faster service. I accept payments via Paypal.


Coasters, Stick posters, Charms, Pins, etc.

Goods found here @ my journal!

[APH FF] Chronicles - Chapter One [YAOI] ON-GOING

Title: Chronicles
Author/Artist: chiyosjlove
Pairing(s): Spamano, GerIta (In This Chapter)
Rating: T
Warnings: MAJOR AU, Multiple Pairings, Swearing/Language, Sexual Themes (In later chapters), OOC-ness, Human names used.
Synopsis/Summary:  An AU story about the nations as regular human beings living their lives in an empire known as Meridia. It takes you through the events and happenings of their lives as they fall into danger, fall out of danger, go on adventures, encounter magic, fall in love, and discover their selves.  There is no overall story-line, but each pairing has their own plot which may overlap with other pairings' plots.

One/PG ||
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The Nine Circles (1/?) [fanfiction]

Title: The Nine Circles
Author: marinoa
Rated: T
Characters/Pairings: Germany, France, England, Italies, Spain, Japan, Russia, America, China, Greece etc. At least mentioned FrUK, Spamano and hinted(?) RusAm.
Summary: Seven nations, seven deadly sins, and fellows waiting to be saved - that's already catastrophic enough, but adding to the bunch the nine circles, it's... Yes, it's hell.
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[Fanfic] Shadows on the Walls

Title: Shadows on the Walls
Author: vampirenaomi
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Germany, Prussia, appearances by America, Russia and France
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: mentions of rape and violence, some language
Summary: The Berlin Wall falls, and Germany suspects that Prussia has been hurt more than he's willing to admit.
Length: ~30,000 words

This is a kink meme de-anon and was written in response to a prompt that requested a story in which Germany falsely believes that Prussia has been raped by Russia. The ending is the second of the two versions I posted at the meme. I wrote an additional scene about Germany in the epilogue to give his side of the story a bit more closure. This scene hasn't been posted at the meme.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

Selling Doujinshi/Misc

Selling few hetalia doujinshis and rubber straps!

Negotiation is acccepted in a reasonable line.

Doujinshi: Durarara - Buy 3 and Get 1 Half Price
Doujinshi: Reborn

Doujinshi: Hetalia, Kuroko's Basket, Angel Beats, Inazuma Eleven, Ao no Exorcist, Yu-Gi-Oh!


I will accept trades for anything that's in my wishlist.

I'm also hosting a group order for the following shops :)

Livret/Melonbooks, You-Club, KAC Group Order

Toranoana and K-Books orders will be accepted only in certain condtions.
Ending next Thursday, September 8th!

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Hello everyone! I'm just posting to let everyone know about the Hetalia panel we will be running at ANIME FEST DALLAS this weekend! Anime Fest will be September 2nd-September 5th in Dallas, Texas.

That's right, the HETALIA FAN PANEL.

This is the general Hetalia panel, not the Ask-A-Nation Panel.

I will be running it with abarero, mayurasan, and pantstacular. We hope to see a great turnout!

Date: Saturday, September 3rd.
Time: 11:00 A.M.- 2:00 P.M.
Location: Panel Room One

If anything is changed, we will let you know immediately upon finding out!

If you're going to be at Anime Fest, feel free to reply and introduce yourselves (or let us know who you are cosplaying)! The four of us panelists will be wearing Belgium, Ukraine, France, and Lucy (from Fairytail).

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[Fanart] Gakuen China + Korean Liberation Day

Title: Back to School
Artist: Me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): China
Rating: G
Warnings: None. c:
Summary: I'd been wanting to draw the gakuen uniforms recently, and I love China but sadly there's not much gakuen fanart of him, so I drew some.

Title: Gwangbokjeol
Artist: Me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): North and South Korea
Rating: G
Warnings: A fluffy bro moment?
Summary: North and South Korea celebrate their Liberation Day with a hug.

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