September 1st, 2011

Camels are Cute!
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Gigantic Art Dump - Asia + Mochis

Title: Gigantic Art Dump Centered on the Asian Nations
Artist: Kecen
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairing: Mochi!Monaco, Mochi!Cameroon, Mochi China/Japan, Mochi Japan/Taiwan, Two Koreas, Japan/China, Korea/China Warning: Nyotalia and Mochitalia appears. Some innuendo.
Summary: Surprises inside. Lots of mochi, some mythology and national costume.

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In case you haven't noticed, I have a Tumblr at that had all these on it before I unloaded them on you.

ALcon 2011

Ah, I really meant to post this earlier; how did this get to only be a week away? XD

So anyway, I just wanted to ask if any other Hetalia fans from here would be going to ALcon this year, or if anyone is aware of any Hetalia meets or such?  As for general info:

Date: 8th - 11th September 2011
Location: DeMontfort University, Leicster
Wesite/Facebook page: and
Facebook Event:

I'm going to be around for all four days, and will be cosplaying as Tifa from FFVII on Thursday and Friday and Oyasumi!Fem!Prussia and Rock!Fem!Prussia on Saturday and Sunday; it'd be nice to meet up, if we can ^^

Chaostalia! [A Hetalia Plurk RP]

Welcome to Chaostalia! We are a plurk group searching for new members! There are plenty of characters open to choose from! Such as, France, Austria, Lithuania, Seychelles, Ukraine, Greece, and Poland.There are still many gender bends also open, but we most want a  Fem!Austria Fem!North Italy, Fem!ChinaFem!Finland,  Male!Hungary, Fem!Spain, Male!Belarus, and Fem!Netherlands.

Plot: On what seemed to be an ordinary day, something extraordinary occurs! What the nations thought to be just another day in their lives turned into an adventure they never would have expected! Something magical seemed to have occurred. No one knows exactly how it happened, but on that day chaos soon ensued. Like something in a fairytale, a clash in time and space distorted the nations’ realm. Counterparts of the opposite gender soon invaded their world! How will everyone take to this new change? How will they share the earth? Will there be war or peace?
Chaostalia!RulesCharacter ListApplication

Selling fanmade mugs

Hello! Have advertised these a few times before, and am doing so again. My money situation is rather dire right now, so I am doing what I can to earn some money, including selling some fanmade hetalia mugs to those who might be interested! I have some base designs and I am also happy to do custom designs and different outfits for no extra cost!

You can find all the images, shipping information and prices here:

my food fund

I am also selling some doujin and a leftover nordic mug here:

spamano doujins and a nordic mug

Thanks for looking!
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[Fanfic] Silver Coin (Norway/Belgium) ch 3

Title: Silver Coin
Author: Me
Characters:  Norway & Belgium
Pairing: Norway/Belgium
Rating: M
Warnings: NSFW,concentual explicit sex
Genre: Romance.

Belgium has ran out of national heroes, but that doesn't mean she can't use someone elses hero instead! It's just going to be difficult to explain why she wanted a Norwegian on the coin.


"Come here..." it's not a requests as much as an order, her slight hesitation is completely bypassed by the stoic male as he grabs a hold of her hand with less force than she thinks he'd use.

It went from a K+ to an M-fic. sorry about that <.<