September 6th, 2011


Prussia's language and accent?

I know this mostly going to be fan speculation, but I''ve been wondering about what Prussia's language accent would be like.

I've read that his own language (Prussian) pretty much died out in the 1800s and there are a few pockets of communities in Europe trying to revive the language today, but I'm not a Germanic history buff so I'm still guessing.

Maybe he fully speaks and thinks in German, or perhaps he thinks in Prussian and speaks in German, as way of reminding himself when he was fully 'awesome', so to speak.
I suppose it could be possible that as a 'dead' nation his accent is stuck as it was in 1947, which could be rough, Prussian accented 1940s German.  Or maybe his accent has become modern along with the other nations?
Does any Prussian and German dialect sound similar?  Am I talking out of my butt?

I'm not planning on writing a story about it, I'm just curious and wondering what everyone else thinks.

Second Chance 2/3

Title: Second chance
Pairings: mentions of Austria x Hungary and Germany x Italy but mostly Prussia x hungary
Rating: T to be safe
Summary: Prussia isn't allowed to die. Instead he is made to wander the earth as
an imortal without a nation. His guardian angel isn't seeming to be
much use either, seeing as how she'd rather be out claiming more souls.
Warnings: Character death, guess who.
Notes: I really don't like this chapter very much...but yeah...anyway enjoy

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[Fanfic] Promise In Ice (Netherlands, Belgium, sibling fluff)

Title: Promise In Ice
Author: Me
Characters: Netherlands, Belgium, appearances by Canada, America and Russia, slight Netherlands/Canada
Rating: T for slight swearing
Time period: Human AU, part of the Six Points series, but can stand on its own

Summary: No matter how far apart they grow, there's a tradition that must be kept every year on New Years Eve.

("Broer, broer, the pond's all frozen, I checked!")

HP: What courage is

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Get down english style! [COSPLAY]

I've made a video about the famous -and weird xD- get down dance cosplayed as England/UK~

If the audio doesn't work try here ->¤t=get-down.mp4

So yeah... enjoy it(?) xD And I invite cosplayers to do this dance too (so funny!) or other dance like the MMD ones~