September 9th, 2011

Seiji [Chibisan Date]
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[News] Himaruya's upcoming contribution to Comic Spica isn't Hetalia

Sorry mods if this isn't allowed, but its a follow-up to a previous bit of news that was posted here. It's been announced that the work that Himaruya is contributing to the launch of the new magazine Comic Spica is actually the continuation of his other published work, Chibisan Date. This means he will be simulaneously doing two serializations, the other being Hetalia in Comic Birz.

More Information @ chibisan_date
yaoi, Prussia x Austria, mirrorcoat

Prussia x Austria

as the title say's i like Prussia x Austria as a couple and i have been looking everywhere for a group on LJ for this couple and i can't find one.

i know there is a USxUK, and France xcanada one bu is there a group for this couple??
Slashers creed

[fanfic] Goldenrod

Title:  Goldenrod
Author/Artist:  Lenarix Klinde
Character(s) or Pairing(s):  France/England, America, Canada
Rating:  PG, at most
Warnings:  Unbeta'd
Summary:  A day where Arthur only remembers a flicker, like a gray cloud drifting over a summer sun.  Part of the What the Heart Forgets-verse.

Fake cut goes to writing journal.  x-posted to what_the_fruk.

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[MAD] Anti The Infinite Holic

Okay, so, since I'm history obsessed and I love the Anti The Infinite Holic MAD I tried to figure out the historic references in the video and add them to it as well as the translation of the lyrics.

Since I think it could be interesting for other people as well I'm sharing it:

Note that:

- I'm not the author of the video
- In some cases I've no idea if the historic references I found are correct. Some comes from a Japanese source, some come from a Chinese source (and the two disagreed on them here and there), some are just my assumptions. Do you have a better one or can confirm one? Please let me know.
- I didn't do this translation, I found it on youtube used for more than one video. If someone knows who's the author, please let me know so I can give proper credits.
- I've no idea if this translation is correct. On Youtube there are more than 1 translation and they present some big differences. If you've a correct translation and are willing to let me use it I'll love you.
- Subs and notes are small. Sadly it was either that or covering in writing the video.

In case this sort of post isn't allowed just tell me and I'll delete it.
Hamada [Oofuri]
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[News] Stu Levy, former president of Tokyopop, asks fans about Hetalia Volume 3.

Stu Levy, the president of the now defunt publisher Tokyopop, posted this on the Tokyopop facebook page:

Hey everyone! Quick Hetalia question for you Hetalia fans out there: if there is a way to bring you Hetalia V. 3 but it's a bit more limited than back in the old days, would you be interested? (I know that's vague - not trying to be coy but wanted to see the level of enthusiasm before I'm able to get into more specifics). If you "like" this, I'll take that to mean you'd be interested. Thx guys. --Stu

Yeah because doing a small printing so that a handful of fans can get Volume 3 and screwing everyone else by making a relicensing take even longer sounds bloody fantastic. ಠ_ಠ Because that's sure what it sounds like to me. Sorry, OP is annoyed and wants fandom to think before they rejoice by default. I'm not 100% sure how licensing works, but I'm pretty sure Hetalia can't be relicensed if its still being printed elsewhere - even for a limited run/printing like Levy is suggesting. (EDIT: Just realized something. He could mean just an ebook release and not even physical copies. Food for thought.) tl;dr OP is very cynical.

Article on Animenewsnetwork:

Tokyopop founder Stu Levy asked on the company's Facebook page on Friday if there is interest in a release of Hidekaz Himaruya's third Hetalia manga volume. However, Levy cautioned that "it's a bit more limited than back in the old day[s]."

Tokyopop had planned on publishing the third volume of Hetalia this past May, but it shut down its North American publishing operations that same month.


Thanks to everyone for your responses! It looks like almost 1000 "likes" at this point. I will also add up the comments to compare "yes" versus "no". All of your passionate opinions have been very useful - both on the "yes" and the "no" side. I'll come back soon with more specific info and maybe follow-up questions. One note for everyone: I'm working with the original Japanese publishing company to come up with the best solution here - this is NOT a decision I am making on my own. We're a team trying to figure out what's best here. And if the solution works, hopefully it can be applied to other titles too, but the decision is not only mine - the original Japanese publisher (rights-holder) is the one to make the decision. I'm just trying to help find solutions. So, once again, thank you for all your valuable feedback! Talk soon! --Stu