September 12th, 2011

Seiji [Chibisan Date]
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[Question] Good Sites for buying Japanese Hetalia Manga and Books?

So with this whole mess with the English licensing of Hetalia, I decided to instead try and buy up all the Japanese Editions of the Books. However, the site I usually use when I get the rare urge to attempt and buy something like that, YesAsia, no longer has four of the ones I wanted available for order because they're no longer in Print. I expected as much, but I could only find one site with third-party sellers - - and I'd like to look around to see if there are other places I could buy instead to see if I could get a cheaper price.

If anyone could give me the names of websites I would really apprecate it.

Total Collection of things I want to buy:

  • Hetalia, Volume 1 [Ordered from YesAsia]
  • Hetalia, Volume 2 Special Edition
  • Hetalia, Volume 3 Special Edition
  • Hetalia Italian Guidebook (Strongly leaning towards Amazon)
  • Hetalia, ArtSella (Willing to buy without the extras)
  • Hetalia, Volume 4 Special Edition [Currently Own]
  • Hetalia American Guidebook [Ordered from YesAsia]
  • Chibisan Date, Volume 1 [Ordered from YesAsia]
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I'm just wondering. Am I the only one who's a little miffed that the other Germanics have gotten a Nyotalia form and Switzerland has yet to get one? I mean, I figured that when Liechtenstein got a Nyotalia form that Switzerland's surely wouldn't be far behind. But that wasn't the case.

[FANFICTION] You Can Do Better (Oneshot)

Title: You Can Do Better

Genre: Angst, slight humor

Pairings: USUK, slight FrUK, mentioned JapanxGreece, hinted PruHungary, HungaryxAustria

Rating: Hard PG-13 for language and Adult Themes

Warnings: AU, cheating (?), strong language, mentions of sex

Summary: Inspired and based of the song “Marvin's Room”by Drake. Alfred goes out to the club with some friends to have fun, but his recent breakup with Arthur keeps him from having an enjoyable evening. In the mist of his depression, he decides to drunk dial Arthur.

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Hetalia Replay: A HetaOni-based RP

It was a deserted mansion located on the zenith of a mountain, just three hours from the World Summit building. No one knew how long it’d been there, or who had previously occupied it – only that it was currently empty. According to rumors, it was haunted, and no one who went inside ever came back out.

They should've listened.

Regardless of how hard they fought, they couldn’t all make it through. Once they entered the mansion, they couldn’t escape. So they tried again, only to realize that immortality was truly but a memory in that wretched place. Every time they began a new attempt, they had no recollection of their previous trials – save for one small clue, left by their past selves. And though the fragmented memories worsened the feeling of despair and made escape seem increasingly impossible…

…They continued on, trying again and again and again until every single one of them took one step forward – together. They were set on getting out of the mansion, without a single person left behind.

But the question is… will they be able to?

How many times will I be allowed to make mistakes? How many more times will I have to tell the same lies? How many more times will I have to watch my friends die?

We still have many canon characters up for grabs! Ones that our members would like to see in particular are:

*hugs sunflowers*

[Selling] Nekotalia Plushies

Still have a few to get rid of.

I currently have one of each of the following up for grabs:
Italy - hold?
France - hold

:3 They're $15 each, or $14 each if buying more than one, plus shipping from Canada. That cost will be determined once I've weighed them.

In other words, like the group order, this will be two payments. Unlike the group order, I'm not able to take claims for any characters not on this list.
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[2 coloured arts, 1 doodle] Nyotalia, 1P vs 2P USUK, Prussia + Austria

mini art dump~!


Title: Yo amo España
Author/Artist: technoranma (me!)
Rating: G
Pairing: Spain x South Italy
Summary: A quick femslash art of Spain and Romano. Just wanted to draw the designs
Link: On DeviantART

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Title: 1P vs 2P USUK
Rating: G
Pairing: America x England
Summary: Random USUK art, but I added a re-colour "2nd Player" inspired the nyotalia 2P designs
Link: On DeviantART

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Title: Party music
Rating: G
Pairing: Prussia + Austria
Summary: Prussia singing on Austria's piano hood. Doodled for a b-day card ^^
Link: On DeviantART

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Thanks for looking!!

[ New rp/cosplay group] HetaliaBooth

This is a new rp group that takes place using the site Dailybooth. If you don't know what that is, it is very similar to tumblr or twitter.

Simply put, Dailybooth is a site were you take a picture a day and post it, similar to a blog. You can comment, like, follow, etc.

Our aim is to immitate the lives of the Hetalia characters, taking pictures in cosplay and roleplaying in comments to each other.

We're brand new so virtually all characters are open at this point.
If you are looking for an excuse to cosplay in a laid-back setting this could be the thing for you.

HetaliaBooth+Rules+Character List+App Post

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The Nine Circles (2/?) [fanfiction]

Title: The Nine Circles
Author: marinoa
Rated: T
Characters/Pairings: Germany, France, England, Italies, Spain, Japan, Russia, America, China, etc. Some FrUK, mentioned Spamano and hinted(?) RusAm. Oh, right. And there is Dante.
Summary: Seven nations, seven deadly sins, and fellows waiting to be saved - that's already catastrophic enough, but adding to the bunch the nine circles, it's... Yes, it's hell.

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Oh, hey... Is it just something I do wrong or has posting on LJ been somewhat.. difficult lately? It's driving me mad. DX
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Selling metal charms & poster

So, I've had these lying around for a while doing pretty much nothing, after I searched for forever to get them. xD I think it's time to part with them and let someone have them who will get more use out of them than I will!

I'm selling both sets of the metal charms that were released a while back. I'm fairly sure they're sold out just about everywhere. Here is a picture of the sets, I can upload my own pictures on request!

I'm asking for $15 each and that includes shipping anywhere, with insurance! If you buy more than one every one after the first is $14. The flags I am selling for $6 each shipping included, or $4 with any purchase! I will throw one in for free if you buy 5+ charms.

List of characters:
Set 1 (gold): North Italy, Germany, Japan, Austria, Switzerland, China, Korea, Greece, Finland, Sweden, Hungary, South Italy, flag

Set 2 (silver): North Italy, England, France, America, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Egypt, Spain, Poland, Russia, South Italy, flag

I'm willing to make a deal if you'd like one or both full sets.

A couple of them (Sweden, Finland, America, Japan) have some wear on them (back only, the pictures themselves are perfect!) from dangling from my wallet for a bit, but most of the others are still sealed in plastic! I may have the original boxes I can flatten and include if you'd like, but I'll have to check. I may also have the boxes for the whole sets which I can include if someone wants (whoever asks first) but it will raise the shipping cost a bit.


I am also selling the poster that came with the Arte Stella artbook. I'm asking for $20+shipping, and it will be shipped between cardboard in a padded envelope to protect it during shipping. :)

Please leave a comment if interested in anything and I will get back to you asap! :)

Thanks so much!
Hetalia - lessons taught and learned

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Title: Time Differences
Author: Jeva
Character(s): Arthur (England), Alfred (America) with mentionings of Francis (France), Gilbert (Prussia), Ivan (Russia), and Matthew (Canada)
Rating: PG
Warnings: Possible OOCness, some historical inaccuracy, CURRENT EVENTS MENTIONED
Summary: It may be late morning in England, but in America it was in the middle of the night on the 4th of July... and Arthur didn't get a birthday invitation.

Note: Written back on the 4th of July but held off posting due to incompleteness... vowed to have it done by 9/11 and well. Here it is. Enjoy!

( He saw neither hide nor hair of stars and stripes or red-white-and-blue or 'Uncle Sam' or 'Lady Liberty'. )