September 14th, 2011

APH: Coaster
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[Selling] Lots of Hetalia official and fanmade goodies!

Hey guys! I'm back again~ 
After an exhausting but wonderful first time experience at trading at local con, I'm now ready to start selling the left overs! Originally I was going to make a giant sales post with all the new items I had received in my last few shipments but I managed to sell the majority of my merchandise at the con @u@)b

Due to formatting issues that I have to sort out, my sales post is held here instead of on my sales community! 
... What happened to the 'insert table' function? ;A;''' And is anyone else's codes screwing up on them?! "orz

Sales Summary: 
  • One Coin Figure
  • Metal Charms
  • Rubber Strap
  • Poster 
  • Clearfile
  • Stamps
  • Popstands
  • Bookmarks
  • Animate Lottery Items
  • Fanmade Items
  • Doujinshi

For this sales post: NO HOLDS.
Prices are in Australian dollars [AUD]
Prices do NOT include shipping

Please take a look at my sales policy and make sure you know and agree to them all, for all sales are final!

Feedback can be found here!
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Hetalia Blow Kiss

Fanfic; There Are Few Who Deny It

Title: There Are Few Who Deny It
Genre: Fluff/Humor
Pairing/Characters: US, UK, Jack Skellington
Rating/Warnings: G. So very, very G.
Summary: Kink Meme De-Anon. Request: Jack Skellington. He does say he's known throughout England and France XD I want to say anything you can think of with that, be it England and France getting scared to death by him or them telling him to shoo or even having a cup of tea.

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HP: What courage is

Selling tons of doujinshi + goods

Reduced prices on nearly everything! They start at 1 USD for doujinshi and .25 cents for merch! Selling tons of stuff so please take a look if interested!
Pairings include: USxUK, GermanyxItaly, PrussiaxGermany, EnglandxJapan, AmericaxEnglandxJapan etc.
Also selling general official merchandise, special cards, coasters, CDs etc.

The circles include: Cache-Cache, OMEGA2-D, ごごごっ!, Shiki, etc.

Doujins and stuff HERE @ alex_sales

[Selling] Sort-of giveaway - 2 x doujinshi, 3 x one-coins

Oh Hetalia community, how I have missed you... I've been away for months so please forgive me if this sort of post is no longer permitted (I did check the rules and I don't think it is, but...).

I have to give away*:

- One Germany/Prussia R18 doujinshi
- One Greece, Japan and Turkey general doujinshi
- One each of the America, Germany and China series 1 One-Coins.

*All you have to do to get your hands on one of these is write or draw something Hetalia-related :D Or make an AMV, or whatever... just something creative.

Full terms are over at my tumblr. (The Hetalia ones are bottom right, buried under all the Yu-Gi-Oh!, and I apologise for the somewhat fruity language in places.) If you don't have a tumblr account that's fine, just comment on here.

I really hope some of you will take me up on this! :3 Thanks for reading~
Little Mermaid

[Fic] Sunday Dinner (1/3)

Title: Sunday Dinner (1/3)
Author: starrdust411
Characters/Pairing: PruCan, FrUK
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Human AU, Gender Bending, Humor, Fluff
Summary: Nothing could go wrong when your over protective father invites your boyfriend over for dinner. Right? (Sequel to Little Girls)


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