September 15th, 2011


[Fanfic] Belaya Rus': A Winter's Night in 1942 "Nachthexen"

Title: Belaya Rus’: A Winter’s Night in 1942 “Nachthexen”
Author: nike2422
Rating: R
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Belarus, Ukraine, Germany if you look hard enough, Lithuania and Italy are mentioned in passing.
Warnings: War is hell. Also, some jerk teases Ukraine over her large tracts of land.
Summary: Belarus and Ukraine are part of the 588th Night Bomber Regiment during the Battle of Stalingrad.

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[Fanfic] Cold Protection (IcexLiech) ch 2

Title: Cold Protection
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Liechtenstein, Iceland,(IceLiech) Norway, Denmark, Finland & Sweden
Rating: T
Warnings: swearing
Anni lives a peaceful life - until one of the gangs in the city kidnap her for reasons she can not fathom. However, there seems to be more to the Nordic Mafia group than meets the eye.


'Stockholm syndrome' a voice in her head warn – it sounds suspiciously like her brother's actually.

She knows all about crook's tricks and lies – Basch has spent years teaching her a lot about the intricate Mafia system that exists in their town. Some of the 'families' are bigger than the others and have a much larger network of connections.

Connections that can see people disappear forever.

Am I annoying yet? :D

Sahara Skies [An AU Desert Steampunk/Hetalia RP]

Welcome to the desert city of Aldmoor, a haven of technology within the sands.

It is the late 1800s, in an alternate Victorian era, and the world is advancing swiftly in technology. Steam-powered trains cover the land, automobiles are in development, and people have made flying machines! There are countless new and seemingly steam-powered items popping up on the market, objects that defy imagination. It is a fantastic time to be alive, watching technology pop up and then being able to utilize it soon after.

The town of Aldmoor, while being far away from England and North America, is embracing this swiftly changing world. It has flourished as a port town, thriving on trade. Airships and boats come from all around the world to trade here, bring all the latest new gadgets and strange foods. Of course, this also has attracted a large, seedy underbelly of smugglers and pirates. Despite this roughness, Aldmoor is still considered a paradise outside of smoggy cities with their factories and away from silly European wars. Tourists flock, criminals hide, the elderly relax in the searing heat. Everyday the city continues to grow, people fleeing prejudice, cities, family, war, their pasts, or just simply looking for a change of scenery.

Now then, what brought you here?

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[kink meme de-anon] Let it Mean Something 3

Fanfiction: Let it Mean Something
Author: 9mm_meg
Characters/Pairings: USUK, a smidge of Canada
Rating: T
Part 3 Word Count: 721
Total Word Count: 2403
Warnings: character death, serious angst, short chapters
Summary: The vehicular manslaughter charge has been wiped from his record, but Alfred can't get over what he's done. His last-ditch effort at closure is an attempt to get to know the man he never meant to kill. (Kink meme de-anon)
Disclaimer: Hetalia isn't mine, blah blah

The photograph is clear, and—his—eyes are green.

Hetalia Day 2011 - San Antonio, TX Gathering

Hetalia Day 2011 in San Antonio

Location: Across from the Japanese Tea Gardens, 3853 N St. Mary's San Antonio, TX
Date: Saturday, October 22nd 2011
Time: 12pm to 6pm

Hetalia Day is a worldwide gathering of Hetalia fans (cosplayer and non-cosplayer) who gather together on the same day each year to celebrate their love for Hetalia.

This post is for the fans in or around San Antonio who wish to gather and have fun for a day.

Our Facebook event page
Our thread

Please be aware of the Code of Conduct for Hetalia Day, which can be read here: Code of Conduct

Official Hetalia Day Website - if you aren't around San Antonio, find an APH Day event near you or organize one!

I am organizing the event along with jammerlea.

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