September 24th, 2011

Drinking Is Win

[Fic] Time and Time Again (Sweden/Finland), Ch 16

Title: Time and Time Again (Chapters 1-16)
Characters: Sweden, Finland, Sealand with Denmark, Norway & Iceland
Pairing: Sweden/Finland and side Denmark/Norway
Rating: PG - NC-17 (PG-13 for this chapter)
Warnings: Explicit sexual content in later chapters, language, angst
Genre: Historical, Angst, Romance.
Summary: In the here and now, wanting to feel a part of his new family, Sealand is infatuated with Sweden's history and begs for stories from the Nordics, all while trying to match-make his Papa and Finland because that's what sons do best.

Chapter 16

In which Denmark lets Sweden in on a little secret.
  • 9mm_meg

[kink meme de-anon] Let it Mean Something 5

Fanfiction: Let it Mean Something
Author: 9mm_meg
Characters/Pairings: USUK, a smidge of Canada
Rating: T
Part 5 Word Count: 904
Total Word Count: 4256
Warnings: character death, serious angst, short chapters
Summary: The vehicular manslaughter charge has been wiped from his record, but Alfred can't get over what he's done. His last-ditch effort at closure is an attempt to get to know the man he never meant to kill. (Kink meme de-anon)
Disclaimer: Hetalia isn't mine, blah blah

Everywhere he goes is another taste of the man. He enjoys most of it, questions some of it, and there are bits here and there that he absolutely hates, but it seems like he’s always craving more.

The Journeys that Intertwine [Fic / Prologue]

Title: The Journeys that Intertwine
Author: Mel-Girl / mel_girl
Rating: T for violence and language, may increase for later chapters
Pairings: Spamano, USUK, DenNor [they are the main three], with sides of AusHun, onesided Romania/UK, onesided Denmark/Belgium and others hinted at here and there.
Characters this chapter: South Italy, France, Spain, Norway, Portugal, America, England, Denmark, Belgium with mentionings/references to Germany, Prussia, Austria, North Italy, Liechtenstein and the Netherlands.
Summary: Antonio wanted Lovino to travel around the world with him. Arthur and Alfred wanted to get their memories back. Mathias and Lukas just wanted to stop regretting their pasts. Their respective stories all connect to one another.

(( There was a time where Lovino couldn't move anywhere. He really was frozen in place with someone pinning him into place. But everytime he felt trapped, it seemed to be Antonio who kept saving him. Even from the very beginning... ))
b-day aftermath MAD
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[SELLING] 1 USxUK doujinshi

Title: Heart on Wave
Circle: Saxe
Rating: R18
Pages: 44, B5
Price: $23 shipped within US

Shipping to Canada: add $1
Shipping elsewhere overseas: please ask for a quote :)
**I can now ship off the doujin immediately once the payment has been made (excluding night time of course ^^;). I live within walking distance from the post office now >=D

Method of payment: Paypal only (bank transfer, credit/debit card, moneypak, etc etc. :p)

Comment or PM me if interested. Thx for looking :D