October 1st, 2011

Default USUK

[Fanfic] Default 2/20

Title: Default
Rating: K
Genre: Drabble AUs. General + Romance + Humor 
Characters/Pairings: England, America, ensemble cast | "Eventual" USUK
Summary: Everything else could change with an infinite number of combinations, but for America, England was always the default. Collection of AU drabbles.
Chapter summary: Alfred meets his guardian angel, names him Arthur, and is promised True Happiness.

Chapter 2: The Happiness Trade )

More Hetalia Cast Members! English dub announcement

  • Chibi Romano - Colleen Clinkenbeard
  • Turkey - Kent Williams
  • Germania - Jason Douglas
  • Tony the Alien - Majken Bullard
link to the FUNimation news blog 

 Clue to why you should read it : Awesomeness!
(Sorry I normally don't freak out like this)


Doujinshi/Misc Sales!+Amazon.co.jp Group Order

Amazon.co.jp Group Order ending October 2nd EST.
Due date for the payment may be extended since I might not be able to respond tomorrow..

Please check here for better information


I'm also still selling my own doujinshis/rubber straps

2 Russia x Prussia, all by Love Potion no.9
3 USUK by Ricomil and Cotori Teikoku
1 Akuyuu by Weeweewee

Rubber Straps
Austria, Lithuania, Poland


Looking for Prussia Screen Cleaner that was out for Anikuji Prize D!
Please tell me if you have any for sale!!
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[APH Fluffathon] October/November event!

Hello, everyone! I am pleased to announce a new fanfic/fan art exchange at aph_fluffathon: Fluff-or-Treating! This event is set for October and November, meaning that writings will center around the theme of Halloween, the supernatural, or anything else falling between those two months. Of course, this is the Fluffathon, so all works must be fluffy!

For more information, please click on the banner below~

Sign-ups for this event begin today, October 1st, and close on October 15. We would love to have you join us, so please come check the event out!

The new moderators of the Fluffathon would also like to thank haro for maintaining the community thus far, and to all the participants of prior Fluffathon events: we wouldn't be here without you!
Hufflepuff Squirrel

Watching the English - Testing, Testing (3/?)

Title: Watching the English - Testing, Testing

Characters/Pairing(s): America/England

Genre: Drama/Humour/Fluff

Warnings: None

Summary: America discovers a book that could be the key to understanding England. With Canada as an audience, America reads and then tests the hidden rules of English behaviour. Done for spring fanworkathon over on the usxuk comm.

Prompt: 38. America gets a copy of "Watching the English: The Hidden Rules of English Behaviour." by Kate Fox and uses it to try to understand why England is.... England. XD Testing how accurate the book in the general public, and, of course, England's input on the whole matter after he finds out. Please try to incorporate a variety of different points, from mannerisms, to intimacy, to road etiquette... whatever you can come up with; just keep it light-hearted and funny.

It's been months but I'm still working on it. Maybe by the next spring I'll have finished it.


[Fanfic] Newlyweds

Title: Newlyweds
Author: himarules
Pairings: France/Canada, USUK.
Rating: T: Humor & Romance
Warnings: FACE crack; implied foursome; human names used.
Summary: Unsure of what to feel once the sight of Alfred and Arthur copulating thoroughly stuck in his mind, Francis reacted typically - "Time for a family reunion, non, mon chers?" One-Shot.

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