October 7th, 2011


A Message From Sealand [FUNi contest]

Sealand left a message on FUNimation's FB page about the video contest!

Hello, I’m Sealand. The world’s smallest nation. I may be small, but I’ve got a big heart. That’s why I’ve been working tirelessly day and night to help all those Hetalia fans who were declared just a tad too young to enter the Hetalia Fan Video Contest.

I begged and pleaded on your behalf and GOOD NEWS! A parent or guardian can sign the release and give permission for you to enter. Now, this is all well and good, but if you happen to win and you are under 18, then the prize must be shipped to the parent or guardian who entered on your behalf. But, I’m sure your mum or dad will be more than happy to share with you.
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[APH Fluffathon] Sign-ups reminder!

Hi everyone! I hope your first week of October is going well. This is just a reminder about the Halloween event at aph_fluffathon called Fluff-or-Treating. It is a fics/art exchange centered around themes of Halloween, the supernatural, and the fall season in general. Sign-ups close on the 15th, and we'd love it if you joined us!

For more information, please click on the banner below. The link to the sing-ups page is located at the bottom of the information page. Hope to see you there!


Fall Sales Post

New sales post!

We have some Set 2 and Set 3 rubber straps for $7, a Japan OCF for $8, some US/Japan doujinshi for $3 each.

The special item right now is a sticker sheet from a PASH magazine for $6.

Also we've made more of our custom merchandise available, so if you like cute buttons or cheap commissions, check those out too! Custom merchandise from $1 and up~!

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oh god i'm terrible

i picked this doujin up a couple years back, and i'm pretty sure someone else could get better use of it. i don't know the title, but it's all in japanese and definitely R-18
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if you're interested in buying it, feel free to offer and such. i'm not looking to sell this thing for a whole lot.
Jazzy Rin

It's the Roaring Twenties, anything can happen. {uk/japan}

Ahh, I haven't posted this one over here yet! OTL

Um, y-yeah. Originally written for the love_and_tea "Fanworkathon 2011" event a few months back. This here would be the fixed-up/edited version; you can read the original, unfixed version in my personal LJ. I would've edited it there, honestly, but LJ has this annoying habit of eating up edited pages. .__. So, um, y-yeah.

Fanworkathon prompt: "Learning how to dance. Any medium."

Title: Strike Up The Band
Author: naturethezafara | Me
Characters/Pairings: Arthur Kirkland (England) x Kiku Honda (Japan) again, Alfred Jones (America), Toris Laurinaitis (Lithuania), Helena Karpusi (fem!Greece), an unnamed Antonio Fernandez-Carriedo (Spain); blink-and-you'll-miss cameos of some others
Rating: T (Drinking, mild swearing, smoking, shounen-ai, and all the other crazy fun that happens in the typical 1920's speakeasy.)
Warnings: Urgh, where do I begin? Possible historical inaccuracies, behavioral inaccuracies, possible wrong slang usage, possible OOC, Google Translate usage, and especially dance-describing fail. American 1920's human AU.
Summary: He came along to chaperone them, not to receive a drunken dance lesson.

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Please, if you speak Japanese/Lithuanian/Greek, would you kindly help me correct the translated terms? I really want to get the languages correct, after all. <3

This was very fun to research for and write~! I think I should write more 20's-set AUs in the future, hee~ <3

Please do tell me what you think! ^_^

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why must I have exams