October 12th, 2011

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[News] Tokyopop intends to publish manga again

I don't even know anymore you guys.

via animenewsnetwork:

The new TokyopopManga Twitter account confirmed on Wednesday that it is "hoping that [it will] be able to release new manga very soon." The account mentioned it is "laying the groundwork for publishing new manga again," but added that because all of its previous titles had "reverted back to their Japanese publishers" that the company would "have to work to get them back." The Twitter account also stated the company's "ultimate goal is to start publishing manga again."

The Twitter account noted it is "planning on starting with an old license." The account also stated it plans to release manga in both print and digital form.

In an open letter from Tokyopop founder Stu Levy that was posted on GeekChicDaily on Tuesday, Levy wrote, "I know that you're all eager to have the same access to your favorite manga titles that we could previously provide and I promise that I am continuing to explore any and all opportunities to relaunch the manga publishing operations of TOKYOPOP's business."

Tokyopop shut down its North American manga publishing division in May. On Tuesday the company revealed it will launch a new editorial newsletter "about all things otaku and Asian pop-culture" powered by GeekChicDaily. Tokyopop gauged interest in the release of more Hetalia manga volumes last month.

So much for getting Hetalia relicensed soon. My Spidey senses foretell another Sailor Moon-esque licensing nightmare if Stu Levy actually has any pull left. This is why we can't have nice things.

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Hey fellow fans!

I'm just swinging by here to announce that the Dallas/Fort Worth area is once again hosting the 2011 International Hetalia Day gathering! Last year we had a great turnout despite the weather, and hopefully this year will be the same!

All of the information is available on our Facebook Event Page, but for those of you not on Facebook, here is the information:

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