October 14th, 2011

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Fic: It's a Marvel

Title: It’s a Marvel
Author/Artist: dedkake
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Alfred/Ludwig
Rating: PG
Warnings: Lots of talk about Marvel comics
Summary: Human AU. Ludwig decides to look into some of Alfred’s more juvenile hobbies.
Note: Inspired by the comment, “America thinks Cap is like Germany. Germany thinks Cap is like America.” It’s set in an rp timeline, somewhere in the future.

Alfred groans when he rolls over to find the other half of the bed empty
the awesome power of friendship

[Cosplay][FanVideo] Funimation video contest

Hey all, this was my Hetalia Fan Video entry for FUNimation's contest!

Made by: technoranma (me!)
Characters: North Italy, Germany (_anatra_), Japan (glayish)
Warnings: Contains quick flashes of my artwork of various pairings (USUK predominantly), Not viewable outside North America
Link: On Youtube

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Thanks for looking!!

Of Silence and Thievery (18/30ish)

Title : Of Silence and Thievery
Author: [info]osco_blue_fairy
Genre : humor, action/adventure, fantasy and, of course, romance
Pairings: USUK main, minor others
Rating: R
Warnings: AU, human names used, fantasy plot line ^_^ future sexy times
Summary: Arthur had a voice, a good one, but it's been stolen from him and he's prepared to do everything he can to get it back.  Even traversing across the world with a bunch of lunatics with a leader who just  might be his hero after all. 
Note:  I think I deserved the lackluster response for the last chapter XD.  I believe you will all be suitably more pleased with this one; there's plot movement and that R-rating comes into play again for something other than language.  I hope you enjoy!

Start at Beginning

Current Chapter: Where the Crew, aka Lily, Finally Figures Out Where to Go

hannibal » silhouette

[fic] Life is Beautiful

Title: Life is Beautiful
Author: cattiechaos
Genre: Slice of life/light romance
Pairings: Liechtenstein/Netherlands, later mention of Liechtenstein/Iceland
Rating: PG
Warnings: Liechtenstein is younger than Netherlands, although their relationship is completely chaste.
Summary: A coming of age story for Liechtenstein, with a look into her brief relationship with Netherlands. Written as a series of short drabbles.

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