October 15th, 2011


[Discussion] Nation's collections

Alright, I was thinking for quite some time now, do any of the nation's collect anything?
Do they collect crap, or actually valuable stuff? Do they hunt down collectables in antique stores, or just op shops (charity shops)?
Do they show it off, or keep it in cupboards?
Is it a little hobby, or do they basically have a full room of their beloved collections?

Go wild guys!

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Pilot America & Pirate UK

(Fan-crafts) Of Mochis and Mermen

Title: Of Mochis and Mermen
Artist: ubermidget
No pairings, mochi nations - America, Canada, Italy, Germany, UK, Spain and France
Rating: G
Warning(s): Large images
Summary:  Plush mochis I have made for sale at conventions and two large dolls of USA and UK as

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[Fanfic] Addictions (NLxNor) ch.10

Title: Addictions
Author: Me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Norway, Netherlands & Iceland
Rating: M (for whole story)
Warnings: swearing
It's an unlikely place to start a friendship, but life is full of surprises. Something these two are about to discover.

"Hey...take it easy – I'm not crazy."

"Neither was Erik at first..." Emil retorts back before drawing his feet up and under him.


[PLUG] 2011 FrUK October Lovefest

oops I should have plugged this earlier

doodle in banner by suddenlyapples

over atwhat_the_fruk!
We'd love if you participated, even if it's just by submitting prompts (actually, we'd love that).
Have a look around, support those who have already filled, and have a go at filling!
No need to be a member to join in! Ends November 6!

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[Fluffathon] Fluff-or-Treating has begun!

Hello everyone! This is a message for the participants of aph_fluffathon, in case they did not receive a notification from the comm. The Fluff-or-Treating event is officially open, so please head on over and make your request! Remember that all prompts must relate to fall/autumn, holidays in October/November, or the supernatural, and involve fluff. You are limited to one request until a later announcement is made!

~*Remember, you do not have to have volunteered as a filler to make a request! So go check it out! :D*~

Have fun!

Possessiveness - Chp5


Genre: Drama Romance

Rating: T for now ^^

Pairing: (mainly) Arthur (England) x Kiku (Japan), USUK ; some China x Japan

Summary:Being tangled in the mess of Arthur's ex-boyfriend and Ivan's blackmailing, Kiku
finds himself doubting his own heart in loving another after his possessiveness changed everything in the past. What will he do when Alfred asks for Arthur to come back?

Disclaimer: I don't own Axis Power Hetalia, this story is mine and mine only! xD This is just an AU fanfiction.. Anything related to the real life, person's name, and world history have nothing to do with this fanfiction… There are no affiliations to actual countries, military, and such. There is absolutely no intent to slander the reputations or rights of those above.. :)

Chp 1 – Wounded
Chp 2 – Wounded
Chp 3 – Two Confessions
Chp 4 – His Possessiveness

Chp 5 – The Broken Pieces

felt frozen, the reality of what he had just done crashing down on him.
A second after, he let go of his sword. The blood of his brother leaked
on the grass.



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America eagle

Fanfiction x 2: "The Trent Affair" and "Ladies of Liberty"

Both were written for the aph_historyswap

Title: "The Trent Affair"
Author/Artist: shuriken7
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America/England
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Oversimplification of a far more complex diplomatic event.
Summary: America has slighted England's honor by removing Confederate diplomats from a British ship, and England finds he needs to know the state of the young nation across the sea.

He didn't know what to expect...

Title: "Ladies of Liberty"
Author/Artist: shuriken7
Character(s) or Pairing(s): America and historical figures
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Summary: “I was just wondering about my Declaration. Where do women and other people fit into all this? Are they getting rights along with the rest of us?” Dr. Franklin merely stared at him and America started to wonder if he had said something wrong...

"You have the chance to be more than any of us can dream"