October 16th, 2011


[Fanfic] Don't Leave Me to Freeze

Title: Don't Leave Me to Freeze
Characters: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, China
Summary: [kink meme de-anon] Russia breaking down in a public place. Someone tries to comfort him. >>Original Request<<
Words: 1,539


Today, everyone looked menacing and cold-hearted and determined to harm him in some way. )


Um. Yeah. I wrote this ages ago, and I'm leaving it here in its almost pure, unedited form. :3
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[FIC] Initiation (3/?)

Title: Initiation

Chapter: Two, The Trials Begin

Characters: Romano, Spain

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure, AU

Rating: T for violence and the dragon’s mouth

Verse inspired by this RP

Summary: Lovino is a dragon trapped in human form who was once considered the property of an evil wizard. When Captain Antonio rescues him and brings him to join his pirates, Lovino must undergo a series of tests in order to become an official member of the crew.


Chapter 1

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[Cosplay Video] Our Hetalia Fan Video for Funimation

Title: Phreaks of Philly (Hetalia Fan Video Contest Entry)
Author/Artist: Phreaks of Phily Cosplay Group
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England, America, Russia, China, Liechtenstein, France, Hong Kong, Nyotalia!China/England/America, Canada
Warnings: Massive amounts of derp
Summary: Our entry for the Funimation Hetalia Fanvideo Contest! Hope you enjoy watching it!

Hello everyone. This is my cosplay groups Hetalia video for the FUNimation contest! We made it into the final top 12, and would love if you could watch our video and help us out! We worked hard on our video and had a lot of fun filming and putting this together for why we love hetalia! We hope you enjoy watching it! <3 Collapse )

[Fanfic] Med kærlighed og kys

Title: Med kærlighed og kys
Author: himarules
Pairing(s): Denmark/America
Rating: T: Romance
Warnings: just fluff and minor angst. Based off how Denmark also celebrates the United States' Independence Day, July 4th.
Summary: "Neither had noticed how they were merely steps away from a celebratory firework show, or of the proximity of their beloved departed. They focused only on the warmth of themselves and of their rapidly beating hearts."

[ I'm the r o m a n c e  and this is a k i s s. ]

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[RP AD] Picture Perfect World

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The year is 2123.

As the years passed, society began to change completely. Individual governments that ran their own nations were removed. In place of this, a relatively small group took power of the entire world. The Elite, they call themselves. The Elite create the laws, and the people are expected to uphold the law. One cannot break the law. It doesn't happen. At least, it isn't meant to.

There is a secret group, simply known as the Police, that blends in with society. They keep watch on the ordinary people, making sure the laws are not broken. If they catch someone breaking the law, that person is 'removed'. When a person is removed, their entire life is erased. Their family, friends, co-workers, everyone forgets their existence. And thus, no laws were ever broken.

The Police are secret because there is not supposed to be any criminal justice. Crime doesn't exist in a perfect society. The ordinary people are unaware that they are being watched at all times. They live without worries. That is, except for a few who have figured out that the Police exist. They are known as the Aware.

These groups of people exist all over the world. New York City is one of the most populated cities in the world, though it is no longer what it once was. It is pristine, safe, perfect. The amount of money that a person makes depends on the size of their family. Everyone is meant to make an equal amount. No one is poor, no one is rich.

Everyone lives in a picture perfect world.

Inspired by the novel 1984 by George Orwell.

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[Fanfic] For Good

Title: For Good
Author/Artist: [info]hihippy
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England, France, FrUK if you want it to be
Rating: T. This is England and France we are talking about. Potty language is garaunteed.
Warnings: Um. Reminiscing? Swearing. Fireworks!
From a request on the kink meme. Prompt: "Who can say if I've been changed for the better, but because I knew you, I have been changed for
good." (For Good - Wicked. Link to request - http://hetalia-kink.livejournal.com/20749.html?thread=81257485) France and England reminisce.

( Like a Handprint on my Heart.... )
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Greece x Japan Community: Under New Modship!

Hello! giripan, the Greece x Japan Fan Community, has new mods!

Myself (shibbyone) and charlzway are the new moderators for giripan here on LJ. So we thought we'd advertise the mini-revival we're sending the community through! Please come join us, we'd love to have you along! We're a very friendly and relaxed community, come check it out :)

~ Giripan Mods ♥

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Our Story [ Fanfic ]

Title: Our Story
Pairing: Ivan/Ludwig ( RussiaxGermany )
Theme: Romance, angst, hurt/comfort,
Rated: M ( for smut and slight violence )
"I love you...will you run away with me?"
History was everything the nations lived on. It was written, it was told...but not many knew about their story, the hardship they went through just to be accepted by the world and to be together in each other arms. For them, this is their story, of love and truth, of  war and peace, of
betrayal and lies...

Collapse )

A/N: So this is my first chapter of a fanfic that was just supposed to be a one shot, but since the Soviet-German and Russian-German relationships are not as easy as most people thought it would be, I decided to prolonged it by putting in what facts I read from the internet, history books, journals and novels, regarding Russia and Germany.
Most of the story will favour Ivan and Ludwig's relationship in my perspective. What historical facts I put in are what I knew and learnt about, and they might be different from what you had in mind, or what was told in Hetalia. I'm open to discussions :

Isolation: Soviet Russia and Weimar Germany were isolated after World War 1 from the rest of the world, due to communism and the war respectively. This situation made the countries to communicate with each other and made numerous deals in terms of economy and military (since Germany wasn't allowed to own any arms and military men), with of course, some tension in between. Some believed that the Soviets helped Germany to rise up to power again, prior to World War 2.
Against the Slav: Hitler was known for his hatred for Slavic people and had called it them 'sub-humans''. Although propagandas were made in regard of isolating, executing and punishing the Slavic people, the true reason behind this hatred was vague.
Black SS Uniform: This was worn by the Allegemeine SS officers, mostly, from 1932 to 1934, after the SA-Brownshirts (1929-32). It was widely worn after the Nights of the Long Knives, and later being consequentally replaced by the famous green-grey uniforms.
Röhm and Heines: They were officer and deputy officer of the Nazi Party, with the former a co-founder of the Storm Battalion (SA). Both were killed due to the homosexuality propaganda that the party came to power with throughout their campaign afterwards. Röhm was quite close to Hitler, and was believed that his execution were caused by political power playing between the officers.

Liebling / Lyubof - [my] Love
Was? - What?
und - and
bruder - brother
bitte / pazshalusta - please
Russland / Ruski - Russia / Russian (language)
Deutschland / Deutsch - Germany / German (language)
“Herr Ludwig! Herr Ludwig, wo bist du?! Wir müssen gehen…!” - "[Mr.] Ludwig! [Mr.] Ludwig, where are you?! We must go...!"
"...Ya lyubyu tibya, Vanya.” - "...I love you, Vanya (Ivan)."
Ja - Yes
Nein - No
"Ach Quatsch!!..." - "Nonsense!! ..."

Review is always welcomed~ :'D
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