October 17th, 2011

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Hetalia Replay: A HetaOni based RP!

It was a deserted mansion located on the zenith of a mountain, just three hours from the World Summit building. No one knew how long it’d been there, or who had previously occupied it – only that it was currently empty. According to rumors, it was haunted, and no one who went inside ever came back out.

They should've listened.

Regardless of how hard they fought, they couldn’t all make it through. Once they entered the mansion, they couldn’t escape. So they tried again, only to realize that immortality was truly but a memory in that wretched place. Every time they began a new attempt, they had no recollection of their previous trials – save for one small clue, left by their past selves. And though the fragmented memories worsened the feeling of despair and made escape seem increasingly impossible…

…They continued on, trying again and again and again until every single one of them took one step forward – together. They were set on getting out of the mansion, without a single person left behind.

But the question is… will they be able to?

How many times will I be allowed to make mistakes? How many more times will I have to tell the same lies? How many more times will I have to watch my friends die?

We still have many canon characters up for grabs! Ones that our members would like to see in particular are:

[Fic] GerIta: Rules for Real Men

Title: Rules for Real Men
Pairing(s): GerIta
Rating: T
Genre: Romance/Angst
Warnings: Mild angst in future chapters
Summary: It's been ten years since Ludwig has seen his childhood friend. Now he's back and Ludwig can't help but notice Feliciano is a bit...different. And Ludwig is having thoughts that "real men" shouldn't have. Well, that's what dad says. GerIta High School AU

Ludwig Beilschmidt's father had always taught him that real men do not cry. But, on days like this one, that was difficult.
the awesome power of friendship

[FanArt] 2 colour works

hahha lol yes, I'm still drawing for Hetalia OTL! Mini art dump!


Title: Russia and his sisters
Author/Artist: technoranma (me!)
Rating: G
Pairing: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus
Summary: Snowy family hug <3
Link: On DeviantART

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Title: Shirtless nations
Rating: PG
Pairing: Australia, America
Summary: A quick gift art for my friend didgeridoodle! Shirtless Australia and America on a beach
Link: On DeviantART

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Also, check out my Hetalia Fan Video entry for FUNimation's contest!

Warnings: Contains DIRTY JOKES, quick flashes of artwork of various pairings (USUK predominantly), Not viewable outside North America
Link: On Youtube

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Thanks for looking!!

You're gonna go far, kid. 1/?

Title: You're gonna go far, kid. 1/?
Author: Me
Rating: M for language and future situations. This chapter is more T.
Characters: USUK, Prussia, Germany and France
Summary:With an ego to match his skills, Officer Alfred F. Jones has spent years chasing after the shadows of a single criminal, England. Undercover as his bodyguard, can he bend his heroic morals to protect someone who breaks the laws he's sworn to uphold? USUK

Alfred F. Jones was in a situation. A dangerous one.


[Fanfiction] No Church in the Wild

Title: No Church in the Wild (1/??)
Pairing: USUK
Summary: Arthur Kirkland is an upper class business owner from New Bedford, MA who is heading west to find a murderous convict, when he runs into a cowboy by the name of Alfred F. Jones. The man offers to help Arthur travel through the Wild West and find the killer. Can Arthur Kirkland deal with this wild and rugged Cowboy? And what are these strange feeling he is developing for this adventurous young man?
Rating: T for now, but maybe M later on.
Warning: Murder, death, grieving, language
A/N: This fic takes place in the 1880’s during Industrialization and Western Expansion. Most of the fic will be dealing with the mythical Wild West and the dangers that linger there.

Links: My Livejournal or FF.net

  • natcat5

[fanfic] Noise- Chapter 1

Title: Noise
Summary: Some stories can get quite complicated. Especially when they involve crime families, plots to take over the world, and immortality. Time can't erase hate, nor can it erase love, and a life of crime can last forever. AU
(Main) Characters: England, China, Japan, Canada, Korea, America, Russia
Pairings: Brotherly USUK, Brotherly NiChu, 
Not a 'romance' story. The love in it is mostly family or brotherly love. Pairings may pop up, but they're not instrumental. Giving away pairings might give away plot, so I'm not saying much about them.
Warnings: Violence, mature subject matter, graphic scenes and painful situations throughout the fic. 

FF.net: Chapter 1


"Is it getting better? Or do you feel the same?" )
[hetalia] fruk hair

Fic: Des Vignettes [2/9]

Title: Des Vignettes
Author: salientia
Rating: PG-13 for this chapter; R for the whole fic
Characters & Pairings: England/France, America; mentions of Japan, Russia and Spain
Warnings: In this chapter, language and some blood. In the whole fic, language, some blood, and sex.
Notes: De-anon from the kink meme; originally written for this prompt. Cleaned up and slightly altered since the original version. Fake cut. Cross-posted to what_the_fruk.
Summary: 1904, 2004, and a few moments in between. In which France and England talk, fight, kiss and confound their way towards some form of progress.

Not even bothering to make an innuendo, France sighs. “You’re wasting your time. This is not going to heal any time soon.” )
  • jacquzy

[Fanfic] Drabble: Deutsche Einheit

Title: Deutsche Einheit
Author/Artist: jacquzy
Character(s) or Pairing(s): ​Prussia/Austria
Rating: T
Warnings: Angst
Summary: Prussia finally asks for what he's always wanted, the night before he's scheduled to die.

“One night,” he murmurs, and it’s almost more than Austria can physically bear. “One night, that’s - that’s all -” He breaks off, and his gaze hits the floor...

[fic] tarantism (2/?)

Title: tarantism
Author: sherry_doll
Characters/Pairings: Spamano, GerIta, RusLiet, USUK, HKTaiwan, whatever else I manage to fit in...?
Rating: T, possibly M later on
Summary: It wasn't just a disease. It was a way of life. And that life, Lovino decided, was something he wanted to stab in the face multiple times with a screwdriver while screaming profanities and wishing the blood on his hands were real. AU

Chapter 1 )

( Chapter 2 )